CAMERA PINATA COOKIES How To Cook That Ann Reardon Sugar Cookie Recipe

Welcome to How To Cook That
I am Ann Reardon Today we are making camera pinata cookies
and I’ll show you some secret tips and myths about getting the perfectly shaped yummy tasting
sugar cookies as well. All the recipe quantities that you’ll need
are on the website and I’ll put a link to that page in the description
just below this video. Measure out your all-purpose flour or plain flour, sugar, butter or margarine
– I like to use margarine but you can use butter.
Then for spices I am using cinnamon and nutmeg, one egg and some vanilla extract.
Now tip your sugar, margarine and vanilla into a bowl and mix it on low speed until
it is just combined, on my mixer this takes only 1 minute. Now this is an important tip – if you use
high speed here or you mix it for longer you are going to incorporate heaps of air into
your cookies Then when you put them in the oven the air
will cause the biscuits to rise and spread out.
Let me just show you so you can see that. Compare these ones and they have been whipped
with the butter and sugar and when you bake them in the oven and compare them to ones
that were only just mixed. They taste fine, but you can see they have spread out and if
it is a round cookie who cares if doesn’t really make a difference but if you are trying
to make an intricately shaped cookie then this is just going to get rid of all the details
in your shaping. Back to our mixture, Add you egg and again just mix it in don’t
whip it, and you know why now. Then add the flour and the spices, I haven’t
put these through a sieve again because that introduces more air and we don’t want air
in our mixture Mix on low speed until it forms a ball, If you don’t have a stand mixer you
can do this stage of mixing just by hand. Place half of you mixture onto some non-stick
baking paper and flatten it down then add two objects that are the same height you could
use chopsticks, I am using new paint stirring sticks. And they’re just going guide the rolling
pin so your cookies are even thickness the whole way through.
Place another sheet of baking paper over the top and push it flat with a rolling pin. You
can’t really roll it because it is quite soft dough you are more just pushing it and flattening
it out. And see how our rolling pin is resting on the levels here so that on each side it’s
resting on it and you get that perfect even thickness to your dough. Slide that onto something flat and place it
in the fridge overnight or in the freezer for about 10 minutes, do the same with the
other half of your dough as well. Now you may have heard it said that if you
chill your dough it will not spread out as much in the oven, this make no logical sense,
but let’s test the theory anyway. This row has been sitting at room temperature room
temperature, this one has been in the fridge overnight and this one has been in the freezer
for 15 minutes. Lets bakes those in the oven. And once they are done, let’s have a look
if they have spread. The room temperature ones compared to the fridge ones, they are
exactly the same size. Now room temp compared to the freezer and again exactly the same.
So that is a myth that is now busted, chilling them makes no difference to them spreading
in the oven it is the amount that you whip them that is important.
Chilling them is good just to let that margarine or butter firm up which makes the dough firmer
and easier to cut out. Back to our camera cookies.
You can buy a camera cutter or if you get yourself a roll of aluminium flashing or aluminum
flashing if you are in the US, you can make your own cutter. Just cut a thin strip and
shape it around a camera icon, I’ll put this size icon that I am using on the website so
you can print it out as a guide as well. When you come to the rounded corners just
wrap the metal around something round like the handle of an ice-cream scoop or whatever
is round that you’ve got in your kitchen. When you are making a straight corner just
bend it on something straight like the back of a knife to get that sharp edge there. Once
you get back the beginning trim off the excess and tape it into place to that you get a smooth
join there when you are cutting out your cookie shapes.
Take your dough out of the fridge and cut out your camera shapes.
Place them onto a baking tray and bake them for 10 minutes, and turn the tray after 5
minutes so that you get even browning. And make sure you set a timer so you don’t burn
these cookies. They really don’t take long at all. Now for the camera lenses take two round cutters,
cut a tray of the larger sized circle. And then half of the circles cut out a hole out
of the centre. Now if you want some of your lenses bigger you can cut more than half of
them with a hole out of the centre but you’ll need at least one full one for each camera.
