Chocolate Crinkle Cookie Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 756

Hi guys I’m Laura Vitale and on this episode
of Laura in the Kitchen I’m going want share with you my chocolate crinkles. There chocolate
crinkle cookies, I just call them my chocolate crinkles. They’re really really good, they’ve
got a great texture there so adorable and I’m thrilled to share the recipe with you.
Let me take you over the ingredients so we can get started. You’ll need all purpose flour,
some cocoa powder, instant espresso powder, salt, and baking powder. Granulated sugar,
eggs, unsalted butter that’s been softened at room temperature, vanilla extract, and
you’ll also need some confectioner’s sugar or powdered sugar, but that’ll come a little
bit later. So lets get started. I’ve got my big standing mixture fitted with a paddle
attachment and in here I’m going to add in my butter that’s been softened and I’m going
to cream that together with my sugar. Get those to combine, it won’t be perfectly creamy
but that’s okay. In the mean time I’m going to mix together my dry ingredients and if
you don’t want to add instant espresso powder you don’t have to I personally think that
a little bit of coffee into chocolate is not enough to make it taste like mocha and coffee-like
I just put enough to make the chocolate taste really chocolaty and deliciousness. If you
don’t want to add it you don’t have to, but it does make a difference. So that’s looking
good I’m not going to be to worried about cause its not going to be supper creamy so
to that I’m going to add in my eggs and a splash of vanilla and then wait for it all
to get nice and combined. That looks good enough. Alright lets get the dry ingredients
in here. Did I get all spill that all over the place, no, I managed to not hardly spill
anything at all. Whoa but I did manage to get a cocoa facial. Okay all I’m going to
do is mix together I’m until it is nicely combined and that’s it. Now this does have
to go in the fridge, the dough has to go in the fridge has to cool and set for a minimum
of about three hours. I’m probably going leave mine it in there for about three or four hours
depending on how much time I have. You can do this up to overnight and which will be
great, but a minimum of three hours should do it. So I’m just going for this to get all
incorporated and then we’ll get out of here and into the fridge. Oakie doke lets get all
out of there. Bit of a tricky situation. And now all I’m going do is wrap this in some
plastic wrap and pop it into the fridge for several hours and then we’ll get going on
forming them and popping them in the oven. My cookie dough was in the fridge for about
four hours now I have my oven preheated to 350F I’ve got as baking sheet lined with parchment
paper and I also have some confectioner’s sugar here. I’m going form mine with my little
ice cream scoop. Take your dough, it may be a little tricky at first but there you go,
and than I just roll it with my hands, dip it into your confectioner sugar, and place
them a couple of inches apart on your baking sheet. My cookies are going to go into the
oven for about 10-12 minutes or until they’re all crackly looking. Let them cool and than
I’m going show you what they look like when their done. My cookies were in the oven for
exactly 12 minutes and I have let them cool for about 20 minutes now so they are ready
for me to dig in. And you can see they are absolutely beautiful so so perfect for any
occasion I’m going go right in to this one over here. Look at the interior. It’s almost
like a mix between a cookie and a brownie, let’s call it a “bookie” a brownie cookie
a “bookie”. They are undeniably one of the best cookies you’ll ever eat. I promise. They’re
not really thin and crispy cookie, there chewy and soft, flavorful, chocolaty I don’t think
you could want anymore. Mmm – look at that. I’ve been
chewing for the past six years here.
will have the recipe for you. I hope you have enjoyed spending time with me, and I hope
that you are happy now that you’ve got your chocolate crinkle cookie recipe that you have
all been requesting for so so long. Hope that you’ve enjoyed spending time with me and I’ll
see you next time. Good bye. So we can get started [snort]. I rock to the
beat of my own snap. Ready?

100 thoughts on “Chocolate Crinkle Cookie Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 756

  1. today i made these lovely cookies, i stuffed each little ball of goodness with 3 chocolate chips it melted inside the cookies and it tasted amazing ♡.♡ i absolutely loved it!

