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So we’ve just come back from Canada and I figured it’s been a while since we’ve done a teatime Tuesday video So that’s gonna be today except for I’m having a coffee ’cause when I have my coffee I like to enjoy something that’s a little bit sweet with it. And I’m gonna be having this double chocolate chunk vegan cookie I’m gonna show you how to make this particular recipe along with two other chocolate vegan dessert recipes Now these recipes are really awesome to take with you to potlucks, birthday parties, if friends and family are coming over to visit, or you can just make it for yourself and freeze any extras that You have and enjoy it later when your sweet tooth strikes And I also want to just take a quick second to thank Wix for sponsoring Today’s video Wix is the amazing platform. I use to create the pickuplimes website So I’m gonna speak a little bit more about them at the end but for now I also wanted to let you know that all of the recipes I’m sharing today can be found on the blog as Usual the links to those are in the description box below alright Let’s dive in well begin by making the chewy double chocolate chip cookies that I just showed you for this recipe You’ll need half a cup of refined coconut oil not melted 2/3 a cup of brown sugar 3 tablespoons of maple syrup 1/2 a cup of plant-based milk I used soy 1/3 a cup of cacao powder a tablespoon of pure vanilla extract 2 cups of flour I just used an unbleached all-purpose flour a cup of chopped dairy-free dark chocolate half a teaspoon of instant coffee granules half a teaspoon of Salt a teaspoon of baking powder and 3/4 a teaspoon of baking soda now, there’s a couple of ingredients I know I’m gonna get questions about so I want to bring those up right now Actually, the first ingredient I want to mention is cacao powder I use it in every single one of these recipes and the reason I use cacao powder is because it’s a bit more rich in Antioxidants and it gives a little bit more of like a chocolaty flavor in my opinion more so than cocoa powder But I have used both in the past. Honestly, they both work So use whichever one you’ve got on hand the second ingredient I wanted to mention was coconut oil I use refined coconut oil instead of unrefined coconut oil and the reason being it doesn’t impart that kind of coconut E flavor But again use whichever one you prefer So to a large bowl will add the solid coconut oil and the brown sugar and using a fork cream it all together If you can’t see any more chunks of coconut oil You can then add the vanilla extract. Give it a quick mix before adding the maple syrup Plant milk cacao powder and instant coffee granules and the instant coffee granules are optional by the way it just helps to bring out the flavor of the chocolate a little bit more and then add in the baking soda baking powder and salt and Mix it once again now if the temperature is hot where you are like it was on this particular summer day Just plop the mixture in the fridge for a few minutes. So it burns up Otherwise the cookies spread too much when they’re baking if it’s cool where you are. Just omit this step now after removing the bowl from the fridge I added in the flour and I mixed it until it was just combined you want to Make sure you don’t over mix it so add the chocolate chunks near the end and Gently fold it into the mixture the dough should resemble a traditional thick and sticky cookie dough mix Now we can form little balls out of the dough and evenly distribute it onto a baking sheet Leaving about 5 centimeters between each because the cookies will spread when it’s baking I like to press it down a little bit and top it with a couple of chocolate chunks then bake it in the oven at 350 Fahrenheit or 180 Celsius for about 12 to 15 minutes until the top looks set let it cool for one minute on the cookie sheet before transferring it to a cooling rack to cool completely and I’ve taken this to a few potlucks already and it finishes really quickly. So I gather that everyone really enjoys these ones For the next dessert we’ll be making another one Bowl recipe but this time it’s double chocolate banana muffins for this recipe You’ll need a tablespoon of ground flax seeds 3 tablespoons of water 3 medium ripe bananas 3/4 of a cup of sugar 1/3 a cup of unsweetened applesauce one and a half cups of flour 1/3 a cup of melted coconut oil 1/4 cup cacao powder 1/3 a cup of chopped dairy free dark chocolate a teaspoon each of baking soda baking powder and pure vanilla extract and half a teaspoon of salt We’ll start by adding the flax seeds in water to a large bowl and then let it sit to gel Meanwhile, you can lightly grease a muffin tin or add in some paper liners when you return to the flax mixture It should be all gelled up and then you can add the bananas and mash them as well as you can the more ripe that Bananas are the easier they’ll be to mash the sweeter. The muffins will be and the more of a banana taste