Baking for Beginners: Jam Atta Cookies with Oats, No Baking Powder

2 tablespoon- solid ghee/clarified butter Add 2 tbsp olive oil 5-6 tablespoon-dry jaggery powder (adjust according to your sweet preference) A pinch of black salt Use a whisk for the creaming process whisk until you get pale color whisk whisk whisk until your shoulders start to pain Add 1 tablespoon of hung curd and whisk again very well The wet ingredients should look well incorporated Take a sifter and sift through 1/2 cup of whole wheat flour Add 1/4 cup of oats powder/oatmeal in the sifter and sift well Use your hands or a spatula to gently mix everything PLEASE DO NOT KNEAD Kneading will result in gluten formation and give you chewy cookies Mix gently until the dough comes together The bowl looks clean, right. This is the sign of a good cookie dough Cover the dough and keep aside at room temperature for 30 minutes Preheat the airfryer to 170 degrees for 5 minutes or convection/oven for 10 mts or you can bake these on a tawa/kadahi/cooker on a stove top place an iron skillet or cooker on the stovetop. spread a layer of salt/sand. Keep a cooker stand over it. Then place the baking tray. Remove the whistle and gasket from the cooker lid. After 30 minutes, let’s check our dough. Let’s start rolling out the dough. We will begin with making lime-sized balls for thumbprint cookies Press with a thumb Fill each depression with mango jam (homemade) Roll out the dough into a thick chapati Dont worry if the dough tends to break Cut shapes Make insertions Fill the holes with jam Place at a distance on the baking basket/tray Airfry/bake for 12-15 minutes at 170 degrees. Our jam cookies are ready Let the cookies cool down properly before storing in an airtight container Enjoy thumbrint cookies with tea YUMMYYY, CRUNCHY BITES without baking agents! do not forget to subscribe for more healthy recipes & ideas

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  1. Have been following your recipes for a while… really appreciate the effort you put to make healthy food. It would be helpful if you could put the list of ingredients in the description box

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