Bake and Decorate a Buche De Noel

Hi and Merry Christmas everybody. This is
my Bush de Noel this year. This is my design for 2018 and I have a video for
you that shows you how to make all these little beautiful buttercream decorations.
My recipe remains the same, it’s a chocolate sponge roll and it’s got a
little bit of cinnamon in it and mocha filling and chocolate buttercream on the
outside. So let’s get started I’m going to show you the whole recipe from start
to finish. You will need cake flour for this
chocolate sponge cake recipe. If you don’t have cake flour in the house you
can make your own cake flour like I did by replacing two tablespoons of regular
all-purpose flour with two tablespoons of cornstarch per cup. Use a 13 by 9 inch
sheet pan or close to that measurement. Grease the pan with shortening, line the
bottom with waxed or parchment paper, grease the paper and dust with cocoa. You
will need four eggs, five tablespoons of cake flour, 1/3 cup
of cocoa, 1/8 teaspoon of cinnamon, 1/4 teaspoon of salt, 1/2 a teaspoon of
baking powder and 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda, 3/4 cups of sugar divided into 1/2
and 1/4 cups, one teaspoon of vanilla. Separate the yolks from the whites being
careful not to get any of the yolk into the whites. Place the whites into a clean
bowl with a whisk attachment. Start it at medium and whisk until frothy. Add half a
cup of sugar and beat until stiff peaks form
and its shiny but not dry. While the egg whites are beating mix together the
flour the spices and the cocoa. When the egg whites are finished put
them into a large bowl, no need to clean the bowl for the next step. Put the egg
yolks (sorry not whites)…. into the bowl and set it to medium while adding the 1/4 cup sugar. Beat until the mixture is light in color
and forms ribbons on itself. Now fold the egg whites and yolks (sorry again…I meant to say yolks) and the vanilla
and a small amount of the dry ingredients gently together. Continue
adding the dry in small amounts until all the ingredients are incorporated.
This could take a while. (a few minutes) just be patient and be gentle with it
and eventually it will come together. Now scrape this into the pan and gently
spread it as evenly as you can without overworking it. Bake your sponge cake at 325 (325 Convection) or 350 regular oven Farenheit for 15
minutes. While your cake is baking prepare a tea towel with sifted cocoa.
When the cake comes out flip it onto the tea towel. Remove the wax paper carefully
and then roll it up to cool completely. Once cooled you can unroll and fill your
sponge cake with a thin layer of either buttercream, whipped cream, chocolate
mousse or any kind of mousse. Roll it back up releasing it from the towel. At
this stage you can enjoy it as it is or decorate it like I do in the next part
of the video. Make all of your buttercream decorations and freeze them
ahead of time. Begin with the mushroom caps.
I used a red and a little black to get this color. I also used a number 12
Wilton round tip, you could use whatever size you want depending on how big you
want your mushrooms. Simply squeeze the bag and let the buttercream build up and
then start to pull up and release as you turn the nail slightly. I made six of
these mushrooms. For the fan mushrooms on the log use a number 104 petal tip. Fill
your bag with white and a little brown. With the wide end on the nail squeeze
and move the thin end of the tip in a clockwise motion. If you’re left-handed
you would go counterclockwise. It’s basically a little ruffle but with an
arch. For the stem of the toadstool pipe shapes that are similar to a cone.
Flatten it a little bit on top much like the mushroom caps. These are basically
just little platforms to put the top of the mushroom cap on. Pop the mushroom
caps onto the stems and then freeze them. For the pinecones first make the cones
as you did with the mushroom caps and stems, freeze them and then pipe tiny
scales using either a small petal tip or a mum tip number 81.
I do have a couple of pinecone tutorials so I will link to those for you in the
comment box. Enjoy the rest of the video as I put all the pieces together and at
the end you’ll see me slicing the cake so you can see what the inside of this
really beautiful cake looks like. Have a Merry Christmas and thanks for
watching. Leave me a comment and please don’t
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