100 thoughts on “6 Smoothie Bowl Recipes | Delicious + Healthy Breakfast & Dessert | Naturally Jo

  1. Pretty sure this is fake, if you looks closely your find it shift the tinyest bit before they show the blending process.

  2. Thank you So much!!!!! Cause your Video my mom Always make these Food and i can eat it for Breakfast & Dinner

  3. I follow you on TikTok I might be getting the wrong person but the make the smoothies like you do

  4. ok but how is it that thick like it looks like yogurt in this vid but if i turn on the blender for like 3 seconds its pure liquid

  5. Video: *Takes blender lid off and smoothie stayed in blender*

    Me: *takes blender lid off and is now covered in smoothie*

  6. me when sees rose quartz-

    all I see is steven and his mum licking and crying with joy to fix gems .>.

  7. how is the lighting so perfect? also just everything about this video is so aesthetically pleasing. love your editing style!

  8. So I have an idea for the Mango smoothie Bowl I think I would take out the chocolate and replace it with Tajin (I am Mexican and put it on a lot of fruits)

  9. How can this smoothie be so creamy and look like a nice ice cream serving with like yogurt or ice cream lmao rlly surprising


    “Rosé quartz”
    “Here comes a tought”

  11. For weeks I avoided clicking on your video because the thumbnail looked fake and I thought it was clickbait… I’m pleasantly surprised to find out it wasnt

  12. Why is no one acknowledging that along with steven universe song they used a verse fro. rick and morty! I like it! lol

  13. What kind of awesome looking blender is this that even if u take the lid off u won’t be covered with the smoothie

  14. Ok it needs to be said… smoothie bowls (while tasty and easy to make) are actually less healthy and nutritious then eating normal fruit. This is because they are already blended and easy for your body to intake, meaning that your body doesn’t keep the nutrients from the fruit and also burns little to no calories digesting it. This means that we are just eating bowls of sugar… is that really gonna stop me tho 😂

  15. Me: im gonna make a smoothie
    Friend: ok I'll grab cups
    Me: no get bowls
    Friend: why
    Me: for a smoothie bowl
    Friend: that's strange
    Me: yeah but it's pretty

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