Baking with Jessica and Stevie Boebi // Low FODMAP Christmas Cookies [CC]

[Cheery festive music] Today we’re going to be baking Christmas cookies – low FODMAP-style with Stevie! [Cheering and applause]
S: Oh, hi! J: If you don’t know, Claudia and I adopted Stevie this summer because if you can’t have a baby, why not have a truculent twenty-something American who’s obsessed with purple and sleeps ’til midday? S: How long have you been preparing that? How dare you? J: Stevie has recently been diagnosed with some connective tissue issues and as part of that she’s maybe gonna start looking at the FODMAP Diet, which is very good for those of us who don’t have great bellies S: I love bread! J: OK, good luck with that. S: I bought gluten-free bagels and they were the most disgusting thing I’ve ever tried J: I will admit that gluten-free bagels aren’t a good idea. J: Well, we’re gonna bake cookies! J: Using…almond flour. S: Yaaay.
J: Now, some people do have issues with different nut flours, J: but this is the one that works for me, so hopefully it will work for you. J: We’re also going to be using…coconut
flour! S: Why both?
J: A nice mixture. J: Because coconut flour – boy, it just sucks everything up J: You then need to balance it out J: with a less absorbent flour.
S: Oooh, keep it moist. S: So you’re literally doing science. J: That is what baking is.
S: I know, that’s why it’s terrifying, S: because there’s so much math!
J: Cooking is an art; baking is science! S: I can’t bake. I’m so happy you’re here to teach me. J: Do you have anything that weighs? J: Because I looked around your kitchen…
S: Here’s the thing. J: I couldn’t find anything.
S: So, American and English weighing systems are very different. S: So I have like cups; quarter cup. S: You guys do grams, right?
J: Yes! J: Obvious way, because…
S: I know, your little scales are so cute! J: …it makes sense. J: OK! J: We’re gonna start with…!
S: Oh, my God, you have to, like, do…conversions. J: Yes, I do. S: Phew!
J: This is gonna be great. S: I’m so happy you’re doing it. J: We’re gonna start with a dairy-free spread or butter. J: It’s like a coconut-ginger Christmas biscuit, so… S: OK, good.
J: It works very well. S: [Inaudible] J: 190 grams of this. J: OK, OK, it tells me on it that it’s ten ounces, which is 283 grams. J: So we can work out from that… and a little bit of guesstimation. S: I thought it was a science? J: Love is guesstimation. There we go. J: …In grams!
C: You could probably Google it. J: Shall we Google that? Let’s Google.
S: Yes. J: One cup is 340 grams. We’re gonna work it out from that. J: Right. Next thing. Sweetener. This one I brought with me from England because I wasn’t sure what you have here. J: When you’re on a FODMAP Diet, you can’t have the sweeteners that end in “–ol,” but this is sucralose, which they sell as Splenda here. S: So light and fluffy. J: This half cup is 170 grams. J: And we’re going to mix until light and fluffy! S: You want me to mix? S: I feel like the sugar would just float away if you blew on it. J: I mean, yeah, it…it will, so.
S: But like even slightly. J: Thank you very much, good job. J: Then we need to add in eggs and…Golden Syrup! S: Oh, maple syrup? J: …No.
S: Oh. J: Golden Syrup doesn’t work for me and Maple Syrup doesn’t work for me – all those kinds of things. J: Instead, we have organic maple-flavored syrup. S: OK.
J: Made with stevia! J: Four tablespoons.
S: Oh, great! I have the… S: Yeah, we still measure in tablespoons, but not…? That’s so weird. J: I don’t know why that would be different. S: I don’t know, I don’t understand why you have—weigh in grams. J: Really?
S: Yeah, I don’t get it. S: ‘Cause we don’t do weight at all. S: We just do volume. S: We only measure in weight when it’s like a giant amount, like, “I’m buying ten pounds of marijuana,” you know what I mean? J: You wanna add your eggs? S: Yeah.
J: Oh, tell me again about the disgusting thing you guys do to eggs. S: I haven’t fact-checked this. S: It’s because we remove the membrane on the top of it; the natural membrane when the hen lays the egg. S: Um, because we’re obsessed with, like, being sanitary. [Bewildered noise]
