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So Symphony and mommy are about to do a chilly weather activity. Oh, we’re reunited. I love you, honey I love you two We have made our way to Good morning guys how do you like my twist braid I did this morning? It’s a cold snuggly morning here in Texas our weather Just can’t make up its mind so Symphony and mommy are about to do a chilly weather activity Yeah, this is a little big for me. Oh yeah, let’s trade Better? Um hum You guys ready to cook, you ready to bake? Yes. Yes. Mixa mixa mixa It looks like smashed bananas. Okay, we’ll move on to the next step. Let’s see what is it? Mixy, mixy, mixy I love the smell of vanilla beans and stuff, but I do not like the flavor ice cream You ready, do you wanna dump it? Good job Is it so pretty girls, do you need the spoon sissy? Uh huh. You got it. No I don’t Cool and I get a mason jar to keep I love it. You gotta get them really good and mixed in there Jules. Mixy, mixy, mixy Mix up the cookies Mix up the cookie. Mix up the cookie yeah. You guys I gotta hand it to this girl over here The cookie dough wasn’t sticking together and Symphony was like I think we need to add water And I was like no the recipe doesn’t say add water It’ll work itself out, and then I come over to the tag, and I’m reading at the very bottom And it says if dough is not sticking together add one to two tablespoons until it reaches desired consistency You’re so smart. Give me kisses that cooking class really paid off. I could learn a thing or two What’s up guys? How you doing today? I’m not doing so hot. As you can see my hand is stuck in the peace sign Position. Alright maybe this is like a military thing. That’s what it is. the two fingers is a military thing it’s like that way Coming up What’s up little buddy, how you doing today? Look I found my trucks? Sure did I was supposed to leave earlier today? I woke up with a bad bad headache and real bad all I had left was half an excedrin I took that and I still have the headache and I can’t work today because my finger so I was gonna leave early my finger has Pretty much kept me up half the night. It was bad. That’s my complaint for the day You wanna see the cookies? Look and see Wow those look good. Okay, we’re making batch number two. This one’s a little different though. Cookie cutter style. Oh yeah You ready look. Make a hair bow, make a hair bow. Can you push? Push down on the hair bow. Push down Aw Symphony you’re such a good big sister Okay, guys our second batch is baking nice and warmly in the oven and it’s time for us to try batch number one Is it good? You guys technically I’m on a no sugar diet for the next like seven days, but I’ve got to have a bite I’m not gonna eat the whole cookie just one bite. I’m gonna control myself ready Mmm. Do you like them Symphony? mm-hmm. They’re really good they taste just vanilla and Sugary I like them, they’re good In spite of my headache I’m trying to finish the job that I started yesterday before shrapnel exploded into my pointer finger It’s not hurting right now, so I’m gonna do what I can with this wood. I gotta show you guys this awesome Axe I got. So this is your traditional splitting axe right here. It’s a Sthl. That’s what they generally look like. This is an engineer splitting axe This is made by Chopper USA This is all they make it’s just a company here in USA that He makes these and it’s just such a sweet sweet little guy and you go down onto the wood With the blade right here these guys separate boom They hit either side of the blade, and it helps split that wood it helps push It apart and what’s also cool about this it also prevents the axe from going in too deep and getting stuck so when you’re coming down boom This goes into the wood and as it goes in about here these boom Spreads out Three pieces that I want Is that not sweet or what? I wish my head wasn’t throbbing right now, man I love chopping wood. Never had a reason to do it before this is my first time yesterday was my first time when I got hurt Second time today. I think I’m already I’m pooped quite a bit. We have made our way to Bubble Bubble Oh yeah gonna have little more girl time before the boys get home today Symphony chose Disney Sorry this is gonna be so much fun, where’s your chips? Did I leave them up there? I think so. Bubbles for you. Thank you. Bubbles for you nummies This is a non sweetener smoothie, there’s no sugar no kinds of fake sweeteners or anything There’s peach, ice, and water Are you sharing? You won Good game sister. She wants a handshake good game sticky hands. Look at my girl getting my baby girl out I said what made you do that and she said because you’re not feeling good She’s so sweet My salad had avocado in it And I only had like three bites of the avocado but every time I eat avocado it upsets my stomach It’s a weird feeling, it’s like a fatigue that comes over me too. No don’t close the door Just in case her little hands accidentally get in the way. Do you guys have any reactions to foods? I’m curious what other people have out there I mean I know there’s obviously like nut allergies and lactose intolerant but random things like avocado is just so random and I love it But my stomach hates it We’re done cleaning up here. Abram and I are about to head out, and I’m gonna miss this place this time I’m really not ready to leave. I’m just so proud of this wall guys. It’s a dream come true It really is. I’ve always wanted to build and here’s my first wall. It’s significance for following your dreams You know and having confidence in yourself believing in yourself that you can do things because this kind of thing it seems Difficult it really does like I’ll leave that to the professionals And if you guys recall like maybe last month or something I was looking down this hallway That was all the walls were all falling over I was like you know what I need a hire a contractor to come out here. This is just too overwhelming so many times I’ve felt defeated. I’m not even close to done but I’ve already Improved the main wall in this house significantly It’s a really good feeling look how straight this wall is. I mean this thing It’s straight and it is sturdy. You ready to hit the road Yeah Short time later colleague burst in her office and said grab your coat and meet us in the garage at the appropriate clearance Teresa’s printed out an excerpt from my Senate confirmation hearing less than six months earlier. She and the kids sat behind me that day Senator’s impressed me Daddy said he was on his way home a few hours ago Well a couple hours ago, so everybody is here at the door waiting. Including Oreo You can go outside Yay! Yay! Are you guys excited to go outside? We just came in from outside like ten minutes ago They’re here, Juliet hasn’t noticed yet Is that daddy’s car? No No Mommy they brought something home. They brought something home? They brought the thing home. How weird Hey You have apple sauce My turn Abram, Abram Here’s a cookie for you It’s a sugary oatmeal cookie It’s a unicorn cookie Oh, yeah. Gluten free? Oh yeah babe gluten free, sugar free, but it’s not glitter free. I will say that there is glitter in there. It’s not glitter free It was tradition that every Jewish male be circumcised on the eighth day after his birth this said in my heart as Jewish While the reasons are many and complex two of the most common reasons for circumcision are to Get rid of unneeded skin and to help with cleanliness Let’s just do different, it’s all about that When the parents brought the child Jesus to do for him what the custom of the lord required Simon took him in his arms and praised God saying Sovereign Lord They were just taking care of business that morning when he got up Simeon didn’t know what this day was that he’d waited for No angels welcome from safe. It was just a feeling and then he was there the Messiah. Oh we’re reunited. I love you, honey I love you too Let’s do comment of the day, how about it? It goes to Sophia Kamin, and it goes to her because I had this plan on the way home from Oklahoma, Sam a while ago You said you were gonna make a 360 intro are you planning on doing that? Yes I am planning on doing that I’ve just been waiting for the right moment I think it’s gonna be tomorrow at the Jubilee. That’ll be so good. Yeah it’ll be fun. What a good idea. But yeah We’re going to get back to that intro Our original intro was from the Jubilee remember. I had that scarf on my head or something I was going to slide and you and Eric were like going crazy on that thing. Was that at the Jubilee? Yeah. That’s crazy. Wow, what a coincidence so yeah our new one is gonna be at the Jubilee again All right guys. We will catch you tomorrow for that. It’s gonna be really fun, but don’t forget guys We love you and remember to love each other You ready?
Please do do that angle Why it’s a great angle. It looks terrible. I wanna show off my double chin. I think it looks great, you don’t like this look on me

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