Hi everyone nomoshkar and welcome to curries
with bumbi. Today I will show you how to make chicken puffs or chicken patties as it is
commonly called in India. This recipe has been requested by my lovely darling 9 year
old niece named Radhika. If you are new to my channel then please consider subscribng
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We will first make the filling for the chicken puffs.Heat a pan over medium to high heat
with 2 tablespoons of oil in it.My oil is hot enough I added finely chopped onion The
ingredient proportions are all given in the description box below so please check out
for that. Stir the onions on medium heat . Once they turn golden brown add finely chopped
garlic and stir. Then comes 260gms of ground chicken Loosen it up with your spoon and stir
it on medium to high heat. Then comes 1 teaspoon of grated ginger. Stir very till the chicken
changes its colour from pink to brown. Now add 4 tablespoons of chopped red bell pepper
or capsicum and chopped green chili. You can even add green capsicum if that is more convenient
for you. Mix everything . Then add 1 tablespoon of tomato paste. You can even add tomato puree
or tomato ketchup.Then I added ½ teaspoon of coriander powder , ½ teaspoon of cumin
powdr and then added a splash of water so that the dry spices do not burn. Add ½ teaspoon
of salt and finally add a splash of water and keep it covered on low heat for about
10 to 12 minutes. After 10 minutes uncover. I sprinkled some chopped parsley. You can
even use coriander leaves and our filling for the puffs are done. Let it cool down a
bit and in the meantime preheat your oven at 400 degree F which is approximately 200
degree centigrade.. Coming to the puff pastry sheets. Here in
the US you will get these kind of puff pastry sheets at any big grocery store. Check the
frozen section where they keep pie crusts or pizza dough. My packet contained 2 sheets.
Always follow the package direction for thawing. I kept these at room temperature for 40 mins.
Do not keep them at room temperatur for a long time as in doing so the butter in the
pastry shells will start melting and it will be hard to handle. I sprinkled some flour
on my counter top and rolled them out. Do not give much pressure while rolling as that
will destroy the layers and you do not need to rollmuch as well. Just even out the sheet
and then I cut it into half and then into quarters. Now take an egg and separate the
yolk from the white. .Add a splash of water to the yolk and mix it well. Then take a puff
pastry sheet, brush some egg white on top, add about a tablespoon of the filling. Do
not add too much as it may leak out .Then I added some grated cheese and folded it.
Press gently along the sides and then with one end of a fork press along all the sides.You
can even leave out the cheese, I added it as this recipe has been requested by a 9 year
old afterall. Involve your kids while making this as they will love it. Make these for
lunch party,dinner party ,potluck,snacks and your guests will love it. I have filled up
all the pastry sheets, now I brushed some egg yolk on top. The egg yolk will give a
shiny appearance to the chicken puffs once they are baked but do not apply too much just
lightly brush on the top. My oven is preheated at 4oo degree f . Bake
them for about 15 minutes. Oven temperatures vary so it may take a little long or less
time depending on the type of your oven. Bake them till golden brown. After 15 minutes my
chicken puffs are looking wonderful. You can store these in fridge for a day or two. Before
serving just heat them up in a 200 degree F or 93 degree centigrade oven or you can
even microwave them for for a short time. They even taste delicious when they are at
room temperature. Please do not forget to click on that subscribe button if you liked
this video. Thanks for watching. Eat healthy and stay healthy. Bye bye.


  1. So lovely and delicious chicken puffs! Great for the weekend. Very nice recipe and video, good work =)

  2. With so many meat alternatives out there for vegetarians and vegans, this could be easily adapted. It looks so inviting. Morningstar Farm has crumbles that one could substitute for meat.

  3. Hiii Friend 😊. Sorry dear 3 videos Ko message may nahi lika.mayh bola hena thaber tik nahi tha. fir meyh banglore gaya tha. Total busy hai. Notification nahi mila. Abi sub tik hai. Fir mera Friend abi kyah Karthi hai 😁 ?

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