1. I would like to try this recipe but they don't sell cookie butter in Italy, does someone have a suggestion on what i should try instead?

  2. It feels like she is sponsoring her self in this video.

    PS: i am not english so i dont really know how to write

  3. you did a really really good job it was really simple and so cute you are really creative and I love your hair from Angel Reggie's daughter

  4. She’s super close to 10 Million!! I remember finding her when she had 4 Million, she’s come so far!!

  5. OMG My 4 year daughter and I just love watching you!!!!!! She watches your unicorn cake episode EVERYDAY since her birthday and I mean everyday!!!!!!! She is always asking if you can make the unicorn from The minions!!!!!!! Pleaseeeeeeee

  6. RO I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS!! I'm a new baker on youtube! you inspire me to try my best to make vids too <3 i def want to make these cookie cupcakes <3 <3 <3

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