Becky & Cookie Have A Slumber Party | Season 6 Ep. 1 | EMPIRE

– Why do we need to OK, I need some advice. OK. OK, so Giselle and
I have a really big meeting tomorrow, like big– big as in huge. I’d tell you who it is,
but I can’t, so I won’t. But I really, really need
to nail the pitch, OK? We really got to land her. Oh, so it’s a her? Of course it’s a her. Our label is about women, for
women, by women, featuring women– women, women, women. Oh, honey, that’s a
lot of weave and tampons. – Half the budget.
– Yeah. [laughs] Well, y’all go right on
ahead with your vijayjay power. Ugh. The only thing is Giselle
will not sign anyone before we get our marquee artist, so. I mean, doesn’t
Giselle understand that it is your job to
go out, find the artist, and turn them into stars? I mean, that’s what
good labels do. Look at you. You miss it? What? This– Empire, the music. This used to be in your blood. I need something
new, something fresh.

30 thoughts on “Becky & Cookie Have A Slumber Party | Season 6 Ep. 1 | EMPIRE

  1. Im just still tryna figure out why empire get a full season and star dont or put star in empire in one on the empire series meaning combine the 2 shows

  2. I really love cookie !! Why are you ending it 😭🤧 but shout out to the people who worked on this show to make it happen

  3. I wish that smolet did not do what he did . its going to be weird to not see jamal because jamal and cookie have this amzaing relationship that i love and what i think most people love too

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