Bread Halwa in Telugu |#BreadRecipes #Instant #Sweet Recipe by Attamma TV πŸ”΅

Bread Halwa or Double ka meetha Ingredients Bread slices -5 Boiled and cooled milk – 200 ml Ghee – 100 grams Sugar – 100 grams ( 1 cup) Cashew nuts and Almonds – 10 to 15 numbers Green cardamoms – 3 Method Cut the bread slices in to 4 pieces if you want you can cut the sides of the Bread Heat Pan and melt 2 table spoons Ghee Fry cashew nuts on low flame and keep a side Fry almond pieces also and keep a side Fry bread slices until until bread pieces turns in to golden brown colour Add extra ghee and fry all bread slices until gold colour Use only Non stick kadai to get good results in making Bread Halwa Keep them in paper napkin to remove the excess ghee from the slices heat kadai and add sugar Add equal amount of water (that means for one cup sugar one cup water) make single thread sugar syrup when bubbles comes like this, think that syrup was almost ready see the gummy consistency now Add fried bread slices in sugar syrup Mix well and cook for 5 to 10 minutes on low flame Bread slices will absorb the sugar syrup while cooking now add green cardamom powder Mix well if you do not have the cardamom powder you can crush the cardamom like this Add boiled milk Mix well Add more milk if required Add fried cashew nuts and almonds Cook until dry (means the whole milk will evaporates) and remember that cook only on low flame after getting the good consistency like this Take out and serve hot garnish with kaju (Almonds) and almonds you can store in fridge and it is good for 3 to 4 days

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  2. Mam one suggestion give ingredients list and their quantity in description box it may help more and more .so dat we can take screen shot and use it whenever we want to do dat recipe

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