It’ll impart when it does mashed as you can make it then you can add in the sugar Apple sauce coconut oil vanilla and salt and then mix it all together again Then add the cacao powder baking soda baking powder and mix it again one more time When you think you’ve mixed it well enough then you can add in the flour a third at a time Mixing just a little bit before adding the next third again Whenever you’re dealing with flour You want to make sure that you don’t over mix it after you’ve added the last bit of flour You can sprinkle on the chocolate chunks and gently fold it into the mixture Then evenly distribute the batter into muffin tins It should fill the tins nearly to the top and then you can top each muffin with some reserved chocolate chunks and bake it in The oven at 375 Fahrenheit or 190 Celsius for about 15 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean Allow it to cool for a couple minutes before you transfer it to a cooling rack to cool completely I made this particular recipe for Christmas a couple years back and no one knew they were vegan and I always loved it when that happens Now this last recipe is one of my favorites it’s a raspberry chocolate pudding a super wholesome recipe that tastes so good No one would believe it’s good for them – for this recipe You’ll need a cup of frozen raspberries a quarter cup of water two ripe avocados 6 tablespoons of cacao powder 1/4 of a cup of agave syrup or you can use maple syrup One and a half tablespoons of lemon juice and two teaspoons of pure vanilla extract As well as a quarter teaspoon of optional salt first We’ll add the frozen raspberries and water to a food processor and blend it on high until you achieve a sorbet like Consistency you can stop to scrape down the sides as needed then add all the remaining ingredients at once So this is the cacao powder lemon juice agave syrup the avocados vanilla extract and the salt Blending again until it’s completely smooth stopping to scrape down the sides once or twice and that’s it It’s a super quick and easy recipe best if enjoyed immediately after it’s made it’s a dessert I personally like to make when friends and family come over to visit and you can garnish it with some chocolate chunks Coconut flakes or raspberries to make it look extra decadent if you’re new to the concept of avocados in your desserts I imagine you’re hesitant But trust me it makes this pudding really creamy and you can’t taste the avocado At all if you have any leftovers, you can freeze it to enjoy as an ice cream of sorts later on I’m really looking forward to seeing you guys create some of these recipes and if you do be sure to tag us on Instagram I’m going to repost a few of my favorites over the next couple days because I love seeing what you guys create So I want to share it with everybody else And remember that the breakdown to each of the recipes can be found on the blog So the links are in the description box below and when you’re at our website Be sure to look at the layout a little bit I used weeks to create the pickuplines website And when I first wanted to create a website really nervous because I didn’t have any kind of web development or web design Experience and I really wanted to have a website that would look professional and when I used Wix it was just so amazing to see what I could create on my own and to have kind of Total creative freedom. I just take a few pictures. I put it into these blog templates that they provide I can customize it However, I’d like so if you’ve ever been interested in creating your own website But you don’t know where to begin and you want to try it out for free. Try out Wix I’m gonna leave the link for you in the description box below and I’d also like to know in the comments below What other chocolate dessert recipe you’d like to see on the vlog? I’m thinking like a chocolate brownie recipe or maybe a chocolate ice cream recipe whichever is the most requested I promise will be the next dessert recipe to go up. So let me know in the comments I’ll see you down there and thanks a lot for watching. See you guys in the next video. Oh So good with coffee I like it. When cookies are chewy. Do you like it crunchy or do you like it when it’s soft? Let me know in the comments and kind of sad that it’s almost finished but luckily I have 10 more so

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  1. is there anything you can substitute the coconut oil with because I'm allergic to tree nuts. Everyone uses so many different types of tree nuts in vegan recipes its not fair!

  2. These are now one of my all time favorite (and I'm not vegan)
    It goes really well in the microwave too, which I really appreciate since I don't have an oven in my new apartment !
    Thank you Sadia for the yummy recipes 😀

  3. It turned awesome.. can you suggest if I want to make these cookies crispy from inside as well, when oven mode I should select while baking?

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