Black Forest Pastry by Nevee’s Kitchen

Hello, welcome to Nevee’s Kitchen Today we are going to make delicious and spongy black forest pastry Take 1 teaspoon black food colour Add hot water to it Take half cup melted butter 1/2 cup sugar 2 teaspoon vanilla essence Take 1 microwave safe plastic tin Put butter paper on bottom Take 1 cup water in a container Add 3 tablespoon sugar to it Boil it for 2 minutes We will need sugar syrup while icing Turn the gas off after 2 minutes Take 1/4 cup maida 1/4 cup coco powder 1 teaspoon baking powder Take hot water Add 4 eggs to a bowl Put the bowl in hot water whip it for 2 minutes Add sugar slowly while whipping Don’t stop the blender once you start whipping I am stopping just to show the consistency of mixture Right niw the mixture is thin We need thick mixture It should look like this after 7-8 minutes Make sure that the bowl and mixer does not have even a single drop of water on it If it comes in contact with water, mixture will not be spongy Add 2 teaspoon vanilla essence and mixture of maida and coco powder Add maida slowly to it Try to use wooden spatula while mixing Add melted butter Add it slowly Take salted butter for better taste The foam will start going away when you add other ingredients Mix everything thoroughly Now I am going to add black food colour to it Adding colour is optional Put the mixture in greased tin Put thin tin in microwave Bake it for 4 minutes Take it out after 10 minutes Take it on a strainer To let the steam out Wait till it i completely cold Take 1 cup sweet cream It is thin right now, we have to make it thick Whip it Whip it for 6-7 minutes It already has sugar so don’t add more The sugar syrup we made earlier is now cold If you want, add rum to it if you want authentic black forest pastry People also use rum essence But that does not taste good Add rum as per your taste Take cooking chocolate for icing Grate it and keep it in refrigerator Slice the cake in half Put the sugar syrup on cake Spray it with bottle or sprinkle with hands Put half syrup on each slice Make sure it reaches everywhere Take whipped cream Put chocolate on cream cherry Put second slice on it Put remaining syrup on the next half of cake You have to make the cream plain and consistent I am doing this design, but you can make your own Put chocolate on it Clean the plate with tissue or napkin Black forest pastry is ready Cover it and put it in refrigerator Refrigerate it for 24 hours and let it marinate Do try it at home

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