Chicago’s Best Ice Cream: Scoops

guys you are witnessing history right
now because for the very first time on Chicago’s best I am at a shoot and I’m
wearing shorts cool yes it is that hot outside and I need something bad cold to
help me cool down Suarez scoops in bridgeport April yeah
you do well tell me a little bit about scoops
we’ve been around here for 12 years now and we are one of the very few ice cream
swords on the south side of Chicago you were in an ice cream desert yes scoops
is great it’s local and neighborhood plays for a variety of ice cream right
next to the 35th Red Line stop whoa big our bread line 35th Street stop thank
you for writing this what kind of field do we have when people walk through the
door oh it’s happy very family friendly
environment I mean everyone likes ice cream
who doesn’t like ice books come on oh come on let me sketch comeback head
cover oh god I don’t wanna meet that bus yeah me me I won’t steal your ice cream
it gives me a way look I’m bigger than you anything but branding that’s so so
nice to meet you so why you guys here with scoops
Chicago’s best all of our waffle cones are handmade and then if you want
chocolate on them or any sprinkles any type of different condiments they’re all
hand dipped it’s really me and there’s lots of different flavor that you could
choose from a ton of different variety ton of different handmade cones
refreshing it’s cool it’s clean it’s beautiful remind you of vacation yeah
always eating ice cream on vacation I need to come on vacation with you now I
think I realize why isabella told us we should come here on Facebook yes a
dipped waffle can we can we make those make it right now just go do some coke
okay cool and I get started by mixing up some homemade waffle batter so we’re
gonna do three cups of the waffle mix right here I’m gonna add half that water
right there and then we’re gonna start beating then turn that bad boy up
oh yeah ladle up and it’s time to form outcomes push the rod in the cone and
you’re just gonna twist keep turning as hard as you can there you go I’m not
gonna hurt it Wow oh no bro that was my first ever
attempt a waffle cone god I wanted that to work so well maybe I’ll have better
luck tipping so buy the core of the way and bring it up spin it a little bit so
you get the excess off qualm excelling of this booth I got that better they
just gotta tilt it and spin at the same time here you go boom pull the excess
right in the mouth whoa all right go again let’s do it pull when I dip
some more scoops classics and then it’s time for the cold star let’s go pick up
some ice cream get these filled yeah we can eat sounds good okay what do you
like about getting up whatever dress you enjoy about a waffle cone ice cream
hey you know what you are genius is high and it’s cool ice cream is colder than
the coast and it’s really hot outside so you want something refreshing ice creams
number one seller in that everything gets a shout out redline gets a shout
out summers get shout out to do this hi then we’re figuring out another reason
why ice cream is so popular in the summer people have an excuse to
overindulge you have no choice but to do this and this is some great ice cream
tone dogs with this is delicious you’re just not I just
need to eat this right now clearly you were just destroying that
thing my favorite go say I love this place I love the neighborhood of course
puts a smile in anyone’s face you give me some napkins is hot out you

11 thoughts on “Chicago’s Best Ice Cream: Scoops

  1. Yes Scoops is a really good ice-cream place but the prices keep raising and raising and its just pretty expensive

  2. Seriously who doesn’t love ice cream?! 🍨 check out all of the flavors and add one this famous ice cream shop has!!

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