Best Pandan Chiffon Cake in Singapore | Taste Testers | EP 45

You bake meh? My ex’s mum. PD: Hi guys! Hi! Huh, chicken rice cake? Kueh lapis, the nine-layered one. The rainbow one.
The colourful one. I’m thinking of all the malay kueh you know. I know a lot of tourists when they come to Singapore, they usually buy Bengawan Solo’s pandan chiffon cake home. Whoa! You’re right! Yes! Who would’ve thought. My ideal one must be super fragrant. It’s like you walk into the room right, then you know that they just baked it that kind. And it must be just spongy enough, then when you bite it right, then it just like – *save heytheredreamer 2k18* you can just swallow. For me I feel like I must taste a bit of coconut milk. Coconut milk then it tastes more gao (thick) you know. Actually chiffon cake is very hard to get it right. Because right it needs to be fluffy, but still moist enough. How to check if your cake is moist? Press it; if it’s moist, it’s moist. Actually right, I’m not a huge fan of pandan cake. If I see pandan cake I will be like, “cool”. But on that note, I do like dense pandan cake. Bengawan Solo. That’s the only one. Prima Deli. Pine Garden. Oh ya, Pine Garden, Swee Heng. S: Actually I only know Bengawan Solo.
C: What else ah? It’s the most common one. Oh, and my ex’s mum. Ooh, this looks like green tea. But at first glance right, it looks denser than the usual pandan cake. Like there’s not as many air pockets I would say but, once you start to peel it open you can – It’s not that tough, it just looks a little bit harder. Eh I like this, the moistness is there. Oh this is good, you can feel the oil. It’s quite soft, I like this spongy-ness. The first thing I taste is the coconut milk. Mmm, this is a good cake. It’s so good! The pandan is really strong as well. Maybe this is Pure Pandan. I think in terms of smell, it smells like eggs. PD: Will you eat this again? Yes, but I won’t dip it in Milo like I usually do. Eww. That sounds like fish food eh. You don’t dip your pandan cake in something? How can!? Eh this is Singapore’s national cake eh! You don’t dip it in Milo then what do you do? But for this one right, the entire crust and the cake is just the same texture. Ya, it’s just soft. It’s like in between a cake and a kueh. Ya! C: It’s so –
R: It tastes like kueh salat. It’s a bit bouncy as well. You know I said that I wasn’t really a big fan of pandan cakes? Uhuh. This is good man. Ya this is nice eh. Eee. This is a little bit like the previous one, just that they turn down the saturation. It looks like a T-rex. T-rex? Eh, ya with the nose. The head look like a T-rex eh. Zoom in, zoom in. Texture-wise at first glance, it actually looks like the previous one that we had. Because it is also quite dense, but when you start to pull it apart it’s okay. But, if you look at the very bottom here, that’s not the case eh. I can separate it into two different layers for you. This one is the fluffy one, and this one right the layer is so hard eh. This looks like bread. It doesn’t form a proper ball. It insists on coming back to its original shape. It’s like “don’t conform me!”. It just sort of comes back into – – into the original shape. I feel like I can smell more pandan in this one. Huh, I think it tastes like matcha eh. It’s a bit dry in a sense that, there’s that tea dryness. There’s a lot more eggy-ness. Right? Instead of that pandan flavour, you get that eggy-ness. You know the say when you breathe through your mouth, you can get more (flavour). No, no pandan taste. I think I prefer this one eh. Ooh! This looks more commercialised eh. Like they use those artificial food colouring. Ya! This green is not natural! It’s like an unnatural green. This one is very spongy. Not a lot of moisture.
Ya. Not as much as the first one but, definitely more than the second one. Ya, sort of like in between. No honestly this cake I feel like it might be, either Swee Heng or Prima Deli. Just because it’s like those (cakes from) big chains that kind. This is dry. Oh my – no flavour. There’s is zero pandan flavour in this one. I feel like they’re just using this to contain air. Is this an air container? There’s zero coconut milk taste. There’s just sugar, and egg. Ya.
Jinx, you owe me a coke. Okay this one is very, it’s like a spongy sponge cake. Dry, it’s dry. The first one there was really, you could see that it was very packed together. This one is a little bit too loose la. Too loose. Woah! Oh my god, it looks massive eh. Like as huge as my fist. This is so big! This is Bengawan Solo. Hey buddy. This cake is, tall, it’s here, it’s loud and proud. It’s like “look at me, eat me”. Ra sometimes you say things that I don’t understand. Oh, it’s so soft. Mmm. Oh my god, I feel like I’m eating clouds. Ya. Can definitely taste like fresh pandan. Thisi s what pandan cake should be. Super fluffy, super thick, super green? Super – What else ah? Also it has a bit of that crust on the outside. So it looks very nice also like appearance-wise. The fluffiness is consistent unlike the second one like a distinct layer. This one is like airy throughout. And I feel like I’m eating clouds eh. I know what this is, it’s Bengawan. Oh, it’s so small and cute. Like the crust is not the, bu ke yi (cannot) peel off one. It is just part of the cake. It’s not very fluffy. Looks very home-made. The colouring is a bit more towards the natural kind. It smells like gula melaka.
Ooh. I’m getting the love letters smell. Oh, yeah! Oh this one is moist, you can eat. But not super moist though, not very impressed. Okay I think the pandan taste is missing again. But, there’s this weird sour aftertaste. You ignore the fact that, this is a pandan cake right? This tastes pretty good. No, the pandan isn’t very strong. I’m not getting a lot of pandan here. Ahh! What the hell, you told me that you only ate one of them before eh. Oh my gosh. I anyhow guess one eh to be honest. Eatbook writer. Whatever la. PD: Ra has one (answer) correct. PD: Chuan has two (answer) correct. Yes!
Oh!! So it’s one of these. Damn, Bengawan Solo. You guys stepped up. I would have expected that cake to be like, “Wah I need to go out of my way to get it”. Ya. Bengawan Solo. Just, it was so surprising. You kind of think that Bengawan Solo would be like, neighbourhood right. But it’s not eh, it tastes really premium. I would eat the cake if you guys sent one to me. Prima Deli. As in like, I had very high hopes for Pine Garden. Because I keep on hearing the name Pine Garden you know? I thought Prima Deli was only good for their waffles. So I guess it’s waffles and pandan chiffon cake. You were really confident that the fourth cake was from, Bengawan Solo. So, I was surprised. If you want something that is like moist and easy to eat, maybe you can get the Bengawan Solo? If you want something that has an airy and fluffy texture, then get the Prima Deli. Thank you for watching this episode of Taste Testers. For more you can watch other videos here. And as always remember to like, share, and subscribe. Bye!

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