Blyss Cookie’s Review on the WorkBox 3.0

hi my name is Jeanette I’m from blyss
cookies I’ve been decorating cookies for about nine years blyss cookies
specializes in sugar cookies decorated with royal icing and we do them for all
sorts of different occasions before I had my work box I had all of my cookie
decorating supplies and different Tupperware’s and rubber maids and when
it was time to work on cookies it really cluttered my work area and it was hard
to stay organized and remember all the different supplies that I had on hand so
this is the work box 3.0 from the original scrap box and I just wanted you
guys to see how easy it is to keep yourself organized and when I work on
cookies in this workspace just everything’s within reach its keeps my
work spot nice and clean I love the work box its helped me organize myself and
it makes working on cookies a lot of fun

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