Alinea Chocolate Dessert Course

[background chatter]>>CHEF: So, final course. We’ve prepared flavors of Milk Chocolate… Peanut, Honey, and Blueberry. Starting off the blueberry puree… Organic cream it’s been sweetened and whipped with honey Warm milk chocolate>>MICHAEL: How did you do it so it’s coming out rectangular?>>CHEF: It’s uhmm… It’s actually difficult to explain, it’s like trying to explain a math equation. You don’t want to hear it, trust me.>>MICHAEL: Is it how you pour? Or, is it part of the material?>>CHEF: It’s a combination of the material and… the chocolate has to be the right temperature and viscosity. Uhm, it’s very warm pull it up at 65 Celcius
>>MICHAEL: Okay>>CHEF:reacts very quickly. The cream is very cold and it’s whipped, so it pools out into circles. These are pickled blueberries. Chocolate shortbread crystalized peanuts frozen milk chocolate mousse freeze dried blueberry lemon balm turbinado sugar>>MICHAEL: Oh, wow.
>>TINA: Wow.>>CHEF:creme brulee Have fun.
>>MICHAEL: Thank you.

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  1. Hell if you wanted a bunch of different kinds of chocolate thrown onto a table, come round to my house after my toddlers had pudding.

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