Chocolate Balls | Chocolate Fantasy | New Dessert Invented for 2015 Diwali/Christmas.

Hello Friend’s welcome to the World’s first
youtube cooking Show from a Village, I am Nikunj Vasoya and today I am going to show
you a very simple and easy recipe of Chocolate Balls made from the Kaju and Condensed Milk,
it is really very easy and very good recipe and I am sure everybody will going to like
this, this is one of my best Invention and I am sure it will be best Indian Style of
Sweet so let’s take a look at Ingredients one by one.
For the Kaju Chocolate Balls you will need 200 gms of Cashew Nuts, 200 gms of Condensed
Milk, Sweet and condensed milk, 200 ml of Milk, 100 gms Sugar, around 100 gms of Grated
Coconut or Powder Coconut, 200 gms of Dark Chocolate.
First a fall I am going to make Powder from our Kaju or Cashew Nuts, so this is it our
Kaju Mixture is ready so I am going to put it into the Pan directly because we are going
to Roast it, now you have to separate this like this way so we can roast it nicely.
Now we are going to first heat the Milk and Sugar both together, I am also going to add
1 glass of Water because we are using Condensed Milk in it so it will require water also and
I am also going to add condensed milk. On the another stove we are going to roast our
Kaju very Light, so this is it see our roasted Kaju is ready, see the color it is really
very important, you can roast according to your taste but I like it this way.
Now our Milk is also ready so now in this milk, condensed milk mixture I am going to
put the Kaju, now you have to stir it every now and then so you can cook it very nicely
and we are going to cook this until all the mixture combine nicely and we can make the
Balls from it, see now it has started becoming thick so we are going to reduce all the Moisture
in it, almost not all so we can make nice balls from it.
Now you have to stir it very Quickly so it don’t get Burnt, see it is not sticking anywhere
so it means it is almost ready so now we are going to cook it just for 1 min, you have
to stir it very quickly, now it is ready so I am going to turn the heat off, you have
to keep stirring it even after turning the heat off.
Now shift the Mixture to the Tin with the parchment Paper or Butter Paper, see it looks
very Delicious and I am sure that you will going to like it very much because I know
the taste is really very good because of the Smoky roasted flavor of Cashew Nuts or Kaju,
spread it equally, when it cool down and come to the room Temperature or normal temperature
Refrigerate it for few Hours so we can make the Chocolate Balls from it.
Now I am going to Refrigerate it for few Hours, now our Kaju Stuffing Balls or Stuffing or
you can say the Mixture is cooled down and it is completely ready so now we are going
to make the small balls from it so we can deep it in a Chocolate and make nice Chocolate
Balls from it. First a fall I am going to make my hands wet
so we can make a nice balls from it and it don’t stick to hands, take little mixture,
roll it little in Hands so it can be nice in shape and cover it with Coconut so this
is it our 1 ball is ready to take this out into the Plate, now similarly make the second
ball, nicely cover it with the Coconut so it will going to give you good taste of Coconut
also, similarly make all the remaining balls like this way.
Now I am going to Melt my Chocolate in this Double Boiling System so First a fall I am
going to put the Bowl on the top of the pan, hot bubbling water and then put the Chocolate
so now our Chocolate is ready, after making the balls I have refrigerator it for 10-15
mins so now we are going to cover it with the Chocolate.
Make sure that your Chocolate should not be too much Hot otherwise it may be not good
for your Balls, your Chocolate should be at room Temperature, with the help of Spoon we
are going to cover it with the Chocolate, take 1 Spoon full of Chocolate and put it
onto the Centre so it will cover very easily every side, 1 spoon of Chocolate on each ball,
it will be enough, now for the edges you can make it with the spoon like this way. we are
going to cover the maximum part of it, see you can easily seal that gaps.
Now again we are going to Refrigerate it for 10 mins then we are going to do the remaining
thing with it, I have kept it in refrigerator for 10 mins, now we are going to cover this
remaining side because initially it was not covered because we can’t cover it easily in
just once so if you don’t cover it easily then you have to do it in a second time.
Again take Chocolate and just put it into the sides only like this way, actually I am
not Experienced in Chocolate because we use very less Chocolate in our regular cooking
so it is bit difficult for me but if you love the Chocolate Recipe then you may have the
experience of working on Chocolate so you can do it very easily.
Now I am going to give it a final touch, we are going to Garnish it with the Coconut so
it will look very beautiful, now what I am going to do is just put a drop of Chocolate
on each ball, it will work like a Glue on which we are going to Sprinkle Coconut.
Now I am going to put Pinch of Coconut on everyone, just very little so it look very
beautiful, we don’t need too much because we already have lots of Coconut inside, so
this is it our Kaju Chocolate Balls are ready, again I am going to keep it in a Refrigerator
for 10-15 mins. I have kept it in a refrigerator for half
an Hour so now we are going to trim the edges of our Chocolate Balls, like this way you’ll
need sharp Knife so it will don’t destroy our Chocolate balls, see it is looking now
very beautiful similarly do the same thing with the remaining Chocolate balls.
Now it is the Tasting time see it is very nicely covered with the Chocolate, it is really
very soft from inside and I am really surprised with the Flavors of Coconut and Chocolate
together, it is really giving good flavor and good punch of Coconut inside the ball,
hard Chocolate outside and soft pinch inside make it really very unique Indian Style of
Dessert and I am sure you’ll definitely going to like this, Indian and Western Style of
Dessert created in a small Village of India. You can get the Detailed Recipe with step
by step Photos of this Kaju Chocolate Balls on the and I hope you
have enjoyed this recipe, please don’t forget to like, share and subscribe to foodontvnetwork,
Thanks’ for Watching, See you in the next Episode.

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  1. beautiful
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    yes someone mentioned above you can dip the cashew dumplings in the chocolate syrup
    post more recipes
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