AMAZING Walt Life Halloween October Box! A Magical Disney & Disney World Subscription Service!!

Today we’re going to check out the Walt Light Halloween box. So let’s get started Thank you so so much to Walt like for sending me this package, I’m very very excited to check it out So let’s get right into it So this is the Halloween Walt life box This month everyone who has subscribed to the Walt life subscription service will receive this Halloween box But will not necessarily Receive Halloween items This box that they sent me the some Halloween items in it just to show you guys some fun items that are currently available in The Walt Life boxes, but there is no guarantee that you will receive Halloween items in this month’s October box So here on the top, it has a Mickey hand through the magic mirror and it says Walt life not so spooky They live eerie. I love that so much There’s fun to fall leaves spiderwebs And if you look on the sides of the box It almost looks like a coffin is about to be buried in the dirt and grass there You can see fall leaves pumpkins and some other hidden references to Disney like books Sorcerer’s hats the red head grim grinning ghosts the Tower of Terror key and an apple I’ll have Walt linked down below where you can check out all of the Disney boxes They have magic boxes Kingdom boxes surprise boxes and even snack boxes they range from $30 to $79 depending on the box you pick and whatever you choose a box you are asked to pick the gender And you’re also given options to pick the age so the box is custom for you So you and get what you like, but every time it is a surprise and this is a monthly subscription box There’s also free shipping in the USA and each box shows what items are included They’ve other merchandise and they also have an app available now So make sure you guys check out Walt linked down below in the description Make sure to check out my other walt life unboxing videos all linked it down below in the description So you guys can see all of the other items available in Walt light boxes and different subscriptions that they offer This is the gender neutral 18 and up box. So I’m very excited to see what items are inside. So let’s get it open So here is our Walt life box. I’m very excited to open it up. So let’s see what it is It’s as happy Halloween about life I love how does the making hands on it? Oh My gosh love have even redesigned the whole box with the pumpkin even zero up there You have all of the information here to follow what life. So make sure you guys check that out link to down below They also have some fun other quotes even Jack Skellington. Oh my gosh, it’s adorable. I love how their fireworks too Super exciting fun to open. Let’s see what these items are on top gear. Oh My oh my goodness. There’s a pop figure Oh Oh my gosh Where do I even begin? We’ll start with the pop since that’s the first item that you saw this is pop number 71. This is zero This is like one of the original Nightmare Before Christmas Pups this is like not a newer one and all this is an older Funko pop. That’s insane that that’s in here This is just the normal zero and there on the back. This is the 20 years of Nitra for Christmas. Oh my gosh That is such a good fine. Like since this is an older pile. I can’t believe that this is so cool this is one that I don’t have either and Insane like that’s item so you wouldn’t find any more. Let’s see what this next item here is in this box This is like super heavy. I Don’t know what it would be. I Love how all of these items are a mystery It’s really exciting to get every month. You know, you’re gonna gives you items, you know, you’re getting good quality Disney items like authentic Disney merchandise Super fun if you’re starting a Disney collection, or if you just love Disney. Oh my gosh. It’s a Halloween mug This is so This may be my new favorite mug I’ve made hot chocolate so many times this fall and this will be perfect to have it in. This is a Nightmare Before Christmas Purple mug, this is official. This is actually from Disney Store the seeing the authenticity like logos Everything is still on here. I love the simplicity of this mug very very cute. I love the shades of purple It looks very like Halloween themed you see Oogie Boogie there Jack some bats spiders or vampire type little symbols and other fun characters like lock shock and Barrel There’s even a little duck on there. Oh my gosh, this is so cute. It says Jack Skellington on the other side of it Oh my god, this is so adorable like perfect for the fall perfect for Halloween I love these items so far a great great box. Let’s see Other enemies here. We have. Oh my gosh. I’ve never seen these before this is a six-pack pen sent in it is just a bunch of like the Disney World like Icons like this one is the blue castles all over it. This one is the white castles on it This one says the most magical place on earth with the Disney D And there’s a white version of that and then there’s the castle at night in the castle during the