BISCOTTI AL CIOCCOLATO recipe brownies cookies by ItalianCakes

Hello to all. Today we propose you some
brownies biscuits enriched with coffee and dried fruit While the music starts
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flour and half a teaspoon of baking powder then blend in a 350 bain-marie
grams of dark chocolate and 125 g of butter coarsely chop 150 g of walnuts e
150 grams of hazelnuts we whisk three eggs at maximum speed with 200 grams of granulated sugar add a quarter teaspoon of salt we whine up to
obtain a light yellow foamy mixture add a tablespoon of instant coffee a teaspoon of aroma of
vanilla and whisk again pour the melted chocolate and mix add the flour with the baking powder add the dried fruit and 180 grams
of dark chocolate drops we transfer nuts with a teaspoon
of dough on a baking sheet buttered and coated with baking paper with this recipe we can get
about 60 cookies Bake in a preheated static oven at 170 degrees
Celsius until cracks form
on the surface of the biscuits if you liked the recipe, we ask you to
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  1. Buon pomeriggio carissimi sono stata assente per un po’ una bellissima è semplice ricetta 😋👍 bravi come sempre 👏👏👏 un saluto 😀👋

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