5 Pro Chef Secrets to the Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookies

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years experience working as a professional chef in my brand new Pro Chef Secrets show. Get ready because you’re about to learn
my 5 secrets for the ultimate chocolate chip cookie. So first things first, the star of the show
here is my best ever chocolate chip cookie dough. You guys have rated this on my website with
over four and a half stars and a thousand comments, it’s definitely a fan favorite. The written recipe can be found on Bigger
Bolder Baking.com So the first secret is probably the most important when it comes to making
my cookie dough, chill your dough. Once you make it, put it in the fridge for
a minimum of one hour. What happens is the butter solidifies and
hardens so when you put it in the hot oven it melts slowly, If you bake your cookie dough
off straight away, they’ll just get really flat and I’ve seen a lot of pictures like
that, you just want to make sure you chill your dough. So I’ve got a little bonus secret for you,
there’s a thing called aging your dough. So like I said you can put it in the fridge
for a minimum of an hour, but you could also leave it in your fridge for up to seven days. Now during this time the dough develops, the
flavor gets better, the texture gets better, the flavor gets more concentrated, so you
end up with a much nicer cookie, I always leave my dough in the fridge for up to seven
days. So here’s secret number two, you want to
scoop your cookie dough with a quarter cup measure. It might seem like it’s a little bit big,
however, the timing that we bake our cookie dough is based on the size, we need everything
to be the same to get the exact results I did. So we have our nice big quarter cup scoop,
lets get it into the palm of your hand, and shape it into a circle, a nice little ball
of dough, like that, then put it straight on your baking tray. You want that nice round size because this
is gonna make a difference when we bake our cookies. So tip number three, don’t flatten out your
cookies. I know it’s really easy when you’re making
cookies to flatten them out with your hand, but if you do that with this dough you’ll
make them spread out and you’ll end up with really flat cookies and that’s not what
we’re going for here. So just leave them in the nice shape that
they are and in the oven they’ll do their thing and work themselves out. So remember tip number one about chilling
your cookie dough? Well what I like to do is after I’ve scooped
them, put them back in the fridge, for around 30 minutes to get nice and cold again before
we bake them off. So secret number four, bake at a high temperature
for a short amount of time. So the reason we do this is because the hot
oven will give you a crispy outside, and the short amount of time will give you doughy
and gooey in the middle which is what you want from the ultimate chocolate chip cookie. Bake your cookies off at 375˚ F or 190˚
C for roughly 15-17 minutes. When I originally made this recipe I said
bake them for 12 minutes, but recently they’ve been taking longer so just keep a close eye
on them. So our cookies are hot out of the oven and
here’s our secret number five, it’s called the Pan Bang and it’s taken the internet
by storm. So what you do is with hot cookies, take the
tray and bang it against a cold counter. So what happens is your cookie falls and creates
these lovely crinkle crackles on top, it also redistributes the chocolate so you end up
with these pools of chocolate all over your cookie, So there you have it, once you follow
my five easy tips this is what you end up with, the ultimate chocolate chip cookie. Crispy on the outside and doughy, gooey in
the middle. This is heaven, absolute cookie heaven. Head over to my website for this awesome recipe
and let me know in the comments below which pro chef secrets you’d like to see. I’ll see you back here soon for more Bigger
Bolder Baking.

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  1. Hi Bold Bakers! Get my Best-Ever Chocolate Chip Cookies recipe here: http://bit.ly/BestChocChipCookies. Plus, make sure to pre-order my cookbook and claim your BONUS Gifts here: http://bit.ly/BBBCookbook. And what other topics would you like to see in future episodes of Pro Chef Secrets?

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