  2. +Laura in the Kitchen or any one who can answer, can I use Gluten free flour as a substitute of all purpose flour? Do you think there would be difference?

  3. Hi Laura, I love your chocolate crinkles. I made one and it turned out yummy! Better than a regular cookie. I will make more for the holiddays! Thanks for sharing your recipe.

  4. This recipe is not good at all! It yielded a dry cakey cookie instead of the moist chewy crinkle that it should be. It looks like the butter should be 1/2 cup instead of 1/4 as in the recipe.

  5. Can someone explain the science behind this? like why would rolling the dough in confectionate sugar will result in the crinkled effect after baking? lol i'm just interested to know

  6. After taking out of the fridge,the cookie dough 's surface is kind of wet and when I roll the dough in the icing sugar, the sugar melts very quickly
    And it doesn't give that crackling snow like effect
    So what should I do?
    Is it because of the hot tropical weather here?

    Any suggestion?
    Thanks in advance.

  7. For the look of'em I say this, getting yourself into those would probably be the best part of the whole thing

  8. Hey laura i made them last year and they were awesome, but i tried this year and was a totally disaster they speaded and the dough was very wet after 4 hours in fridge when i put them in the icing sugar the sugart melted and when i put them on the oven they spread why? sorry for my english

  9. with the crinkle i didnt use the powder sugar but i did add heresy chocolate morsales chopped walnuts and pecans and some with chopped macadamia nuts

  10. The coffee and chocolate are great together.. Whenever I make a chocolate shake or hot/cold drink I always add enough coffee to enhance the flavor and aroma of the chocolate.. That's why most Starbucks coffee are sought after bcos of that 'magical' coffee-choco combo. Thanks, Laura for sharing that. 🙂

  11. Hi Laura, thank you for sharing your recipes. I love your videos and tried some at home ? for this chocolate crinkles how long (days?) can I keeped in the room temperature? Thank you.

  12. i made these for christmas last year and my friends 1 year old niece kept saying that she wanted more.

  13. my mom bake that yestetday and it looks like the same ingridients and im so happy that the youtuber have a subs so i really hope she had a beautiful house and anything she want for good.togod be the glory

  14. I have made this cookie recipe so many times now just for exception of eggs…we are vegetarians…and they turn out awesome… great job! 😉

  15. Hi Laura, did you mean 350 degrees or Fahrenheit in oven? I made mine they spread quite wide probably need more flour 😉

  16. Hi, I'm making this today. I put my dough in the fridge for 5 hours but when I started forming it, it kinda start melting in my hands.

  17. Okay, so I tried these today for an after supper treat and they are so amazing! Most definitely recommend anyone to make these. ??

  18. I didn't have butter so I used vegetable oil and they still came out great! My mom loved the way they looked and said that they kind of have the constancy of chocolate devil cake with a crispy exterior. Love it!!

  19. Just made these last night, and I have to say, they are Friggin AMAZING! I added peppermint to them, they are fantastic. THANK YOU LAURA!

  20. I made them!!! I'm in complete joy because I've always wanted to be the one person who can do these cookies at the family gathering!! Now I am!!! Thanks Laura as always! ???

  21. I flatten 'em out a bit so they're more of a classic cookie shape. Never met a person who doesn't love these. A great cookie with coffee or tea.

  22. Can I just freeze the dough just for 1 hour? because I've seen a recipe that freeze the dough just for an hour.

  23. I made these in foods class one day, but they stuck together in the bag I put them in… The cookies still tasted really good ?

  24. Hi Laura I made the cookies but the powder made the cookie bitter. What might be the problem? Bought alkalized cocoa powder. Tia

  25. I tried to bake these for 10 min. And the texture is so caky? and i tried to bake the second batch for 7 min. And its still caky ? next time i will try 5 min but the taste is great just the texture is the problem ???

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