Cake Switch Up Challenge!!! Marissa and Brookie

– I already did it! (laughs) She missed it! – I know what I’m doing, oh my goodness! Gonna be so beautiful. – (laughs) Yeah! (upbeat piano music) – Hey guys!
– Hey guys! – I’m Marissa. – I’m Brookie. – And today we’re doing the Cake switch up challenge.
– Cake switch up challenge. – Thank you so much to
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here are the two cakes that we are going to be using. Now we’re gonna do rock paper scissors to see who gets what one. Rock paper scissors shoot. Rock paper scissors shoot. Yeah!
– Dang it! Okay, this one’s funfetti,
this one’s chocolate. Mmm funfetti. – Alright. – Yeah! – I got the chocolate. – Alright guys, the
rules of this challenge: If I was going first, I would take a peak at the
surprise item under my lid, and then depending on my face, Brookie will decide whether
to keep it or switch it. – Whoever eats the most cake
at the end will win it all! – Okay, let’s get started. Brookie, do you wanna go first?
– No, you can. Oh, okay. (laughs) Okay, I’ll go first. (upbeat piano music) Uh! – Keep. – Keep it, yeah! Olives! Ah yeah! – Uh, I got olives and
she got blueberries. – Yes! K let’s put em on our cake. I think I’m gonna do like
little circle around. – Same. I’m gonna eat one. – I don’t really like olives. And I don’t love blueberries
either, so like it’s eh. – Okay, it’s my turn. (upbeat piano music) – Oh, I don’t know. I wanna switch it. – Yes! – What? What is it? – You got cheese! – Uh, dang it. I got string cheese. – And I got colorful marshmallows! – K, let’s put em on our cake. (upbeat piano music) Alright guys, it’s my turn to peak. (upbeat piano music) (groans)
Ah haha, yeah! – Sike, keep. – Yes! Woo! I got doughnuts! Mmm they’re strawberry. – Well, I like strawberries,
so that’s totally fine, but I like doughnuts better. – I would rather get the sugar time. Sugar kind. – Should I put it like on
the outside, like that? – Ooh, I don’t know. – I know what I’m doing, oh my goodness! It’s gonna be so beautiful. – I’m gonna make a tower of doughnuts. (upbeat piano music) There, I like that. – Aw yeah. – Wait, should I go like
this, like in the front? – Yeah! – Like, the one doughnut. – Oh, your doughnut.
– No! How bout I just do four. Brookie, I think your strawberries
kind of are falling off. – Yeah, I kind of realize that. Alright, it’s my turn. (laughs) (upbeat piano music) – I wanna switch. – Yes oh my goodness! Oh, ee! – Oh, this isn’t that bad. It’s, wait is that … Oh, never mind. – Yeah! – They’re jalapenos. Jalapenos? Jalapenos? Tomato tomato potato potato. (laughs) Oh no, this is my first
like, really gross thing. Okay, I’m gonna just circle it around. – That looks very gross.
– Ew. It’s my turn to peak now. (upbeat piano music)
– I got gummy dogs and they’re pretty good, so.
– I already did it! (laughs) she missed it. I don’t have to pick again, right? – No.
– No? Okay. Keep it or switch it? – Keep. Yes!
– Dang it. I got bacon. – Alright, here is my colorful sprinkles. – Oh, gosh. I’m getting some bad luck right now. I’ll just kind of sprinkle
it like sprinkles. – He’s gonna have some freckles now. Even though I won’t taste
those, it’s for show. – I love bacon, but not with cake. – Gettin’ a little nervous
for eating my cake. – I have jalapenos, bacon,
blueberries and cheese. – I mean, that’s, that’s gross. (upbeat piano music)
Oh. – Oh. I want to switch it! – I guess these are both good. – Yes! Yes! These are my favorite
chocolates around Easter time. They’re called Cadbury mini-eggs. – Those are mine. – I have to eat these. – I want one. – Oh my gosh. – Those were mine, you stole them.
– So good. – And then I got little heart
things that are not good. – K guys, it’s my turn to peak. (upbeat piano music) – Yeah! – Dang it. I got salami. – Oh my gosh. – I hate salami. – Yes, k. So I got the Oreos. Yes! Oh my goodness. – No, how did you know? – I don’t know! – You just guessed? – Yeah. Oh my goodness, yes! – Oh, this actually smells disgusting. K, I’m gonna put like, around.
– Here, you can have one. I’ll be nice. You can have one.
– Okay. – Oh, make a tower.
– Wait. – No, I meant for you to eat it. – Oh.
(laughs) – Mm. Okay, it’s my turn to peak. (upbeat music) – Uh, keep it. (screams joyfully) No, why am I so unlucky! – I love these things, oh my goodness. – Ahh! I got oranges. – I got wafers, and I love these things. I L-O-V-E. – I actually love oranges too, but … I would rather have those. (sings) – K, my turn to peek. – Just pointing things out, her … What’s good on your cake
except the doughnuts? – The Cadbury eggs,
– Oh yeah. and the doughnuts, that’s it. – And then I have all
this delicious stuff. – K, I’m gonna peak now. (upbeat music) – Keep. – Oh my- gah!
(laughs) Ah, no! Mushrooms.
(yells) – The only bad thing on mine is olives. The only bad thing.
– I swear. Guys, I’m getting all of the bad stuff. – Mushrooms? Okay, so I got the- what are these called? Oh my goodness. – Hershey Kisses.
– Oh yeah. (laughs) I got, let’s see what kind-
they’re white chocolate. Oh, they have a swirl. Have the white chocolate swirl. (laughs) – K, I have doughnuts,
mushrooms, cheese, blueberries, Cadbury eggs, oranges, salami, and bacon. – All the bad things. Except doughnuts. And I, on the other hand, have strawberries, chocolate, I don’t know what those are called, wafers, Oreos, marshmallows,
dot things, and these things. Ah yeah. – Okay guys, vote. Who do you think is the prettiest? And who do you think will taste better? Those are pretty obvious,
I think. (laughs) Anyways, vote down in the comments below. – Alright. – Brookie’s gonna cut hers first. – Time for the reveal-ation. – Oh!
(laughs) K, now I’m going to cut mine. I think I’m just gonna
put a doughnut on top, because I don’t wanna cut those. – Too hard. I’m just gonna take from the top. – Okay, now I’m going to
put a doughnut on top, and a mushroom. Gotta make sure all my
toppings are on there. – Oh, a jalapeno, you
need to get a jalapeno. – Oh, yep, a jalapeno. – Blueberry. – Uh, I gotta get a salami. First, let’s taste the good cake before we destroy our taste buds. (upbeat piano music) – Alright, ready.
– That was good. Here’s my bite! – Here’s my bite. – I have cheese, jalapeno, cake, Cadbury. I’m gonna get a little
piece of salami on there. – Yeah, I think I’m just gonna, like … – Get the gross stuff I guess. Alright, three, two, one. (upbeat piano music) Oh. Ew. (laughs) Ah! I’m like gagging inside. Ew, I just got salami … Okay, Brooklyn, I’m givin you this one. You definitely won this one. – Thanks for watching!
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– Bye! (upbeat piano music)

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