100 thoughts on “Andy Learns Thai Cooking Techniques from a Thai Chef | Bon Appétit

  1. I'm not sure which made me laugh the most –
    Amiel & Andy @26:53
    Amiel & Andy @31:04

    Probably Amiel & Andy @31:04.

    More Amiel & Andy please

  2. These videos where Andy explores regional cuisines are great. He's the right host for a show like this and I always learn something new.

  3. For those who don’t know, you can find these dishes and type of food in Lao restaurants. Issan is basically lao people and culture mixed with thai because it used to be part of Lao kingdom way back.

    I am not trying to start a political debate, just saying, if you like the food and want more of it, you will find it in lao restaurants if Issan is no where to be found!

  4. the bamboo soup!!!! thank you for the representation!!! I got very excited to see my favorite dish !!!
    awe this video is actually making me homesick

  5. Hi all I just uploaded a vlog of me at Sydney zoo please give it watch if you’re keen and subscribe too ! Have a good day x

  6. Awesome episode. Would love to go to Thailand to learn how to cook and taste their amazing food! So lucky you had such a great experience!

  7. Lol the thai soy sauce, I use that all my childhood (I’m lao and thai). AKWAYS add a dash of that to my eggs. It’s a staple in our household

  8. I worked in a thai restaurant about 3 years ago. It was so fun being there and I rmb one day the chefs did an Isan cuisine lunch for the staff. It was the eye opening for me, the first time I ever had Isan food. It was so spicy, sour and the sticky rice was a great counter with the dishes. I also miss the days of eating the eggplant with a shrimp paste, chili & fish sauce dip. So lovely.

  9. Wait…they don't eat with chop sticks in Thailand? What about all those people that eat with chop sticks at the local Thai place? Who always seem to be so much more worldly, and knowing, and have that savor faire?

  10. Coriander and cilantro are exactly the same thing though, just by a different name. So how he can put in two separate ingredients I don't know.

  11. I'll never understand these stories of people just traveling for a month+ with no plan or no income. Well, I guess I do understand…people just go into debt.

  12. 29:40 hands down favorite part of the episode cuz the food-geek-out over not being able to identify what it tastes like and gets others involved! Relatable. 😍

  13. Andy: oh and some chili
    Jim: just a little bit
    Andy: that's a lot
    Jim: naw a little bit

    This is exactly how we interact with other people lmao

  14. Im on vacation in southern Thailand right now and my diet is on a hiatus. The local food here consists of a more grilled seafood protein vibe with steamed rice and stir fried veg (often pak boong/kangkong) which is good, but a lot of cooks here are isaan and they love making "not on the menu" issan food if asked. Earlier today I ate grilled halved shrimp and mackerel with isaan mango salad. IT was gooood. Or in thai, saaaaep.

  15. i just stopped watching chris after 5 min. and noticed Andy has half the views, i think he is one of the best on this show. molly 1.7m views, Andy 650k, chris 1.2m…. wtf

  16. Pickled Thai eggplants is one of my favorite condiment/ side dish with rice. But does anyone else get a tingling sensation when the eat eggplants? It happens to me with regular eggplants too.

  17. andys that friend when you go out to eat just analyzes and breaks down what you are eating to each ingredient and you are just sitting there take spurty bites of meat that squirt on his face

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