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HI Cupcakers!
Welcome another Tuesday to the channel. Today we’re making a oven less Nutella Cheesecake. Easy Recipes
Nutella Cheesecake. Many of you already knew this recipe was
coming, since you saw it in our personal channel. And you told me you were expecting this
recipe. Let me tell you that this cheesecake is one of the most delicious desserts I’ve tasted. It has Nutella, that’s why I love the taste, and thanks
to the mix with the cream cheese it has a delicious taste. Also it’s very balanced in it’s sweet taste
and when you finish it you want another piece. I wanted this opportunity to tell you that
in August we will upload videos only on Fridays. Tuesdays recipes will rest for a season. But not much, in September
they’ll be back with more delicious ideas. That’s it, I know you want to see the recipe. If you want to know how to make
it, stay because the video starts now. To make the base we’ll need:
unsalted butter, Maria cookies, I’m using the puffed ones, but you can use the normal ones also. Optionally I’ll add crushed hazelnuts. And for the cheesecake we’ll need:
Nutella, cream cheese, cream, icing sugar, cold water and unflavored powdered gelatin. We start by crushing the cookies in a food processor. You can also crush them by hand. But if you use a machine like this it
will be a more uniform and compact base. That depends on the final result you want.
But either way it’ll be delicious. Now we add the crushed hazelnuts. If you don’t like them you can skip them or add dry fruit. After this we take the butter to
the microwave to heat it until it melts. Once its liquid we add it to the crushed
cookies and we stir until it’s a homogeneous mix. To see if it’s ready we press it with a spatula. If it’s compact and pressed, we
can make our Nutella Cheesecake base. In this case I’m using a silicone
spring-form pan with 23 cm in diameter. I’m sure I’ll use this pan,
I use it a lot for cold cakes. We pour the cookie mix. And we press with a spatula or with a glass with a straight base. This way we’ll get a resistant and even base in all places. Once it’s ready, take it to the fridge for
15 minutes while we continue with the recipe. Now we’ll hydrate the gelatin with the cold water. Stir a little and let it rest for 10
minutes so the gelatin will absorb the water. After this, you’ll see it becomes like a sponge. So we take it to the microwave for some
seconds to melt it and let it become liquid. Once it’s ready put it aside. In a bowl place the cold cream cheese with the
Nutella or any other chocolate cream you like. And with a colander sift the icing sugar over it. After this we mix at medium speed
or until the ingredients are integrated. Now we add the cream, and we mix at
medium speed until the cream it’s a little whipped. After this we’ll add the liquid gelatin. And we finish mixing for one more minute at medium speed. It’s very important not to mix too much
because the cream can over mix and spoil the whole cream. Now we have the mix ready for the pan. So we take the pan from the fridge
and pour the cream over the cookie base. With a spatula or a spoon spread the mix all over the pan. As you can see it has a creamy
texture, and it doesn’t expand by itself. I’ll show you a detail that you
can see since it’s a transparent pan. If you look at the surface it looks well
covered, there are some holes on the sides. This is very important to avoid, because
when we slice the cake it will have hallow places. It’ll be delicious, but not very pretty to look at. If your pan is not transparent remember that you should be careful to cover all the walls. Once it’s smooth take it to the fridge for
an hour, meanwhile we’ll continue with the recipe. For the surface we’ll make a milk chocolate ganache. But you can swap it with dark chocolate. We’ll also need cream. And unsalted butter. We start by pouring the cream over the chocolate. And take it to the microwave to heat it and melt them together. I do this 30 seconds at the time, stirring in between. Once it’s mixed the chocolate
will be hot, so we’ll add the butter at room temperature and we stir it until it integrates completely. As you can see the butter gives the ganache a shiny look. Now we cover it with plastic wrap. Touching all the surface so the
surface does not dry and a skin is formed. And leave it at room temperature for 1 hour to cool down. After this we remove the plastic wrap. And now it’s ready to cover our delicious Nutella Cheesecake. So take it our of the fridge and
pour the ganache over the cheesecake. As you can see it’s liquid, but it has
some consistency, I’m telling you it’s delicious. Now take it to the fridge for another 10 minutes. After this take it out and place
some caramelized hazelnuts on the surface. If you do it after the 10 minutes
the ganache will be a little harder. But the hazelnuts will be fixed still. Instead if you place the hazelnuts
before cooling the ganache the would have sinked. So I recommend doing this little
trick to decorate all kinds of desserts. We’ll also put some chocolate chips in the upper border. And of course the hazelnuts and the
chocolate chip are completely optional. Personally I like the touch of
crunchiness it gives and the flavor it adds. Now we can take the cake to the
fridge for a minimum of 4 hours or overnight. After this we can unmold it. And for it I recommend using a moist with
water spatula or knife to detach the walls of the cake. Since the mix is very creamy it can be attached to the pan. After this we can remove the walls of the pan
to see our delicious oven less Nutella cheesecake. Now we have a delicious desert with a cookie base, Nutella cheesecake and a chocolate ganache
decorated with hazelnuts and chocolate chips. Remember that we must keep it refrigerated until we’ll serve it. I’m telling you this combination of
textures and flavors is quite a delight. The cake is very creamy and delicious. And with the taste of chocolate and
hazelnuts, that it’s one of my favorite flavors. Now let’s see the Cupcakers that entered the hall if fame today. If you want to enter you know, tag me in your Twitter, Instagram or
Facebook pictures showing me your creations. Samuel made the zebra cake for
hie nephew, and it’s spectacular. Cesi shows us a Bundt cake made with the
recipe of the banana cake, I’m sure it’s delicious. Claudia made a Brownkie to celebrate her husbands birthday. I’m very happy that you liked the recipe. Abi made the oven-less cheesecake, a fast and delicious recipe. And last Andres from Arte Dulce show
us a small version of Tian’s birthday cake. Thanks so much for making my recipes,
and know you’re in my hall of fame. Don’t forget to subscribe to
the channel and super Like the video. See you next Friday with a new recipe. See you soon Cupcakers!

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  2. Hola Pam! Todas tus recetas son muy apetecible y hermosas, y sobre todo mucha higiene y orden, me gustaría ver una torta con la temática de pocoyo para mi bb q en 8 meses cumple su primer añito, gracias! 🙂

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  4. Me ha encantado la receta!
    Crees que podría cambiar la nutella por la misma cantidad de chocolate blanco? A mi pareja le encanta y me gustaría prepararsela para su cumpleaños. 😊🎉
    Muchas gracias por tus videos! Un abrazo 😊

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