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– Hey guys, a couple of weeks ago, I asked you on Facebook, What would you rather see? A recipe for a classic pumpkin pie, or a recipe for some
pumpkin spice cupcakes with cream cheese frosting? And the cupcakes won by a mile. And I have to say, I was secretly
rooting for the cupcakes, because I think that they’re
a really easy way to go if you want a pumpkin
dessert for Thanksgiving, but you don’t want to mess around with making a pie crust. So let me show you how easy they are. So in a large mixing
bowl, we’re going to add two eggs, three-quarters cup of sugar, half a cup of pure pumpkin puree, make sure you get the pure pumpkin, you don’t want to use
the pumpkin pie filling, that’s something else, a third of a cup of canola
oil or vegetable oil, four tablespoons of melted butter, and a half a cup of water. Go ahead and just whisk that all up until everything is combined. And then you can set that aside while we prepare our dry ingredients. So in a smaller bowl, we’re going to add one and one-thirds cup
of all-purpose flour, two teaspoons of baking powder, a quarter teaspoon of baking soda, half a teaspoon of salt, and a tablespoon of pumpkin pie spice. If you live in a place where
you can’t get pumpkin pie spice, in the description, I’ve
given you an alternative for how you can make it yourself. Then we’re just gonna whisk that all up until everything is combined and then just slowly, in thirds, we’re going to add our dry ingredients to our wet ingredients, whisking all the while being sure that we’re not over-whisking ’cause we don’t want a tough cupcake. Now because it’s Thanksgiving
and it is a fancy occasion, I’ve chosen to use these
gold cupcake liners. If you want to know where to get them, I’ll put a link in the description. I think they just help elevate
the whole cupcake thing. Then using an ice cream scoop, we’re gonna fill each well about three-quarters of the way full. And then we are going to pop
them in a 400 degree oven for just about 19 to 20 minutes,
and then you can go ahead and let them cool
completely on your cook-top. You do want to make
sure that those cupcakes are completely cool, because
if you try to put the frosting on while they’re still warm, the frosting will just melt right off and you’ll have a big mess on your hands. So do be patient. Now to prepare our frosting, which is pretty simple to do. We’re going to take eight
ounces of softened cream cheese, half a cup of powdered sugar, or icing sugar as you may know it. Go ahead and just beat that up
until it’s nice and combined, and then we are going to add
half a cup of heavy cream, or whipping cream, you may know it. And then whip that up until
it’s nice and combined. And then we’re also gonna add
a teaspoon of vanilla extract. And then you can beat that up. And that’s it, your frosting is done. So now, we are going to
spoon this frosting out, and put it into a pastry
bag, fit it with a star tip, and then once those cupcakes
are completely cooled, we are going to pipe a little
mound of frosting on each one. And this is why I love the star tip, because it’s really easy to pipe, especially for a beginner. And they just look so beautiful
when they’re all done. And then two finishing touches, we’re going to add a
little sprinkle of nutmeg. I love nutmeg and pumpkin together. It’s such a classic taste. And it also just looks so
pretty on these cupcakes. And then if you’re a nut person, and I really am, especially
around Thanksgiving, we can also add one whole
pecan to each cupcake. It just finishes it off an
makes it look extra special. Then you can go ahead and display your beautiful cupcakes on a cake stand, bring them to the table,
and watch everybody dig in. I love to serve a cupcake,
especially for Thanksgiving, because they’re so elegant and beautiful. There’s no pies to cut
and pass around the table. Everybody can just help themselves. I hope you guys give this one a try, and let me know what you think. And I will see you back here tomorrow when I’m going to be
posting another edition of my Holiday Helper Series. And tomorrow we are going to tackle the top five things we need to be doing a week and a half before Thanksgiving. Alright you guys, I’ll see you back then. Bye. ♫ You’re A-Okay ♫ You’re sweet honey ♫ You’re fine so fine ♫ You’re mine, you’re all mine ♫ Tick-tock, tick-tock ♫ I said hot so hot, hot, hot ♫ Don’t watch, don’t watch, ♫ Don’t watch the clock ♫ You’re running out of time ♫ You’re fine so fine ♫ You’re mine, you’re all mine ♫

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  1. Love u Beth! Wish I could be at your house during Thanksgiving! Your food looks soo good! Your family is very lucky to have you.

  2. Hi, Beth. You are one talented woman with your strength and determination when you bake wonderful desserts, and your source of inspiration with your goals to be a great baker. I can't believe Thanksgiving and Christmas are almost here. I love how you manage to make challenging obstacles look easy. See ya next week, Beth. 🙂

  3. Wow I'm so early! Love these!! Christmas is coming soon! It would be great if you could do a breakfast, lunch and dinner recipe for Christmas Day!

  4. I love the way you film your videos. So professional. Like a tv show! Thanksgiving has long passed for me:) haha I'm canadian

  5. Hope your husband's family and your friends in France are all safe, Beth. Best wishes! And these look delicious btw 🙂

  6. For me, I like cream cheese frosting with two ingredients: cream cheese and icing sugar. Just add icing sugar to taste and whip until fluffy! Simple, tasty, and minimal ingredients.

  7. this might be the stupidest question but doea anyone know if we just get 4 tbsp of butter that we melt of do u melt butter and then just use 4 tablespoons of that?

