Birthday Cake Surprise Heroes and Villains – Toys from Paw Patrol, McDonalds

Hi PJ Masks Fans! I made a special cake with Catboy, Owlette,
and Gekko! Are your ready to have a PJ Masks party? Let’s go! We have so many fun surprises at our PJ Masks
party. We have balloons, a PJ Masks Party Hat, a
surprise gift, and a PJ Masks play-doh cake with 3 layers! Let’s take a look at this PJ Masks party
hat. Oh wow! We found a surprise toy underneath the hat. It’s a My Little Pony Fash’em toy, awesome! Let’s see which My Little Pony we have. It’s Sugar Grape. Sugar Grape has such pretty purple hair. OK, now let’s squish this fash’em! Hmm, I wonder what’s in this surprise gift. Let’s look at the cake first and then open
the gift at the end. Our PJ Masks play-doh cake has 3 layers – we
have a catboy layer on top, an owlette layer in the middle and a gekko layer on the bottom. Let’s take off the Catboy cake. Nice! There are 2 surprise toys underneath! This first toy is a Bobblehead toy from The
Littlest Pet Shop. Here is the flyer with all the figures you
can collect. And here is Owen Otterson. Let’s put this purple butterfly on Owen’s
head…..and make her head bobble. Next we have a blind bag from Toy Story. Toy Story is one of my favorite movies. Here is the Toy Stoy flyer. Cool, we have Hamm the pig! Hamm is a pink piggy bank that comes to life
in Toy Story….I wonder if he is related to Peppa Pig HAHAHAH
OK, let’s move on to the Red Owlette Cake. We have Gekko hanging out on the cake…Hi
Gekko! Now let’s take off this cake and see what
surprises we find. Cool, it’s a Sofia the First toy set! Here is Sofia dressing like a beautiful mermaid! She’s wearing purple and a gold tiara. And it also comes with this little pink mirror. And here is Sven. Sven is a pink seahorse. Look how adorable he is! Ok our last layer is the green Gekko cake. I see Owlette and Catboy on each side of the
cake! Let’s take it off and see what surprises
are underneath! Nice! It’s a Rocky Action Pack pup and badge toy
set from Paw Patrol! Here is the green Paw Patrol badge with a
recycling mark. And here is Rocky in Green…just like Gekko! Rocky is carrying his tool box…and when
you push this button on his collar, his tools pop out! Cool! The next surprise is a toy from Blaze and
the Monster machines. Nice, it’s Stripes! Stripes is a yellow tiger truck who loves
to jump and climb. Look at how big his wheels are! Wow, Stripes drives so fast! OK, now that the cake is gone, we have 1 more
surprise gift! This gift has a big green bow and PJ Masks
wrapping paper. Let’s unwrap it and see what’s inside! Awesome, it’s a toy from the Lion Guard! This is Kion’s Toppling Rock Wall. This is Kion, the leader of the Lion Guard. And here is a rock wall that you put together
like a puzzle. Let’s put it together. Here comes Kion to drink some water….Woops
ahahah Kion broke the wall! I had so much fun at our PJ Masks party! If you liked the PJ Masks cake, give me a
thumbs up and leave me a comment if you want a PJ Masks cake at your birthday party! This is Ellie Sparkles, thanks for watching! Bye. Hi PJ Masks fans! Today, I made a PJ Masks Night Villain play-doh
surprise cake! We have the evil night villain Romeo on top! Ninght Ninja in the middle! And Luna Girl on the bottom! We also have a Ninjalino surprise gift….
and a PJ Masks party hat! I can’t wait to find which surprises the
night villains left for us! Are you ready to start our PJ Masks Night
villain party? Let’s Go! First, let’s see what surprise is under
this PJ Masks party hat! Nice! It’s a surprise chocolate egg! Let’s open it up! Here is the flyer, and we have a rhino in
a Karate outfit! Hahaa that’s so funny! Now let’s move on to our 3 layer villain
cake! I see Romeo, Night Ninja and Luna Girl hanging
out of the cake! Let’s take off the Romeo layer! Look at Romeo’s crazy black and white hair…he
is so silly! Cool! We have a surprise egg from the Avengers! And inside we have Captain America! I wonder if Captain America is joining the
PJ Masks to save the day! And we also have a blind bag from My Little
Pony! Here is the collector’s guide, and we have
Apple Cinnamon! Apple Cinnamon’s hair color is green, just
like a green apple. And next let’s take off this blue Night
Ninja cake! I hope the Ninjalinos don’t get upset. Awesome! It’s a 3-pack Tsum Tsum toy from Disney! And here is the collectors guide. There are so many to collect! And the first character we have here is Buzz
Lightyear from Toy Story! Buzz is an astronaut in Toy Story…his face
looks so funny here! And we also have Dumbo in size medium! Dumbo is a flying elephant who has a long
nose….and he’s wearing a small yellow hat! And here is Hiro from the movie Baymax! Look how tiny he is! Hiro’s purple uniform looks so cool! Now Let’s stack up all 3 of the Tsum Tsums! Aweseome! Oh nice! It’s a Peppa Pig Plush toy! Peppa is wearing a red dress and carrying
a doll! She looks so happy! “Bye friends! I’m going to play with my friends Suzie
Sheep and Candy Cat! “
And the last layer is the pink Luna Girl cake. I hope there are no moths
under this Luna Girl cake. Wow, we found an awesome Teenage Mutant Ninja
Turtles toy. This is Leo with a set of Glider wings. Here is Leo the Ninja Turtle. He is a hero who wears a blue mask just like
Catboy. And he has a green shell on his back just
like a real turtle. Here are a pair of wings…let’s put them
on Leo. When you push this button, the wings move. Let’s watch Leo fly…awesome!! We know Luna Girl can fly…do you know which
PJ Masks hero can fly? That’s right…Owlette can fly by using
her super owl wings! Nice, we found a can of silly string. Silly string is fun to use at parties…like
this! Now that the cake is gone, we have one more
gift to open. Do you like this Ninjalino wrapping paper? Let’s rip it open! HAHAH it’s an Ugglys Pet Shop toy…that’s
a great gift for a Night Villain party. Here is the flyer. And here is our Ugglys Pet named Blubbering
Bulldog…he looks so silly. This is a dog house where we can keep our
Ugglys Pet. Let’s put Blubbering Bulldog inside the doghouse. Hahah, he is making funny noises. So that’s the end of our Night Villain Party. Give me a big thumbs up if you had fun with
Romeo, Luna Girl, Night Ninja and the Ninjalinos. Let me know in the comments which cake you
like better: the Night Villain cake or the Catoy, Owlette and Gekko Cake. Thanks for watching. This is Ellie Sparkles, bye!

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