A 2lb Solid Chocolate Heart | Pigs Heart + Silicone + Vacuum Chamber = Real Chocolate Heart

Hey, what’s up guys? Now in yesterday’s video I pulled a request out of the comments to make a silicone mold of a real heart. So I decided to give it a try, I made a wooden box, and mixed up a new batch of silicone and poured it over top of a pigs heart, and let it set over night. Now the rubber is firm, so lets cut it open, clean up the mold and fill it up with candy melts to make our self a real chocolate heart for Valentines Day. Alright all the screws on the bottom have been removed so we should be able to pry this thing up now but it seems like silicone grabs on a lot harder to wood than it does to acrylic. Ohh yes look at that! there is the bottom of the heart you can actually see the hole where the screw went in and held it in place That is lovely. Alright, lets go ahead and get this thing the rest of the way out There we go And that, hopefully, will be our little rubber heart mold Now, before I cut into this, I need to think it through a little bit. How do we want to cut this, because it is gonna leave seams And I don’t want the seams to go down the front of the heart I’d rather have them around the back There’s so many parts to this heart, though, And I’m under the impression that silicon has probably seeped inside it So, uh, we may have to do a little bit of surgery once we start digging down inside It always amazes me how tough and rubbery this stuff is I always like cutting at a criss cross angle, a jagged angle because that helps the final mold come out a little bit better Oops, I cut off part of my glove We have a little bit of silicon in here that slipped into all those cracks and crevices but we don’t really want those in our finished product so I just sliced them off There we go! Our heart is recovered and its looking in a really good shape And I’m feeling pretty confident we got ourselves a pretty good looking mold here So we’re gonna take this thing and save it for later And now what we need to do is clean and sterilize our mold and prep it for use with chocolate Look at all the different flaps and folds that are in there Like just looking at it, it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever But we do need to clean it, because there’s like little gross bits of heart So how does it smell? It does have a very faint odor of formaldehyde So we’re going to take some hot, soapy water and some bleach So we can clean and sterilize this thing and prep it for use with chocolate It’s already smelling fresher! Now we’re gonna put on a little bit of bleach to sterilize that a little bit more Give one more wash then rinse it off, and it should be good to go There we go! Clean, sterilized, just needs a good rinse now and we should be good to pour our chocolate. Alright, so, update guys we have successfully removed our heart and we cleaned and sanitized our rubber mold We now have a heart mold, ready for casting chocolate. So now we can throw all this stuff in the microwave fill this up with chocolate, and then let it set in the fridge for a few hours So we can open it up and reveal the solid chocolate heart that lies inside Now one thing that we have to keep in mind is this heart is facing down and I don’t want one front layer to all be the same color So when we pour in the different colors, I think I’m gonna drip it at different angles and kind of smear it around a little bit Hopefully that’ll give it a bit more marbled effect rather than a stacked layered effect It already is starting to make a little bit of a marbled effect in there If you were to look close, you would see This is fun Valentine’s crafts King of Random style And of course, if you’re not making a mess, you’re probably not having fun and we are definitely having fun Alright, let’s get this thing to the fridge and give it a few hours to set Now, our chocolate heart’s been sitting in the fridge for a little over four hours which isn’t nearly as long as I would like to keep it in there But we’re running out of time so let’s go take it out open the silicon mold, and see what kind of results we got Okay, so moment of truth guys. Let’s slowly and very carefully peel this thing open so we can check out the results of our labors Look inside there, it kinda looks like one of those magic mushrooms from Mario and the red and white splotches Oh, it’s like having your first baby Ha Ha Ha Ha Check that out Oh my goodness That looks Disturbingly amazing Yeah, actually that really does look – I’m proud of this, I’m proud of this chocolate heart That looks crazy! So anatomically correct Come check this out We got the ventricles, we got the atriums, we have the aorta Everything’s there, even these little flappy muscle things I don’t really know what purpose those serve, but they’re very delicate And I imagine they taste fairly good Everything about this looks cool from every different angle I’m loving it I’m so glad we did this! I heart you, internet That looks amazing I’m really, really proud of this chocolate heart And it actually looks relatively edible as well I mean, I thought it was gonna come out looking kinda gross, because you could actually see the veins, the division lines, you could see the little contours of the muscle and even these little ripples and folds but, because of the pink the white and the Valentine’s colors I think it actually looks relatively edible Okay, so now the biggest question on my mind is how much does this thing actually weigh? we got it set to grams and it comes out 1.1 kilograms that is a healthy sized heart Of course ironically enough, this much sugar isn’t good for your heart The thing is absolutely massive! So the question now is how do these things actually taste? And we got these weird little muscle looking things On top of the atriums I’m not really sure what they’re for, or what they’re called, but I think I can just snap it right off Here we go Look at that! Oh and look inside you can see that there’s different layers to the chocolate too, that’s kinda cool You’re playing with my heart, man. Alright so how does this thing taste? This is the moment of truth! Just tastes like white chocolate That’s really fun! Really fun, really cool and it’s got layers How does it taste? Good! I like it You getting any heart flavor seeping through there? Mm-mm It’s choclate So I’m not really sure who you’d give a heart like this to, maybe someone who’s aspiring to be a doctor, or a mortician I don’t know But, there you go a 1 kilogram anatomically correct chocolate heart for Valentines Day. So thanks to you, Andrew Jenson, for your comments, you’re the crazy kid that made this happen. And I’m sending 25 dollars your way. And to the rest of you, thanks for joining me for this experiment, have a happy Valentines Day, and I’ll see you in the next video Talk to you then That looks so cool! [heart beating noises] It’s alliiiiiiive!

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