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– Hello, my name is Angela Kinsey. You might know me as the feisty
cat lady from The Office, and I am going to make a cookie today. I’m gonna decorate it
to look exactly like me. It’s gonna be amazing. (upbeat music) All right, I am also working
today with Royal Canin. In America, we love our cats,
but we’re not taking them to the vet, and they need
their yearly check-ups. I know they’re loners. I know it’s kinda hard to
get ’em in the carrier, but you gotta bring ’em. Here’s a little behind the
scenes story from The Office. Do you remember when I
licked that cat’s face? – Is she cleaning the cat with her tongue? – I really did that. The director was like, “oh
Angela, the camera’s gonna be so far away, you can fake it, you don’t really have to lick it.” I was like, “really? Okay.” And then, sure enough, we do a few takes, and he comes up to me, and he goes, “hey, the camera’s gonna
be kinda tight on this one, so do you think you could
actually lick the cat’s face?” And I was like, “all right,
I will do it comedy.” And I did it, so. Hey honey, how was your day at work? Oh, I licked a cat’s face. Poor cat was like. Oh man, my all time favorite
episode of The Office. That is such a hard question. I love all the Christmas episodes, cause my character was lose her mind. Michael should have asked the party planning committee first. He’s not supposed to just spring things on us out of nowhere. She would literally be like (yells). (screams) And I loved Dinner Party. I think that’s such a classic. (claps)
– My, my, my, my turn. My, my, my, my turn. My, my, my, my turn. – Babe, can you just, like really, whoa. – It’s too hard, I can’t pick one. This looks nothing like me. I do love cats, I’ve
always had cats growing up. I have two cats right
now, Oreo and Snickers. That’s what happens when you
let your kids name your pets. So on The Office in the pilot episode, I made a little invite that said, “You’re invited to Sprinkle’s
first birthday party.” Cause I was like, I feel like
my character would probably of found a cat in the
parking lot, and adopted it. And now it’s a birthday
party in the parking lot. And I passed out these papers to everyone, and Jenna improvised the line off of that. And it made it into the show,
and Sprinkle’s was born. And the writers just took off with it. Should I be eating these? I’m really hungry. It’s lunch time. Oh, look lips. I think this looks pretty
good, are you guys ready? Funny! I have a nice comforter,
and several cozy pillows. I usually read a chapter of
a book, and it’s lights out by 8:30, that’s how I sleep at night. My husband is out there
somewhere right now going, “babe, come on, I’ve
taught you a few things about cookie decorating.” All right, you guys, thank
you so much for watching. I know you’re impressed with
my cookie decorating skills, and again, take your cat to the vet. You don’t have to take it today,
just take it at some point, cause it’s important. And you can go to, and you can get all of the
info to win a year supply of cat food. Come on! Get your cat to the vet. Take photo of your cat at the vet. #CAT2VET, and tag Royal Canin
for a chance to win lots of cool stuff, and to
take care of your cat. It’s from August 22nd till September 30th. Can I take this stuff home with me? Cause I’m getting on a plane,
I could use some snacks.

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