S: It gets rid of its shelf life, which is usually–Americans love shelf life! S: So, it’s kind of weird. S: So that’s why we refrigerate our eggs. S: The first time I went to England, I saw the eggs just chillin’, not in the fridge, and I was like [horrified gasp] “What’s happening?!” J: We were like, “we don’t bleach our eggs like weirdos.” S: I posted it online and people were like, “Don’t Google it.” [Cheery festive music] J: All right, break.
S: Smells great. J: Able-bodied person?! J: Whoa, you made it look so good. S: Oooo, that changed it. S: Science! J: So, almond flour! 150 grams! Oh, cheers. J: Here we go again. S: Did you know that the grams thing wasn’t a thing here before today? J: I mean, I did know that the grams thing wasn’t a thing. I somehow thought that you would have a measuring scale which would have both grams and pounds and ounces on because that’s what we have in England. S: If you have a scale in your house and they arrest you for something, then they give you another charge for drug dealing. [Record scratch] S: So when I saw scales in England, I was like, “Oh, my God, look at all these drug dealers.” J: The ONLY thing people in America use weights for is to measure drugs? S: I’m sure there’s other things; I can’t think of any. J: Baking! S: Nobody uses scales to bake, though. J: So, if I see a scale in an American household, J: I know they’re a drug dealer.
S: Yeah. J: Please confirm in the comments. S: I mean you could be like, “Explain yourself” and they’ll be like, “I don’t sell drugs.” J: So, half a cup is 170 grams. I need 150 grams, let’s go. [Cheery festive music] J: All right, now we have coconut flour! J: Yay! Coconut flour’s one of my favourite flours. S: Mm!
J: Although you have to use so much less of it than regular flour J: otherwise, phew! Everything’s gonna be very dry including your mouth. [Cheery festive music] J: We need to add the ground ginger, cinnamon, baking soda, cloves, salt, and guar gum. S: What’s guar gum? J: It basically helps in your gluten-free baking, because gluten is the kind of stretchy element that binds together flours. J: This just adds that… S: OK. S: Ooo, it smells like chocolate! [Cheery festive music] J: Your job is to line this baking tray with wax paper. S: OK! J: And I’m gonna mix together the wet and the dry ingredients. [Cheery festive music] J: This is like all of my exercise for the day.
S: Yeah, you’re getting it. C: Do you want help? C: Does it need more, like, mixing? J: Where are your teaspoons? S: Oh, like actual spoons that–for stirring tea? L.O.L. [Cackling] J: Sorry, do you not have teaspoons in your country? S: I mean, I have like smaller spoons if that’s OK.
C: Do you just call them small spoons? S: Yeah.
C: They’re called teaspoons. J: So, take a tablespoon amount, and then, using your teaspoon, scrape it down. J: Flatten it out slightly. S: Like that? J: Wow, those are misshapen. J: Yeah, like this. J: You don’t want any kind of like really thick bits and then really thin bits. S: SO good. J: Doesn’t it smell like Christmas?
S: Mmhm. [Cheery festive music] S: They look so pretty, look at them! [Cheery festive music] [Background] S: They’re so pretty! J: Christmas cookies! [Stevie chuckles] [Cheery festive music] J: Can you taste anything or just…?
S: Shut up! S: Stop! S: This is SO good. J: Good! S: How does this not have anything bad in it? J: I know! [Slaps thigh] [Cheery festive music] J: Gluten. And sugar.
S: I wasn’t–I was ready for this to taste bad. S: I’m not gonna lie, I’m so sorry. S: I love you, but I was like… “This is fake everything, what?” J: OK…
S: But it’s SO good! S: Oh, my God! S: There’s no sugar; no dairy…
J: Mmhm, mmhm. S: No gluten.
J: Mm-mm. S: What?
J: I know. S: I don’t think I’ve ever eaten something that’s sugar-free, gluten-free, dairy-free that’s, like, a thing you make. J: And actually tasty, too. S: Mm! [Whispering] What the hell? S: You should make a cookie cookbook. [Cheery festive music] J: Hi, Ziggy. [Noises to call a cat] S: Ziggy, get down. S: You’re so bad.

