Baking 100 Dog Cakes For Homeless Dogs!

if you ever watch any of my videos you
know that I work really hard to help rescue dogs but what some of you may not
know is I’m actually also a pet chef I’m in one of my stores called The Dog
Bakery and one of my favorite things in the world is that we ship dog birthday
cakes across the nation I mean thousands and thousands of them and it makes me
really happy to think that a bunch of doggies out there having a really great
birthday party with their family what makes me really sad because there are
homeless dogs out there that don’t ever get that experience so you know what
we’re changing we’re gonna make 100 dog cakes to help give 100 homeless dogs
adopted you tired yet me yes no I can do this all day day to now and they might
even go into day three but yeah whatever it takes a lot of work baking cakes for
dogs I’ll tell you why it’s a little harder is because with a human cake you
can use sugar and all the things that just really make a cake come together
with dog cakes you’re using different ingredients that make a little bit
harder to pull this together I mean these cakes are good like I’ll take a
bite in at the show okay no no we need to save it for the dog all right but it
is good but she is right we’ve been here baking long enough it we can’t we got to
make another one all right check him out all the cakes are coming together I
can’t wait next we just got to write the names on
all the cakes so we’re personalizing all of these cakes and then we’ll be ready
to go I did text you’ve got zippy and subscribed and scary Oh they wear boxer rescue LA and Los
Angeles I brought all the cakes with me and we’re gonna go celebrate the
birthdays with some really cute boxers let’s do it okay we here comes Toby and
Marley okay Toby in Richmond Charlie Toby and Marley
at birthday cobia Marley you get kisses oh good beautiful thing somebody’s happy I think Marley’s more
interested in the frosting than a cake okay great we’re bringing in more boxers
to celebrate our birthdays they don’t know it yet they can still hear through that I don’t
want them coming in here okay so I’m gonna tell you guys a secret so we’re
going big and the reason we’re going big is we’re about to hit a million
subscribers on my channel all right now we’re not there yet but we’re really
close and I think we can do it it’s not just so we can have a million
subscribers it’s more so that we can have a community a family of people that
all believe in dog rescue and I think that’s pretty cool to say a million
people all believe like me that every dog deserves all loving wrong so I need
you hit that subscribe button turn on those notifications and let’s celebrate
some dog birthday parties okay so here’s the secret but what I want to do is
cover the adoption fee for all of the dogs here you know it could be five
thousand seven thousand $10,000 $20,000 I don’t care I’m covering all the
adoptions because obviously that’s a lot of money but when I’m really excited to
announce his pillow fresh is sponsoring this video they believe in what I’m
doing and that means a lot to me so let me tell you a little bit about oh so
nice to sit down okay you make it dinner I thought you were I’m making dinner you
know what actually it’s no problem because we have hellofresh meals come
together in less than 30 minutes choir less than two pots and pans make
for easy cleanup so you know what I got this all right all right hang tight I’ll
be back with hello fresh you get simple and seasonal ingredients pre-measure
delivered right to your door every single you have three plans to choose from
classic family and bedroom and if your tastes change you even have the option
to switch it up oh that looks so good and hellofresh it is now from $6.99 per
serving all right babe it’s ready let’s see yeah good huh let’s
relax we exciting about that Lita looks so
good brief lecture huh yeah as you can see it looks really good and I can tell
you it tastes really good so get started with a free meals that’s $80 off your
first month go to hello fresh calm and interpro mo code rocky 80 that’s hello
fresh calm promo code rocky we have Charlie and misty together here
because they’re together but we want to do a separate cake for them so let’s do
it let’s do a pink cake for a mystic happy birthday okay so I want you do me a big favor
once you hit the thumbs up for Charlie wish him happy birthday st. for misty
because these are some sweet dogs leave a comment down below and tell them happy
birthday okay we work together more and had an amazing time I love boxer miss
Kelly this is Joni and Joni tell her what you do well I’m one of the
volunteers here at boxer rescue among some really talented devoted people and
we find homes for homeless buck says when I emailed you I thought you guys
have like 75 dogs they have like $26 oh we have a few more some of them in cents
okay okay 30 dogs so I wouldn’t have 30 cake we did bring the extra hands were
you brought extra cakes come on she see who is amazing here okay what I thought
I would do today we want to cover the adoption fee for all 30 of the dogs that
are here yep yeah so what how much is it 300 times 39,000 we’re gonna come yeah you got you guys are all yeah now
that is awesome for all of you watching sometimes people get upset when you
cover the adoption fees because I said Oh Andy we can just go about the dog but
that’s not the case these guys have been doing this since 1977 you know how to
really put you over the adoption process right right so okay so with that being
said now we know they can all get adopted that’s covered so the people
showing up today have someone will already paid but they may want to donate
more on top of right yeah so that’s the kind of people that adopt from us
perfect support so tell them I will either pay them back or they can still
pay the adoption fee and then I’ll just give you guys that money anyways right
we need eight three four five okay all right all right there we go it’s time to
celebrate some our birthdays we’re lining up in the order of the kennels
okay I have come I repeat after me Oh life is a beautiful thing that smells so good it smells like
peanut butter cold and the stuff it looks like chocolate is actually carob
it’s safe its non-toxic for dogs all these are grain free good healthy
ingredients I mean just what you need for a dog over there oh and if you want
you can sign up for my dog birthday club the links right down below and I’ll even
email it your reminder when it’s your dog’s birthday okay maybe it’s just me
but I can watch dogs eat birthday cakes all day long I don’t I don’t know let me
know if you’re the same okay now the rest of the day we gave all of the other
boxers in the shelter at their birthday cakes so that every dog there got a cake
now there are only about thirty cakes so we had a lot left over so I went live
and let local rescue groups know that they could come pick up the cake in fact
here are some awesome pictures and videos from animal hope and wellness
that came by and picked up a bunch of the cakes so that the dogs and their
rescue could celebrate their birthday okay and you just adopted this one
pilgrim but if you want we can do something really fun so this video is on
gonna be on YouTube and Facebook uh-huh if you want we can have everyone suggest
names in the comments below so that we fun okay alright so right here for this
dog they’re going to adopt I need all of you to leave a comment down below and
they’ll you’ll watch the video right yeah comment down below and give them
name suggestions they need your help yeah and where would I go it’s a
PewDiePie know and then also today I’m covering your adoption fee you are yeah
that’s fantastic yeah appreciate you coming out to adopt
thank you very much yes we got we got you covered
yeah awesome if you want you could still give the money to them as a donation but
you don’t have to we’re gonna we’re covering all the doctors we did okay you
can match it okay alright I’m matching your adoptions baby and that’s wonderful
that’s even better awesome awesome okay some of you might
be wondering about home or the video I put out last week that everyone loved a
link that right here thank you again hello fresh and everyone
make sure they go check them out hollow box and rescue LA and make sure you
subscribe to this channel so you can be a part of the one
people who believe in dog

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