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Hello and welcome to Friday video number 2. Today I’m gong to be talking about using baking
soda as shampoo. So baking soda.
Firstly, is baking soda the same as baking powder?
No. Not the same thing at all, only use baking soda also known as bicarb soda.
I use mckensie’s because it’s the cheapest one. You really don’t need to use much each
time so for $1.50 you’ll probably get a whole month or more’s worth.
So step by step, how do you actually use it as shampoo?
#1 don’t use shampoo obviously. Instead of shampoo you would get a little
cup of water. I use the lid from James’ shaving cream. Put a couple of spoons in there and
then fill the rest up with warm water. Then I mix it around with my finger until
it’s mostly disolved and put it through your hair.
Massage it to the roots like your would a normal shampoo and make sure to get it really
close to the roots because that’s where most of the oil and grease is.
Then I leave it on there for a couple of minutes, maybe 3 minutes? I don’t really have a clock
in my shower so. Once I’m satisfied that my hair is clean I
wash it out. So that’s really it.
Afterwards if you want to you can use a conditioner. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t.
And if I do, I avoid the roots because again that’s usually where my hair gets oily.
Using the baking soda took me a while to get used to because it really doesn’t feel like
shampoo. And honestly until you get out of the shower
and completely dry your hair it doesn’t feel clean, not even a little bit.
When it goes in it’s kind of grippy, I guess is the word, like when you rub two pieces
of velvet together and all of the little fibres catch on each other.
When you shampoo you get a lather, this doesn’t lather at all. Also when you shampoo your
hair and you dry it it had that light airy feeling, you know you feel like you’re in
a Pantene commercial and you’re flipping your hair around and you’ve got a big fan blowing
in your direction to get the perfect hair flick off to the side.
This isn’t like that. Once you dry your hair it feels amazing.
It’s really soft and smooth. The texture of my hair feels a lot better now than when I
was using shampoo. I could totally do the commercial with the
fan and the wind blowing. It takes a bit longer to dry than traditional
shampoo, I imagine it’s because that has special ingredients to quicken the drying time or
whatever and this is just baking soda, nothing fancy.
And that’s pretty much it. With baking soda I don’t seem to was as often
because it doesn’t seem to need it. I think that’s probably to do with the fact
that some shampoos strip the natural oils out of your hair and that’s stuff you want
in there. So your scalp maybe overcompensates and makes
extra. Again I’m not an expert so I haven’t no idea the science behind this, I just know
it works for me. This seems a bit more gentle though and I
don’t have to wash as often. As I mentioned in my previous video on using
it as dry shampoo, there were a lot of comments asking whether it was the same as using talcum
powder. Or baby power. Yes and no. It’s the same in
that they do both get the job done. But when you wash it out it comes out a lot
easier than talcum powder does. I’ve used talcum powder a lot over the last
few years. for people with darker hair, it also doesn’t
show up as much as talcum powder does. When you do go to wash it out, because it
is cleaning, when you put the water through, it gives a bit of a clean as is. So you’re
kind of already one step ahead. If you want to learn more about using it as
a dry shampoo check out my video over here-ish. In the same way you can kind of use it as
a styling agent as it provides grip. Just a little bit, not hugely grippy but it does
give a little bit of texture so it feels fuller and a little more volumous so it’s easier
to get volume. I’ve found that since using this it’s easier
to manage when it comes to styling and my curls seem to last longer and are easier to
make. I can wash and dry my hair, run a brush through
it and it actually looks nice and straight not that pouf it usually is when I wash it.
I can’t tell you if it will work for you or not because I don’t know all of your individual
hair types. But it’s something that’s worked really well
for my hair and I’m really happy with it and it’s nice and cheap which is great for budget
conscious people like me. The biggest hurdle I had using it was the
feeling. I’d read about it online but no one ever mentioned the feeling of it being in
your hair. It doesn’t feel traditionally clean. But once the hair is dry it looks and feels
awesome. The feeling was something I got used to after
about a month of using it. My hair feels stronger and in better than
condition before so I’m pretty happy with it.
So that’s pretty much, I think that was all of the questions. If you have any questions,
leave them in the comments and I will answer them as best as I can.
If you do try it out, let me know your experiences in the comments.
In other news my bergamot store finally launched. The charms are now officially online in my
etsy store, link below. It’s got charms, bracelets, earrings and you can buy little individual
charms if you want to do your own craft projects. So check it out and let me know what you think.
The plushies should be there for you guys soon but that’s a little delayed because we’ve
had some difficulties getting them done overseas. Fingers crossed I’ll be able to have plushies
up soon. The competition I was planning to launch today
has been pushed back to next week so I can put some more prizes in there for you guys.
Hopefully I should be announcing it next week if all goes to plan.
Also let me know what you want next Friday’s video to be about. It could be my foundation
routine or make up routine or I could show you guys my make up collection or I don’t
know. You guys tell me what you want to see and
I’ll see if I can do it. I think that’s everything for now.
I hope this was a useful video, please check out the blog post linked in the description
for more information and tutorials. Thanks so much for watching.

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