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Welcome to How To Cook That
I am Ann Reardon and today I am going to show you how to make beautiful dainty chocolate
butterflies. I just love these and for this I suggest that
you use fake chocolate not real chocolate. Your fake chocolate contains vegetable oil
instead of cocoa butter so it has a higher melting point and so that it is going to make
your chocolate more fluid when it’s melted so you can get this really dainty thin effect
and it is also going to help them to stay set for longer so that you can use them without
them melting. I will show you how to make the lacey ones
first and the colourful ones second. So starting with the lacey ones, take piece of baking
paper and fold it in half, making a crease down the centre. Open it up flat again, then
take a ziplock bag filled with some melted chocolate and working quickly draw the outline
of the two wings and then scribble in the middle. Fold it in half gently press on the
design and immediately open it up again. Pipe on a body and antennas, and then prop up with
either a couple of bowls or you can prop it up against a wall so that the wings can set
in that position. It can look nice if you give the top wing a double outline. Have a
look at some pictures of real butterflies to give you a bit of an idea of the wing shape,
it doesn’t have to be exact because the advantage of doing it this way is whatever you do when
you fold that in half it is going to be duplicated and symmetrical on the other side. Then you
can pop those little dainty butterflies onto some cupcakes and all of a sudden they look
great. To make your beautiful colourful butterflies,
that’s a bit of a tongue twister, take 3 bowls of melted candy melts or fake white chocolate
and mix in some oil based food coloring, you can buy that from cake decorating stores.
I am using blue, red and yellow, then I mixed some of the yellow into the red to make it
more of an orange hue and then some of the blue into the yellow to give a more natural
yellow rather than that bright fake colour. I am also using some of the dark chocolate
for contrast. For this first butterfly pipe an outline on
the top wing in dark, and then scribble to fill with the yellow chocolate, Then pipe
an outline for the bottom wing in the yellow and scribble it to fill with dark chocolate.
Fold in half, gently press it, then open it up straight away and pipe on your body and
your antennas. Prop it up against the wall to set. Now when you are piping try to get
the top wing bigger than the bottom wing because that’s what the butterflies look like. For the next one, fold your paper in half
and then pipe the outline of your wings, double outline the top one and draw a line of dark
in the middle of each wing. Take your orange and scribble that in the top wing and half
of the bottom wing then scribble fill yellow in the bottom wing, quickly fold it in half,
gently press it and open it out. Add your body and your antennas and prop against the
wall. When you are scribble filling it you don’t
need to fill it all in because when you are gently pressing on it it spreads out and fills
in the gaps. And there are no rules as to what colors you
pipe where basically have fun with it and as long as your top wing is bigger than your
bottom wing it will look right and they’ll look pretty. They look beautiful on cakes and cupcakes,
but why not use them at a kids party for a treasure hunt in the garden. I can just imagine
them at a little girls fairy party or a boys bug hunt or something like that. My boys certainly
enjoyed finding them on the tree and eating them all.
Thank you for watching and I will see you all next week we’ve got cake next week so
put your requests in the comments below the week after that is dessert and then we’ll
be back to chocolate again. Have a great week and I’ll see you then [music by]

71 thoughts on “Chocolate Butterfly Decorations Tutorial HOW TO COOK THAT Ann Reardon

  1. my 6 year old has a birthday coming up and I'm going to try and make her some of these on her cake!!! she LOVES butterflies!!!

  2. I have seen nearly every single video of hers and at the start when she says "welcome to how to cook that I'm Ann Reardon" but this time she said it even faster

  3. it is two in the morning and my period is starting today so what better way to prepare than binge-watch a playlist with fifty-seven chocolate cooking tutorials on youtube?

  4. So glad o found this version. Yoyomax did some pretty ones but I'm afraid her method was much more difficult than yours. With hers you have to print out a butterfly and do two seperate wings etc.. This version is much easier! I'm making some fir my Mother's Day cake!

  5. What you can you to prop them up is to use card stock underneath the wax paper. Like an old birthday card etc.. Slide it underneath the wax paper and that will hold it up instead of using plates or bowls. It might be easier using cardboard paper. Just a thought

  6. Eu não falo nada em inglês!
    Mas amei seu vídeo e já me inscrevi no seu canal.
    Você ensina muito bem
    Obrigada ?

  7. Thanks for all your videos. I tried making these for cupcake toppers, so I used some of the piping hacks you had in another video. The most difficult part for me was getting the consistency of the chocolate right – it was either too runny so it spread out thinly on my baking paper and broke when I tried to peel it off, or it was too solid and clogged my piping bag. I still had fun doing it (and eating the butterflies that broke!) and I'm sure the next time I try it will go better!

  8. ill go to the garden full of children with these fake edible butterflies, and eat them in front of the children.

  9. hahaha I know omg hahaha I know she meant well with the bug hunt chocolate idea but all that popped in my mind was a random mom yelling "Jerry noo that one's not chocolate!" lol xD

  10. Olá. Pensei em comentar em inglês, mas vou usar minha língua para que todos saibam que você tem inspirado o mundo. Há aproximadamente 5 anos conheci seu canal e isso mudou minha vida. Me apaixonei por cozinhar e isso tem me feito uma pessoa melhor. Obrigada e sucesso. Deus a abençoe. Venha ao Brasil! ?

  11. How far in advance could I make these for a birthday party? Also, how to store them? Thanks so much for the beautiful tutorial! These are gorgeous!

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