day. Oh My goodness again. There’s your official Disney like authentic logo there at the top I think you’re gonna be my new favorite pens a Disney symbols on them, but Disney castles on them They look like the ones that you’d like get out like the hotels and something like have the Disney icons on them So that’s super fun. I’m so excited. They’re right with bees and plan my next trip let’s see what other items we have in here the next item is It’s a little necklace set So, this is a Disney Villains Switchable like necklace so it comes with the necklace chain And then it has one on it and then also can include other charms from Disney Villains so includes Maleficent It includes poison apple and includes Ursula’s little magic spells and also karela deville Super cute, very excited to add to my Halloween Disney style Outfits it will actually match this shirt really well because it has all of the villains in it I like how you can add as many terms to you won to it And it’s super fun for Halloween and I like how subtle it is as well. Like I said, I did pick the gender-neutral box And this is the 18 plus items. I did get other boxes before that We’re different age specific To if you guys like to check those out again link down below if you guys like to see all of that Stuff if you guys like this video so far also, make sure to subscribe to my channel and like this video It really helped me out and I have many more unboxing videos coming very soon. Alright, looks like one of the last items here Oh, it looks like includes some yummy Halloween candy some Minnie Mouse Jellybeans those looks so so good and I love how they’re also allergy friendly Super super cute box. Let’s see what other items are included down here as well It looks like we have our fun little puzzle and note card. You can color in there Halloween themed as well We also have down here a fun Halloween bookmark. This person’s dressed up as Maleficent, which is super fun And it says what life on it and that’s how like themed dollar stuff is we also got another coin We got the eye to add to our little what life board Hopefully to win a trip or some other fun prizes the picture on the bottom says happy Halloween with Jack It’s super adorable and the coins actually go into the back here where you can win little plush or even a little tsumtsum and if you felt the Whole thing. You can even win a trip to Disney World. These treasures are good until like the following year That’s how the different coins work There’s also an instant Wayne Coyne in a wild-card coin and then you would just mail it in to claim your prize I have more information about that whole gaming system on my other Walt life videos if you guys like more in-depth about how it works And down here. You guys also saw in my last walt life unboxing. I was actually featured on the box It looks like they have some new people up here for a halloween as well. It looks super super fun And there’s also the walt life instagram there. You guys can check them out. I like on the inside They have other fun quotes referencing to disney villains and there’s even some on the inside there as well. Those were some amazing Items, I love the themed box as well so so much fun for a Halloween It’s always super exciting you get the Walt Life boxes and trying to find out what fun Disney and Disney Park items that you can get right at your doorstep. I think it’s so so much fun. I love love the Walt Life boxes I think my favorite items from this box specifically was the mug the pens and of course the Funko pop Let me know what your favorite item is down below in the comments and again makes you guys please subscribe to this YouTube channel for more fun Halloween videos toy hunts and Unboxings coming all month long. I’m very excited. So make sure you hit the notification button. So you guys do not miss it I post these new videos every Tuesday and Thursday at 2 p.m thank you again so so much to Walt life for sending me this box if you guys have a wonderful day and don’t forget to Check out what life boxes subscriptions and food boxes down below I hope you guys have a wonderful day and Remember to do what you love and do it makes you happy and I’ll see you guys next time. Bye

8 thoughts on “AMAZING Walt Life Halloween October Box! A Magical Disney & Disney World Subscription Service!!

  1. Very well done and informative video. I'd have to agree with you on Favorites… Love the Mug and Pop.. Zero is amazing.. and those pens are fantastic. Looking forward to more videos to come. As always you did an amazing job on this video..

  2. If you don’t live close to a Disney Park, these are great. However, when I subscribed to even check if it was worth it, the price of the box wasn’t worth the items I got. I got items that I had bought or could find at the dollar tree or 99c Store or at stores, restaurants and even gas stations in Anaheim. I was so disappointed. 😟 I live near enough to Disneyland and am an annual passholder.

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