Chocolate and Hazelnut Entremet

Psst, pssst! Come on! Hello, I’m Tereza! Today I’ll show you how to make chocolate
and hazelnut entremet. Mmmhm, I love hazelnut chocolate! Well – who doesn’t, right? Now – I wanted to make something much better and even more
yummy, so – in this video I’m making what you can call – a
chocolate and hazelnut extravaganza! My every recipe is delicious, I know, but this one will knock
the socks off any chocolate and hazelnut fan, I promise! So, first, I’ll soak a ton of gelatin… …and, I’ll squeeze the bejesus out of it! Then, I’ll make noise and play with my food… ….naughty, naughty girl… I’ll break a bunch of eggs… …and play with chocolate…a lot! Finally, I’ll glaze! Ah, I love, love, love glazing! And voilà – my chocolate and hazelnut entremet is done! When your friends dig into this extravagant hedonistic mindblower, they’ll go nuts!
And not only hazel-nuts, but all kinds of nuts – you’ll see! I won’t even apologize for the bad pun – simply because it’s true! Join me, and enjoy in all time classic combination
of chocolate and hazelnuts, in my delicious creation! If you want to learn how to create this exquisite
sweetness, buy my tutorial and bring some … …additional happiness into your life because –
Sweetness is Happiness! See you!

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