Buttercream Roses and leaves – I learned from the best

now we’re going to show you how to make
icing roses and I’m going to show you how to make the green leaves and we’re
going to get started right away you this is our cake it doesn’t look like a
cake but it’s going to be our cake I’m going to put the Roses on here
and we’re going to need three bags one like I said they’ll just be for thee to
put the little icing on the cake so we’ll just put some icing in here
and then where I closed it if it’s going to I go away from where the fold is okay
and I’m just going to fold it down and then fold it over and try to fold that
down a little bit okay and get the little point these little points
sometimes if your hand all right so we’ll just leave that
closed for right now because it’ll dry out if I don’t then we’ll take a little
bit of icing in a bowl you don’t need you need a little bit more than what you
need because you have this in the bag now this is my favorite color for her
leaves is called moss green and you always want to use a toothpick to take
your color out okay and just grab some color like that
and just run it through your eye thing just literally throw the stick away now
use a knife to stir main your mirror it’s not a bright green but it’s a
pretty green for the rose okay so now we’re going to add that to a bag for
somebody I take it on the front of knife okay and I’ll pick up the bag and just
drop it into the bag go all the way down use your finger to pull it off even more
writing your heaven yours easier is later to actually use you don’t need too
much though and this is this last one will be for the ice for the rose and I’m
going to use the rest of this icing so I don’t even move out of the ball and that
I’m going to use this is called super red I just opened it we’ll see we’ll see
what happens together and you’ll use two little toothpicks do a little extra
super red you never want to put your toothpick
back into thee into the container that you’re always hard to make red so
they’ve always come up with the new red more red I guess because of the white
icing it’s hard to really make a bright red you’ll drop your tip in the bag and just
kind of cut cut a little curve at the bottom of your bag not too high up and
see where the see where this comes out I don’t want it to be too big I think
that’s good so now we have our our tip down in the bag we’re going to I do like
to use a knife when I put colors in so take a knife and just same way for this
put it in and hold it down you don’t really want to have too much in there and be careful not to shake too much
because sometimes a tip will flip over in the bottom fold this then same way
you did for the other bags okay so now we have this is our rose nail and we’re
going to start by putting some icing down on the rose now making a little
mound and curling it around and then we’re going to build it up one more
shelf curl it around and one more shelf curl it around that’s the top of your
rose okay I always like to wipe off the tip so now you’re going to go around and
you’re going to you’re going to make a loop and go back to the center of that
loop and go around again and go around to the center that last one and do it
come up come up almost to the top of the rose and go to the center squeeze and
come around again I know this one is going to come around almost to the the
end of it now you curl it around go to the center and you’re going to
build your rose out like so and they make a little mound
where you’re going to want to put your rose on your cake but I’m like that’s
the cake and then you go and you take your scissor and go underneath the rose
and come over here and pull it off and then with the tip of your of the rose
now you can pull the the Rose off the half the nail and then you can start
again I’m going to make a little smaller one now put next to it you have to do
the same thing you have to build it up make room for more of a bud and then put a little icing down where
you want your rose to go now if this was a chocolate cake that I would be using
chocolate icing because you want this little mound to match your cake so you
go down under the rose again pick it up and just go right next to it okay and I
can actually make even a little smaller one a little bud okay and I just take the
bottom of my finger and I go around smooth the bottom of the Rose off and
then put a little bit down if you like okay and go down underneath the Rose and
pull it off all right and then you can even if you want there’s another leaving
but you can do is little teeny rosebuds okay and you kind of want to go in the
direction of what somebody’s looking at the cake all right so you would make a
rose you just kind of push it out and then go around it like that and it curls
it around and we can make a rose on this side a little bit smaller than the big
one pull that off and put a little bit of
icing here and then pull this off can make little buds again so much fun decorating a board okay little teeny one and then to make a leaf
bag to get your leaf but I’ve done is I flattened this is the leaf bag and
flattened that and you wipe off my scissor flatten it and then you’re just
going to cut you’re going to cut a little cut the ends off like a V like
that and always be sure you get rid of those little pieces otherwise like they
might get caught up again in here and you’re icing do a leaf you want to just squeeze hold
it down in one place and just kind of pull it off
okay squeeze the leap down so make the base and then come up and just kind of
let go and now we can do that on the rose
itself I noticed that I covered a part of when I put this down on here so I’m
going to show you again but you want to come down from behind the Rose okay you
want to kind of build up on the cake and then pull it off so you can see it from
different sides on your cake so it just comes up right above the rose alright so
you have little leaves around your rose and looks pretty and so then we have our
little our green bag of icing and I showed you how to make them little leaf
and you can put a couple on the backs of your little roses should make them
according to the size of their rose okay pretending like this is a cake if you
want to put a lot of icing underneath and behind it like that alright put one
in the front you can actually build some green off out there and back there so
you can just play with that on your cake and you have some little roses

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