[Bus Line 66]: Visit. Travel. Adventure. | Cauldron Ice Cream

I’m here with Cindy at this new ice cream
place called Cauldron and they’re known for their Instagram-worthy, Rose-shaped ice cream served in a Hong Kong egg waffle. So this is a first location in Northern California and we’re mainly popularized in Southern California so how we’re different from the other ice cream shops is that first of all, we make our ice cream out of liquid nitrogen, we have popular side of the Hong Kong-style egg waffles, and we make the ice cream in the shape of a flower. This place has been pretty popular in
SoCal for a while now but they finally have one here in NorCal! they’re located in San Jose, right along VTA’s bus line 66. So come give Cauldron a try as you Visit Travel and Adventure with VTA.

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