100 thoughts on “Baking with Jessica and Stevie Boebi // Low FODMAP Christmas Cookies [CC]

  1. Thanks to Stevie for being my guinea pig!
    Find the recipe for these yummy cookies here:
    Think you'll try them…???

  2. This video is SO cute! Jessica and Stevie are a hoot together. 🙂 Some Americans have food scales in our kitchen, I do. This is one of my favorite videos it was such fun!

  3. I live in Texas and there is like no way to say this other and sounding like a hick but when we have fresh eggs from our chickens we don’t refrigerate them and we also have a scale but we tend to use it to measure out like meat to freeze it so we know how much is in a package

  4. Lol, all the comments about scales are cracking me up! I used to have a set of postal scales that I used mostly for crafts, like to see if I have enough yarn left to make the second sock. I did buy it at a head shop and had to show ID because folks under 18 couldn't buy it.

  5. Just so people aren't confused -low fodmap does not mean sugarfree and glutenfree. Although wheat should be avoided on low fodmap diet. Love from celiac disease girl with IBS

  6. People who are really into dieting in America use scales. SO pretty much if an American has a scale they're probably either a drug user or a dieter

  7. I live in America and I own a scale. Mainly for baking because the imperial system isn't the best for baking. This way I can use metric and imperial recipes!

  8. Okay most Americans with kitchen scales in their homes aren't drug dealers or bakers. They are like crossfitters and other people who get kinda extra about their diets.
    I watch my spouse way the amount of chicken, and quinoa, etc before sitting down to eat it.
    Because to be optimal it needs to be x amount of carbs, protein, etc.

  9. American baking nerds have baking scales! It's the only way to be sure you're getting the same amount of flour every time!

    I don't deal drugs.

  10. I think it depends if you are a casual baker or not. I bake A LOT and have a scale because it is more precise measuring.

  11. I shouldn't have watched this video just after having lunch… now I'm hungry again…
    Anyway, loved this video. And we, over here in Belgium, also use grams for backing purposes. But then again, we don't use teaspoons as measurements

  12. “Like, ‘I’m buying ten pounds of marijuana’, you know what I mean?” sips drink
    I love Stevie so much 😂 and I will definitely be trying these cookies! ❤️

  13. Stevie is so adorable! I love her casual use of her stick/stool! Also anyone who does a lot of cooking or training (athletes). As well as those who are trying to eat better (food in America can be so bad for you!) I own 3 kitchen scales for different things! My husband prefers to weigh out meat portion before freezing.

  14. Ummm…. some of us use a scale for baking in the US. I guess I don’t run in the right circles to know about the drug connection.

  15. You might have a scale if your a crazy cat person. My uncle has a scale….. he said we didn’t feed our cats enough and he fricken weighed them. (bwt my cats are not under weight..)

  16. This looks like so much fun! Also I'm in Canada and we have add millilitres into the measuring thing because we are an American and English mix.

  17. I am a hUGE fan of you and Stevie. You guys are the epitome of why representation matters. To hear fodmap casually dropped really warmed my heart, especially with all these holiday treats that I can't have. If any of you out there suffer from autoimmune diseases/ chronic issues/ or chronic fatigue please check out my channel.
    I'm SO tired of doctors dismissing issues that come with chronic conditions so I started a channel to help others find answers in a way that I never could when I first got diagnosed with PMDD and SIBO.
    Love you all!

  18. American with a scale, not a drug dealer. Baking gluten free by weight is more effective, especially if you're making flour substitutions. Different flours have different weights, so if you're subbing, say, almond flour for buckwheat flour, measuring by volume can make the final result unappetizing.

