Buchteln – Honeycomb Sweet Buns

Welcome back to Pastry Maestra! I’m Tereza and today I’m making Buchteln! Not many things on this planet are
as comforting as that enchanting… …mouthwatering smell of freshly baked
buchteln in the winter evening! Cozy couch and a blanket, a cup of hot tea,
and warm, crispy on the outside buchtel will
make the end of your day a sheer haven! In Croatia, almost every grandmother,
mine included, makes them for her… …grandchildren, and that smell always
takes me back to my childhood. Ah, good times! Buchteln are usually filled with jam, well
sealed and assembled in baking dish… …closely, so when they rise, they stick
together, resembling a honeycomb. I prefer to eat my buchteln warm, not hot,
because that way I have the best of both… …worlds – slightly crispy crust
on the outside and cotton-like soft
inside filled with a hot portion of jam. Yummy! Now,the origin of the buchteln is Bohemia,
a big region in the western and central… …Czech Republic, but they play a major
part in the Austrian, Slovak, Slovenian,
Croatian, Hungarian and Serbian cuisine. In Bavaria the buchteln are called
Rohrnudeln, in Slovenia buhteljni,
in Croatia buhtle and so on. Buchteln are sweet rolls made of yeast
dough, filled with jam, ground poppy seeds… …or curd and baked in a large
pan so that they stick together. They must stick together! The traditional buchtel is filled with
plum jam and can be topped with vanilla… …sauce, powdered sugar or
simply eaten plain and warm. I’m making mine with apricot jam and just a
few drops of rum for enhanced pleasure. OK – let’s make some buchteln, and the
recipe is – as usual – down below! To make my buchteln dough I’ve placed
sifted flour into a bowl of a stand mixer… …fitted with hook attachment, and now
I’m gonna add salt, sugar, and zest of one
lemon and mix on low speed to combine. Now I’m gonna whisk the egg. I’m gonna add the egg and the yeast
to the milk and whisk to combine. I’m gonna add this mixture to the
dry ingredients and continue mixing… …on low speed for approximately 5
minutes, until I get a smooth dough. Finally, I’m gonna gradually add
melted butter to the dough mixing
well after each addition. I’ll cover the dough with a cloth and leave
it to ferment until it doubles in size. While my dough is rising I’m
gonna prepare my filling. I’ve put apricot jam into a small bowl. I’m gonna whisk it well. Now I’m gonna add one tablespoon of
rum to the jam and stir to combine. Next thing I’m gonna do is brush
my pan with melted butter. I’ve prepared some more butter
for brushing my buns, too. My dough has nicely risen, and now I’m
gonna transfer it on lightly floured surface
and roll out to 1cm (3/8”) thickness. I’m gonna shape the dough into a
square while rolling and roll to
about 20cmx20cm (8”x8”) rectangle. I will cut out squares roughly
5cmx5cm (2”x2”) in size. Now I’m gonna put a blob of my jam
into the center of each square, wrap the
dough around the filling and seal well. I will put each bun into the
prepared pan with the sealed side
down, and brush it with butter. The buns should be tightly
arranged in the pan. I’m gonna leave them to proof for
approximately 10 minutes and then bake… …them at 180°C (350°F) for about 20-25
minutes, until they turn nicely golden brown. My buchteln are done. I’m gonna sprinkle them with
powdered sugar and leave them to
cool down a bit, but not completely. Fair warning – warm buchteln
are irresistible, and you will not be
able to stop eating them! There, you have been warned! Enjoy!

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