11 thoughts on “Authentic Italian Focaccia Bread Recipe with Fresh Rosemary

  1. FINALLY!!!!! Thanks Billy, l like all your recipes and videos, but really loving your most recent ones. Thanks for taking my request! Great info about the origin of focaccia too!! I freeze mine and have it ready for whenever I don't have time or feeling not so energetic (lazy 😂) but craving focaccia. Awesome tips GRAZIE, GRAZIE!!! 💟🙏💟💟

  2. Dude! Fuck YOU! (in a good way). I've been doing this bread for 3 months. My 6 years old son always comes to me and says: "dad I want that delicious bread". And of course, I do it. After it's done it lasts – 1 hour tops. I cry when my kids come and ask for another piece. So, as I said, fuck you! – now I have to bake this every 3 days or so. Love U man. Happy for 10K.

  3. Nice video, but you killed the name of my home. It is pronounced "Li – goo – ree – ah" — Grazie from a native Genovse.

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