Chicken Puff Pastry /Pate Chaud Ga Trung Cut (English CC)

Hi everyone. Welcome to Cathyha Cooking. Our dish is today is everyone’s favorite, from kids to adults. It’s the pate chaud but with ground chicken and quail eggs. These are the simple ingredients. Here’s 1/2 a white onion, diced. We must include ground nutmeg to get that special flavor. This is my mom’s recipe, to include this nutmeg. It will make the pastry super aromatic. Then we have some quail eggs, oyster sauce, salt, pepper and a tad of sugar. Here we separate the egg. The yolk is for the egg wash and white is for sealing the pastry. I’m adding a few drops of water to the egg yolk for the egg wash. This box has 2 sets of 3 strips like this. We can control the size of big or small pieces. Let’s cut the pastry in half. Then we have 6 per sheet, 12 total. Let’s turn on the oven to 415 degrees. This is parchment paper to the baking sheet. So the pastry wont’ stick to the pan and it’s easy clean up too. Instead of using foil, this is much better. Spoon one big spoonful to the middle of the dough Use the egg white to seal this. And don’t forget to add our quail egg. Add it right in the middle. Fold it over and seal. This is super stuffed, since I love to add lots of meat. It’s shaped like a square. And place onto the baking sheet. Lot’s of meat here. Let’s have an even coat of the egg wash. Looking good already. We have the oven at 415. It’ll take about 15 minutes to get done. The meat stuffing will be cooked by then. These are done! And onto the plate. It smells super! I gotta eat it now! Can’t hold it any longer. Let’s cut it open to see where is our quail egg. oh yeah! It’s still very hot. Our egg is right in the middle. Perfect! It’s flaky, crunchy and soft at the same time. Let’s eat it! Umm .. so hot! The steam is coming out! mmm mmm mmm At this rate, we have to eat 2 or 3! Crunchy, fragrant and so delicious! I hope you’ll make this chicken filled puff pastry with quail eggs soon! I know your kids will love these. And remember to blow it a bit while eating. It’s so good and filling. I wish you a wonderful day. And see you next time!

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