Brennans Bread – Foil Arms and Hog

Hi, hi Sorry about that. Now, the new Brennan’s slogan. what have you got?
Yes. Okay Okay, here it is, uhm. The food gets better, when you put it all together with the Brennan’s Bread Sliced Pan, because food loves Brennan’s, so bring out the Brennan’s, bring out the best. Yeah Hellmann’s Hellmann’s Mayonnaise, the World’s favorite Mayonnaise. Really? Cuz food loves Hellmann’s. And you think theyk are similar? Well, well yeah, they’re exactly the same. Well, I-I wouldn’t say exactly the same, but ahm. okay um W-What else do you have? umm p-p-p-pick up a Brennan’s. Next. Doo doo to do Brennan’s The Intel jingle is it? Yeah, no no, the Brennan’s jingle. Okay, you’re just copying other people’s things. They’re grrrreee-Brennans. No. What what about this, eh, okay? eh Brennan’s, the best build cars in the world. No Beans means Brennan’s No. Skittles taste the Brennan’s. for everything Some things money can’t buy, for everything else There’s MasterCard. Have a break, have a Bre… Have a KitKat. Brennan’s, it does exactly what it says on the ti… Ronseal. Really, because I thought that one would’ve worked well. it would have and it did, because they paid someone an awful lot of money to come up with an original idea. It’s a good thing you’re not paying me. We are paying you. You’ve been working on this for a week, and you don’t seem to have… anything. I have one, not a great one um Brennan’s, today’s bread today. That’s what we use at the moment. Yes. Yeah. Because I did see that written somewhere, yeah. Okay, I think this meeting is over. Could we change the name? Excuse me. It’s just nothing rhymes with Brennan’s. Trennans, vennans, gennans, Pennons. Okay, thank you very much. mennans, bennans, rennans, kennans, sennans tennans ennans Brennans Brennan’s? Brennan’s! Brennan’s. oh yeah.

67 thoughts on “Brennans Bread – Foil Arms and Hog

  1. This sketch succeeds on two fronts: (a) it's absolutely hilarious and (b) it really makes to want to buy both Brennan's Bread and a few Penguins

  2. I asked foil and hog what was their favourite sketch was and they both said Brennan's bread, I can see why 😂😂~ Gavin from the mill theatre

  3. I'm stuck working in the Middle East for the last 2 years. Brennan's bread is one of those things I miss the most.

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