  19. There is something wrong with YouTube registration I’ve watched this 2 times before ie this is my third time and none of them has registered that I’ve watched it ( even though my like and comments from previous watching is there !)

  20. Love y'all ladies. Awesome videos. Now I want to bake cookies. 🤤 Ladies, y'all are an inspiration for those who have visible and invisible disability. My disability is both and it has taught me many things and I have not let it hold me back in my dreams. But thank you. Keep it up.

  21. Lol Stevie. Sweet beautiful Stevie who seems very cool and nice and who I want to befriend. You are the only one who calls teaspoons "small spoons". They are teaspoons in every English-speaking country hahah.

    Also, we definitely have kitchen scales and weigh ingredients in grams, ounces, pounds etc. — it's just that most home cooks don't use them unless they do a lot of baking or bake semi-professionally. Volume is just more convenient if you don't need 100% accuracy.

  22. The scale thing is not exactly true, however, kitchen scales are most common in more rural area kitchens or older people’s homes.

  23. I have a cooking scale that I use to weigh yarn for knitting purposes. A friend did once borrow it to do some baking. #American

  24. Lol no… we use scales to measure the weight on food when keeping a strict diet. Lol food scales. I have never heard of someone only getting arrested for having a scale unless they already seemed like drugs might potentially be in the house or on the person. Lol

  25. Coconut flour isn't low FODMAP ! Be careful with thinking any non-wheat flour is low FODMAP, it's a pitfall
    And almond flour is low fodmap only at small amounts.

  26. I have a food scale! I use it for FOOD! I weigh out my chicken or steak or fish! When my rescue dog had a surprise litter of pups we weighed them on it haha! Even used it once to weigh my hair after cutting nearly two feet of it off 😁
    So I (not proudly) an American can confirm that at least one of us uses it for literally everything other than illegal drugs 😂

  27. I'm American. I have to use a kitchen scale to bake from my Gluten Free Bread Machine cookbook (it is an American cookbook, but gf baking does do better by weight and bread is finnicky). But, for things like making my cookies and stuff, I just use volume. It's easier.

  28. I relate to Stevie because I too am a truculent 20 something American whos obsessed with purple and sleeps till midday

  29. Stevie was pretty right that if you find a scale in an American house you are dealing with a drug dealer.

  30. Lol so true! I really dont think I've seen a scale in anyone's posession unless it was for weighing out drugs 🤦🏽‍♀️

  31. Its true, I agree with steevie. Many Americans can bake their entire lives with out a scale. Although, I do measure my bulk nutritional supplement powders with a one.

  32. I was so excited…and then I saw almond flour and coconut flour. I'm glad you can have almonds and coconut without regretting all of your life choices that lead up to that moment. I'm going to live through you vicariously

  33. oh my god… id love to see a low fod map cookbook, and there could be beautiful pictures of the end result, with little illustrations of you and claudia….. my illustrator dream, to draw happy wives making food together

  34. Hi my mom and I use a scale for everything. Volume is weird to measure by and very in precise. We don’t do drugs just like to be able to keep out food consistently good.

  35. I like that most of Stevie’s additions to this video are either “what does that mean” or “cos drugs”

  36. It’s ok Jessica we use weight in Japan too and I assume in most countries that aren’t America… America be weird.

  37. We have special scales in the uk for drugs they are small and convenient to carry 😂😂 not that I do drugs

  38. 3:32 is a lovely British/American stereotype contrast. Jessica is all dressed up and taking the baking seriously and being polite and putting up with the conversions while Stevie is in a T-shirt with colored hair and drinking from a mug and casually explaining how she's about to buy multiple pounds of weed.

  39. I have a scale in my house, I use it to measure flour for baking and my step mom sometimes uses it to measure accurate amounts of food cause she's always on a diet

  40. Yes! Please make a cookbook! New to your channel and absolutely love everything on your channel , but I especially love the baking videos!

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