Hey guys, it’s Ro! Welcome to another Nerdy
Nummies! I got so many requests from you guys to make
something BB-8 themed. And, I love the new Star Wars Movie, I’ve
already seen it twice now. And my old favorite character used to be R2-D2, but
my new favorite character is the Droid BB-8. I just love droids, I like
Robots. I think it’s because my nickname is Robot,
hmm-hmm-hmm! Alright, so today we’re gonna be making
BB-8 Cake Pops, let’s get started! Are you ready? BB-8: Bee-boo-boo. Yes! Alright, he loves it! We are going to be making fresh orange pound
cake, the pound cake recipe is from my cookbook, but we are going to infuse
it with fresh oranges, yum-yum-yum-yum-yum! The things you will need, will be: 3-1/2 cups of flour, 4 large eggs, 2 teaspoons
of orange extract, 1-3/4 teaspoons of baking powder, 1/4 teaspoon
of salt, 1-1/4 cups of butter, 2 cups of sugar, 3/4 cup of whole milk, 2
oranges. And then to decorate, we’re gonna be using these little licorice
candies, some white candy melts, and then food coloring, black and orange,
and some lollipop sticks. Now let’s put it all together! The first thing that we’re gonna do, in
a medium sized bowl, we are gonna whisk together our flour, baking powder and salt. Now in a big mixing bowl, we are gonna mix
together our butter until it’s light and fluffy, then cream together
our butter and sugar, and then add our eggs one at a time, mixing
in-between. And, you guys, I got a new hand mixer! It
was a holiday gift, it’s Watermelon color! I have wanted this
color for a really long time but it was sold out everywhere… But now I have
it! Some people want red light sabers, I wanted
a Watermelon colored hand mixer. See you can just use the force to do it. I’m pretty go…. Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! I haven’t had enough
training! I just set the butter mixture off to the side
and now we are gonna zest and juice our oranges. We are first gonna zest,
because that will make it a little bit easier. So here I’ve got the
oranges and here I’ve got a zester, the zester that I love and that I
use all the time is by Microplane, so if you guys are looking for
a really good zester, I love this one! We’re gonna need 2 tablespoons of orange
zest and I’ve noticed with this size orange, 1 orange equals 1 tablespoon,
so you’re gonna need to zest both of our oranges. Now that our oranges are zested, we are gonna
juice them! I’ve got a cutting board here and a sharp
cutting knife and I’m just going to cut it in half, ooooh! I’m going to be
using a hand juicer, you can also use an electric one, but I like the hand one! Put your orange 1/2 on top and you’re just
gonna put pressure down and go back and forth, we only need 1/4 cup, which
is a little bit more than 1 orange. We’re done zesting and juicing the oranges,
and now here is the yummy orange juice that I squeezed, this is so good! I
wish I could have a fresh cup of hand squeezed orange juice every morning. And we’re just gonna measure out 1/4 cup
and we’re just going to add it to our milk. And this is a little bit extra, so a little
bit for me! Mmmmmm! Yes! Now we’re gonna mix in our orange zest and
our orange extract into our butter mixture, and we’re gonna mix together
until it’s well combined. And this smells so good! Fresh orange pound
cake… Nom-yom-yom-yom-yom-yom-yom! Now that that’s all mixed up, we are gonna
alternate adding our dry ingredients and our wet. So you’re gonna start with
dry, I like to add about 1/2. Doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo! And then we’re
gonna mix it up. Then we’re gonna add 1/2 of our wet mixture,
then we’re gonna mix it up again. Then a little dry, then mix, then a little
wet, and mix. And the last of the dry! Our batter is completely mixed up and ready
to bake, you can see the little pieces of orange zest in there, it smells
amazing. And now, this part is totally optional, but
the last thing that I’m gonna do is add a few drops of orange food coloring,
to make my batter look really bright, I really wanted it to be a bright
orange cake. So I’m just gonna put a few squirts, boop-boop-a-doop! And mix it in! The batter’s all orange, and now we’re
gonna prep the pan. Spray a layer of baking spray into the pan,
bewp! Then you’re gonna take a piece of parchment
paper, I’ve cut this one to fit the bottom of the pan, so that the cake doesn’t
stick. And then we’re gonna spray 1 more layer
of baking spray. Hwah-ha! Now we’re gonna pour the batter into the
pan! Oh-ha-ha-ha-ha! Look at this, it’s a batter
waterfall! So I’m gonna take my spatula, to smooth out
the top! And then we are gonna pop this cake in the oven
at 325 and bake for about 45 minutes! Once your cake has baked and had plenty of