Using a smaller circle push it into the centre and then lift it up and as you lift it tilt
it slightly to one side and use the edge of the cutter to lift out the middle section
of the biscuit dough. For each camera cookie you want to have one or two of these rings
and one whole circle. And these are smaller than the other ones so they are only going
to take about 6-8 minutes in the oven instead of 10. Roll out any left over dough and cut more
cookies. To make our icing we need icing or confectioners
sugar and powdered egg white and whisk them together with water. Where I live powdered egg white can be a bit
pricey so I use a packet of the pavalova magic mix, which is just egg white and sugar I’ll
put the quantities for both options on the recipe on the website so you can use whatever
you can get hold of. I like to put most of the water in at once
and then add the remainder one tablespoon at a time until you are happy with the consistency.
You can swap some of the water for lemon juice or vanilla so that you can add a flavour to
your icing. Beat it on high for a few minutes until it
looks like this. It should be thick and glossy and hold its shape.
Place some of your icing into 5 bowls, leaving some white in the main bowl.
Then add some liquid or gel colouring to each bowl to make them different colours. I am
going for more retro sort of colours you can make them brighter if you want. Make three
different camera colours, one grey and then leave some white as I said and then we need
to make black. To make black add some cocoa powder and mix it in and then add some black
gel food colouring. Now the cocoa powder is going to dry it out a bit and make it a bit
too thick so just add a little bit more water to bring it back to piping consistency Take each of those and place them into a plastic
bag and seal it shut. Then cut off a tiny corner off the outside
and pipe a rectangle sort of shape not quite a rectangle really for the camera flash on
each of the biscuits on the top there. If you muck it up don’t worry just wipe it
off and try again. Then take your round cookies and pipe a white
circle in the centre of each one leaving about a half a centimeter border from the edge. Now for the colours, draw a line across the
cookie about 2/3 of the way up and then follow the outline down and around the outside. Repeat that with the next colour placing the
line at roughly the same height it doesn’t matter exactly where it is but if you put
it next to one of the cookies you have already done you can get them all about the same. Now for the top half of your cookie use some
grey to pipe along the line and around the top. Now I have had lots of requests lately for
a chocolate truffles part 3 video so I want to know what flavours of truffles you’d like
me to make for you. So make sure you watch first the videos part
one and part two so you know what we’ve already done like caramel and all of those ones and
I’ll link to them below. And then put your chocolate request for new chocolate truffle
flavours in the comments section. And I’ll give you a few weeks to get all your requests
and then I’ll tally them up and make the most requested ones for you. Then pipe a grey circle to outline each of
the lenses following the outside of your cookies. Leave those for 5 minutes to firm up and then
we are going to flood fill them which is a bit like colouring them in. Take some of your
white, grey and coloured icing and place them in a seperate bowls. Then add a little bit
of water to each one and mix it in. You want it to be thick but when it’s drizzled from
the spoon it should after a moment merge back into the icing that’s in the bowl leaving
a smooth surface. Using a spoon place some in the centre of
each camera lense. Then use a toothpick to spread it out to the edges. For the flash
bit it’s going to be easier if you put it into a plastic bag and pipe some of that thinned
icing in. Then use your toothpick to spread it out. Repeat that same thing with the colours and
the grey so that you are filling it up and spreading it out to the edges. Then we want
to leave them for a for a little while for the icing to dry on top. Now take your black icing and outline the
camera lense. Now if you have a piping bag and a piping tip number 1 then use that for
outlining as you’ll get a more even line. If you don’t then you can just use your ziplock
bags with the corner cut off like I showed you before. Also pipe a couple of lines across
the lense. Now outline the camera going around the flash
then around the grey section and then all the way around the coloured part. Then I’m
leaving these overnight for the icing to set firm. And then we will come back to it tomorow Now that they are all set firm, take one of
the rings and pipe some firm icing around the edge in a circle and put that into place.
Now you can have just use one ring or if you want a bigger lense you can use two.
SO just put icing around it and put it on top. Fill that up with candy I am using nerds
in some and mini m&m’s in others. Then pipe a circle of icing on the back of
the lense and then add it to the top of your camera.
And as I said you can use one or you can use two rings to make a bigger or smaller lense.
With the bigger ones I’m going to pipe stripes of grey up the sides here to give that bevelled
edge look around your lense. When you make these make sure you take a photo
of course and upload it in the comments section on the website for the world to see.
I love seeing what you guys have baked. Subscribe to How To Cook That for more crazy
sweet creations. Have a great week and I’ll see you on Friday.
[music: The Boat Song by used with permission]

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