CFCC – Baking and Pastry Arts – Program Profile

[Cracking Eggs] [Whisking] [Pouring] [Blender]>>Phillip Jones: This is a orange torte and it’s got a meringue disk at the bottom with genoise cake layers and orange segments between it with an
orange liqueur whipped cream frosting. [Spraying] [Mixing and Blending]>>Phillip: European cakes and tortes,
you learn professional skills and they’ll definitely translate into the real world. I’ve used a lot of the basic skills that I learned at school at my job now. Because pastries is a big part of it, you need to have all of your ingredients ready to mix it together. You get taught a certain way how to do
frost cakes and stuff like that but you’re gonna learn your easiest way
or best way for you to do it yourself. [Patting] [Mixing] [Brushing]>>Phillip: Ever since I was little,
I wanted to do culinary arts. Once I got into the culinary program, I realized that I like baking a lot, too and they came out with this program,
so I decided to do it, as well. I like immerse myself and learn a bunch of different stuff. Everything that I’ve learned at school,
I’ve used in the real world for a job. I feel like it gives you a solid
set of skills to make it out there. I feel like my instructor is very knowledgeable. She’s very helpful. If you have any questions she doesn’t make you feel like you should already know something and she encourages you. It’s a good program. It doesn’t feel like
working or going to a classroom. That’s how I feel about my job as well
because it’s something that I enjoy doing. A lot of people can learn it if you practice.
Practice is the most important thing. I would highly recommend this program for anyone that wanted to sharpen their baking skills up at home or if they wanted to make baking and pastry arts a professional career. [Mixing and Baking Sounds] [Music]

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