time to cool, now we’re going to crumb it into a medium bowl that I have over here. So what I’m gonna do is take
a sharp knife, and I just like to cut down the middle, pound cake’s really dense,
so just be careful, don’t get your fingers. I’m just gonna pick up 2 pieces, rub them
together, over the bowl. Crumb, crumb, crumb, crumb, crumb, crumb,
crumb, crumb, crumb, crumb, crumb! Once you’ve crumbed your entire cake, now
we are gonna add some frosting. Over here I’ve just got 1 little tub, 16
ounces of vanilla buttercream frosting from the store, just to make it easy! And now, just gonna take a spatula and you’re
just gonna scoop in the whole thing. BB-8: Oh-da-da-do! It’s OK! That’s OK, you’re OK! There you go! Over here I’ve got a cookie sheet lined
with a piece of wax paper, and I’ve got the tablespoon scoop, and you’re
gonna scoop a tablespoon of our cake pop mixture, and we’re gonna
roll it into a little ball and just place it on your baking sheet. Now that we’ve got our little cake balls
ready, we are gonna pop them in the refrigerator to chill for about 30
minutes, and while they’re chilling we’re gonna heat up some white candy melts! I just took the cake balls out of the fridge,
they’ve had plenty of time to chill, and I heated up our candy melts over
here in this little pot. If you don’t have one of these little pots,
that’s OK, you can just heat up your candy melts in the microwave
and stir in-between heatings. So now what we’re gonna do, is we’re gonna
take our little lollipop sticks, and we’re gonna attach our cake balls. What I like to do is I like to place a hole,
first, and then you’re gonna dip your lollipop, boop! And then, place it back
in. Then I’m gonna put it right here, back on
the baking sheet, and I’m gonna do this to the rest of our cake pops. Now we’ve got all of our little cake pops
assembled! And now we are gonna give them one big dip,
here we go! Dip it until it touches the lollipop stick
then pull it straight up, and lightly jiggle, doo-doo-doo-doo-doo! To get off the excess candy, and then I’m
gonna place it over here, to the side. I’m just putting it into a
piece of styrofoam, and now we’re gonna dip the rest of our
cake pops! To attach BB-8’s head you’re gonna attach
head you’re gonna take one of your licorice candies and a toothpick. You’re gonna dip the toothpick into some
melted candy melts, put a little dab on the back, and then you’re gonna place
it right on top of your cake pop. Ber-bew! Berwp-bewp-bewp! I feel like I was
a droid in my past life, because I make little noises just like R2-D2
and BB-8. Ree-ree-rewww! Ree-ree-rewww! Yeah, yeah, yeah! Can you feel this? BB-8: Bawwww! Boop! BB-8: Dee-da-daw-da-daw! Yes? OK, I’m sorry! Now it’s my favorite time, it is time to
decorate! Over here I just started icing the orange
details onto our little BB-8. In this little plastic baggie I have some
royal icing that I’ve dyed orange, and I’ve got a number 2 tip at the top! I’m gonna show you guys what I did, drawing
a perfect circle on a cake pop freehand is really tricky. I myself do not
like to do it, so, what I did is find anything in your kitchen that has a little
circle, this is a cap of the orange food coloring dye, and I’m
just going to press gently into the cake pop, and it leaves a little
imprint. Boom! Just like that, it’s very delicate
and it just gives you a little guideline. And then you’re gonna ice around the circles. Once you have all your circles we’re gonna
make 4 notches inside the circle. In this little baggie I’ve got some gray
royal icing, with a number 1 tip. And we’re just gonna pipe all of the
gray details on our little BB-8 Pop! After you’ve iced on a bunch of the gray
details, the last icing that we’re gonna use is a black royal icing,
I’m gonna be using this to ice his little eyeball, his little lens. And then,
I might add a little bit more decoration depending on how much space it
takes up. Da-da! Here are the BB-8 Cake pops that we made today! They’re so cute! A big thank you to you
guys for suggesting these! I’ll be posting lots of pictures on Facebook,
Tumblr, Instagram and Twitter, and if you guys make these, please take a
picture and send it to me! I just love seeing your baking creations,
I get a big kick out of it! It makes my day! And, if you’ve seen the new Star Wars movie,
let me know in the comments down below who your favorite character was, I think
you know who mine was! It was little BB-8! And, if you have any ideas for any other Nerdy
Nummies, please let me know, leave me a comment down below and I will do
my best to make it happen! Alright, thanks again you guys, bye-bye! Ooooh, look who it is, it’s little Cookie
the Wookiee! Rrrrrrrrr! Rrrrrrrrr!


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