100 thoughts on “Buying 100 Homeless Dogs Ice Cream On The Hottest Day

  1. I think we should feel indebted to dogs; companions and sometimes protective of their human masters; how hard would it be to fund a property where mostly you just let dogs loose if they are unwanted or homeless and feed is dumped off as necessary. Homeless dogs without a proper masters is tragic; I know they are just animals but their are no truer words then man`s best friend.

  2. Sorry for the pun but that’s cool what you did. Even better , shelters should provide ice blocks for all the residents. We did it for our dog and the other critters we had.

  3. God bless you ?❣️????❣️??❣️?? u guys r so nice to puppies and I think you should name him cheerio or biscuit

  4. If it is a boy you should name it Tiger because it is a very strong dog like a tiger and it made it through all that has happened to it in its life. If it is a girl you should name it Apple because it looks sweet like an apple and with just some love and care it will be the most loving dog ever.

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