Brawn & Bread | Beam Camp builds human-powered bakery

Let’s head now into the culinary hotbed
that is the woods of Strafford, New Hampshire. That’s where a summer camp for
kids has spent the past two weeks building an outdoor bread oven. For this week’s Foodstuffs, NHPR’s Todd Bookman was there when the first loaves
came out… When I was talking about this project in
the beginning of camp I was imagining that a kid could go home and come up with a
project if they wanted to, like I wanna make a bench in the garden, or I
wanna make an oven, or I wanna start making bread and keeping a sourdough started and that’s really exciting and I feel like a lot of these kids might not do that but they could and some of them are
I think definitely will which is very cool. I’ve never worked with a more
competent group of people where you show them how
to do something one time and then they know how to do it and they
know how to teach it. It’s just really nice to work
with people. To make things.

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