  8. Too bad I don't use facebook because I would have loved to vote for the classic pumpkin pie made with a roasted pumpkin. I have made a pie for the past 4 years for thanksgiving and every year I fail. I would have loved to get your advice

  9. Hi Beth, Can we make these cupcakes without pumpkin? What another thing can you suggest? Have yoh ever tried out this with something else, i mean, without pumpkin 🙂

  10. Beth, you are brilliant! You're recipes are truly magnificent and very inexpensive for a college student like myself. Thank you for sharing all you're wonderful recipes. I've been making a few of them lately! 🙂 by the way, what is the name of the song on this video?

    Thank you again, Beth! I'll definitely share on my page!

    Krystena Marie

  11. could you sub the pumpkin for sweet potato? my family isnt fond of pumpkin lol but they looove anything sweet potato

  12. Oh my these look so flipping adorable!! Have you ever tried to add shredded coconut to anything made with pumpkin, Beth? It' really something else 😉

  13. Wow beth!These look delicious ! Definitely going to make these with my mother on thanksgiving . She is going to love them just as much as me! Also I love your fall recipes! Xoxo

  14. I love your videos and I'm only 14, I've been a long time subscriber. I can't believe that you only have 241,908 subscribers! You should have millions. Do you think you can do a video on Gingerbread cookies or any Christmas cookie? I know that it's not even thanksgiving yet but could you make one in the near future? Thanks ❤️Jen

  15. Heyy Beth have you ever considered having your two daughters in one of your videos!! Just a suggestion. Keep up the good work! 😀

  16. Beth, all the fall flavours in a bite!!! I love these cupcakes. They are so elegants as well, perfect for Thanksgiving Tables. Everthing with pumpkin is better, in my opinion.

    My thoughts are in Paris……


  17. It's interesting how you make your videos. Showing footage of you cooking inbetween talking to the camera explaining the process. It sets you apart from other YouTube cooking channels.

  18. Beth!! Im a huge fan 😄 Im an 15 year old guy who loves to cook and bake 🍰 but I have a question for you, on thanksgiving if I'd like to turn this into a cake, is it possible 😁?

  19. Looks delicious.  Thanks for everything.  By the way, are you guys ok?  Was your husband's family affected by Friday's attack?  Hope you're doing well.

  20. Beth, any recommendations for desert/pastry type recipes that we can travel with for the thanksgiving holiday? Thanksgiving is being hosted on the east coast this year and I am flying out from the Midwest. I would hate to go empty handed and really want to bring something along that would make it through the plane ride (I would keep it in flight with me), fit in small enough of a container if needed to go in hotel refrigerator yet, looks cute and is easy to do with all the chaos prior to thanksgiving. I was thinking macarons but I'm not sure how well they will travel let alone then having a high risk of failure rate. A video on this or suggestions would be absolutely wonderful! I would be so grateful as as would be anyone else traveling (near or far) this holiday season and would like to take something no fuss along! Thank you Beth!

  21. HELP!! Please, I've just made these for thanksgiving tomorrow and my frosting is too runny, I'm not sure what went wrong but I don't know how to fit it! Should I whip in unsalted butter? I'm out of cream cheese, do I add powdered sugar?

  22. Hi Beth, I made these for Thanksgiving and they turned out beautiful and delicious. I even bought the gold cups and put a candied pecan on each one. However, my frosting was way too loose and would not hold its shape. I ended up adding about a cup more powdered sugar before it was stiff enough to pipe. I reread the instructions and followed them, so I'm not sure why my frosting was so runny. But they were delicious and I love that the recipe only makes a dozen–it was the perfect amount to take to our dinner!

  23. Hi Beth, what can i substitute for sugar and all purpose flour? I'm trying to avoid sugar and make healthier desserts. Can I use maple syrup? Thanks!

  24. Just made these and they're too die for! The only thing i Changed was the icing recipe. I used my old faithful Caramel Cream Cheese Frosting and it drove my family crazy! Love your Videos!

  25. Stupid question, could you just double this recipe for a larger amount, or would some ingredients sizes need to be changed all together?

  26. Yum! This thanksgiving I am making pumpkin pie and a chocolate strawberry cake! But I hope to make these just as a special treat! That is, if you I can use gf flour?? Thanks:)

  27. Hi beth! Im 13 and love your channel. As always it is my job to bake for the family and I was wondering if you made the pumpkin puree. Please let me know!

  28. Made this for Thanksgiving about half a day in advance; and they turned out AWESOME. The perfect amount of moisture in a cupcake. Although I had them in the oven about 25-30 min instead of the 19-20. Great recipe!!!!

  29. you are amazing! i highly respect you 🙂 love and admire your teaching method 🙂 please please make red velvet cupcakes with classic cream cheese frosting teaching all the tricks and techniques. thank you. 🙂 also a red velvet cake with light and fluffy butter roux (aka ermine) frosting. thank you again 🙂
    regards 🙂

  30. Hi Beth. I would need a little  help… the doses of the pumpkin pie spice recipe. I'm interested in gr or ml … Thanks! XOXO from Italy.

  31. I made them today and they turned out delicious!!! Of course I messed up the frosting (turned out too runny) but next time I will try my best to make it perfect 🙂

  32. I made these, very delicious! My husband and I would cut off the bottom and make a sandwich of it, easier to eat, without frosting on your nose, lol:)

  33. Hi Beth, is this recipe adaptable to a cake? Just wondering if you’ve done it before. Thank you for all you do! Love your work!

  34. Omg!!! Just made these cupcakes, so incredibly moist, love them!!! I just added a bit less pumpkin spice and did my regular cream cheese frosting as I did nor heavy cream!!! Thanks a lot for the recipe!!!

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