100 thoughts on “Angela Bassett & James Know About Tom Cruise’s Cakes

  1. Right off camera Tom has about 15 "assistants" from his church eagerly awaiting his word. They will do ANYTHING he says.

  2. Tom Cruise is nothing like the persona he plays here. He's a controlling, agressive, paranoid and arrogant lunatic. Kicked his own niece out of the family for years. Threatened fellow celeb-$cios to donate more to the cult or he would destroy their careers. Has people on his household staff who are payed slave wages. Completely blows his mind if someone hands him a chipped mug. Punched and yelled at several people on staff. It's a shame James obviously never read anything about the nightmare that is $cientology. This is like playing with a cobra James! www.tonyortega.org

  3. Angela Bassett is like vintage wine she just gets better with AGE. Tom is the real deal. That guy risks his life at least a dozen times per movie in those Mission Impossible Movies. After watching it there must have been a dozen STUNTS he did himself that were life risks. He broke his foot on one of them. I am still waiting on a Les Grossman film even though it's been almost 10 years since Tropical Thunder.

  4. I dont care what anybody tell me about Tom Cruise, but easily one of my favorite actors ever! Dude is the synonm of hard working.

  5. Sooooo I came here for Tom. He's my favorite actor, and still my biggest crush.
    BUT OMG… Angela Basset? Is she like a vampire? I couldn't believe how young she looks… I mean she looks younger than Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey… I actually thought it was Gabrielle Union for a second. Then I said there is no way Angela can still look so young. I actually think, Angela looks younger than Naomi Campbell the supermodel. Wow, I don't know who is doing her restoration, but it is undetectable and gosh, she is the definition of an ageless beauty. And so is tom in his own way, he is holding up a hell of lot better than Pitt, and Depp.

  6. Now came the curiosity to know if Nicole was also on that day that he skydiving with his mother?! 🙈😂

    Tom seems to be genuinely funny and
    gentleman… he had everything to be perfect, but nothing is perfect.💔

  7. Angela is such a beautiful women…I feel sorry for cruise..I suspect he is a genuinely nice person..so sad he got caught up in Scientology scam..it has seemed to cost him marriages, family and worst of all his relationship with his daughter..

  8. I was trained at the same skydive center in Deland and it’s the best one on the planet. The guy who owns it also holds the patent on the tandem rig all skydivers use worldwide. He also developed the AFF(accelerated free fall) course all skydivers graduate from.

  9. At this point if Cruise started to show changes in his behavior that could be interpreted as the beginnings of distancing himself from Scientology, he would have a fatal accident, that is, the Scientologists would certainly murder him. He must be aware of this at least on some level.

  10. James, please can we have your real accent please? Don't like this posh voice nonsense. I prefer when your sounding more ' Smithy '.
    You're a good man though, don't get me wrong 👍🏻👍🏻

  11. i met Angela in the early 90s possibly late 80s .. I wanted to eat her ….sexy woman for a Latin man here..
    we were on the set of her movie
    "what's love got to do with it"

  12. I haven't seen Angela Bassett for a number of years. Yet, she looks even "hotter" in 2018 than when I'd last seen her.

  13. Tom Cruise comes off as such a nice guy who has a great sense of adventure. But, to me, his choice of religions causes me to lose all respect for his credibility.

  14. Shame toms feckin weird as he seems a quality guy , on a sidenote its easy to look good if you have a surgeon lets not make believe these guys defy aging like us mere mortals lol

  15. There's something wrong with a man who would run from his beautifully unique daughter, and not speak to her because she doesn't follow his religious beliefs.Tom Cruise has been deflecting all questions when it comes to the curiosities of his relationship to . SCIENTOLOGY, and his failed MARRAIGES…

  16. Way to go, Mom!!! I am so proud of her for reminding her children and family that Moms still rock and they are not afraid to take on the whole world!!!!
    ❤💖❤ My Mom, and thinking of you everyday. You help me to be strong and to face the world with courage everyday.

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