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hey it’s Alex and today I’m gonna show you how to make my chocolate fudge brownie cheesecake so this was actually the first cheesecake I ever did for tasty so I guess you could say was the cheesecake that started it all I really love cheesecake so when I was developing this recipe what I was really looking for with some really beautiful layers and the flavor is pretty easy I mean what’s better than chocolate fudge brownie and cheesecake so the bottom of this 3 layer of cheesecake is the brownie arguably the best later I chose to make the brownie layer out of box brownie mix but feel free to make your own brownie recipe if you choose to just makes it a little easier so the second layer is the Cheesecake of course I chose to do a classic baked cheesecake recipe so we’re gonna have to double bake this cheesecake because you have to bake this cheesecake twice a lot of people were worried that the brownie layer would actually burn or get too hard by the time the whole cheesecake is done baking but don’t worry the cheesecake layer creates a sort of a barrier and keeps your brownie really fudgy and moist and if you really wanted to you could swap out the cheesecake layer for a no-bake cheesecake and just pop it in the fridge after your brownie is been baking but I will always prefer a baked cheesecake to a no-bake cheesecake so a springform pan is really useful because the sides release so it’s great for like a softer cake like a cheesecake when you don’t want to mess up the sides and stuff so you just release I might be describing this well you just okay you just open the clip on the side and lift it up and you’re ready to go in case your cheesecake rocks a little bit on the top don’t worry we’re gonna cover it in our third layer which is the beautiful chocolate ganache also very delicious so chocolate ganache sounds scary to make but it’s super super easy and it’s delicious and very beautiful all you have to do is melt down your chocolate with hot heavy cream and mix it until it creates a beautiful silky mixture once all the chocolate is melted you’re ready to go this moment where I drizzled the chocolate ganache over the cheesecake one of my proudest tasty moments so the easiest way to do this blades is to move the cake onto a rack on a baking sheet so when you pour over the chocolate ganache it runs off into the pan instead of all over your tables out of all of the videos I’ve made I still go back to this shot because it’s so beautiful just the way the chocolate drips over the cheesecake [Music] and if you want to since nothing should go to waste you can take the rack off and or back any of the like residual chocolate ganache into a bowl pop it in the fridge eat it later the chocolate ganache creates a beautiful silky shiny layer on the outside that will be sure to impress anybody you’re trying to impress I am Bria and this is my recipe for rock crab cake so a few years ago there was a trend where you roll up apple slices onto a pastry and made a little turret so I was wondering if there was anything I could make that would look pretty like that and I came up with this idea using crepes instead of Pesce I wasn’t sure if it’s gonna walk first but I tried it anyway and when I think of crepes my favorite filling its strawberry and whipped cream so instead of apples I decided to use strawberries the important thing about making crepes is wasted dough for at least 30 minutes because we are mixing with milk and flour which creates gluten and you don’t want to make chewy and rubbery crepes if you want you can also rest in overnight and make it the next day I chose cream cheese filling because it’s a little thicker so easy to work with you are ending up making a bunch of crepes for this recipe and that will take time but I also think it’s fun as well so I tested this and made a pretty small version that was really really cute but when I make the tart I usually want to share so I don’t want to make it just for myself when you’re making at home it’s a little bit messy because you’re spreading cream onto the crepe and rolling it up but it’s what’s there for and most of men because it’s really pretty and I’m sure whoever you’re going to give it to will be super impressed make sure to cut the strawberry it’s very thin it’s similar to a crepe cake because it’s layered about just a different presentation because the crepes are vertical instead of fries on top so instead of stopping making small little toy I was just kept rolling and rolling and rolling and I ended up making a large crepe cake I think rolling it up it’s the most fun and difficult particles it’s kind of like building a snowman it’s the same cake all the way through it just gets bigger also after you make this roll the crepe a big enough then you can’t start laying it on the side instead of rolling then what you end up with it’s a super pretty roll of crepes all standing up with strawberry it’s kind of looking like a flower which is why I call this a rose crepe cake this is the perfect dessert to bring down afternoon people ready or just to make with your friends sometime I was filming this recipe late at night because I wasn’t sure if it’s gonna work so I was kind of testing and shooting at the same time and Alex and Scott was also shooting late at night so we shared together and both of them are impressed so this recipe it’s something I’m really proud of because I’ve never seen this type of cake before so I would like you to make it and I also want you to be proud of it [Music] hey I’m Alvin I’m a tasty producer and today I’ll be showing you how I came up with my recipe for the five layer brownie cookie cheesecake five layer brownie cheesecake was probably one of my greatest architectural feats if I would say so myself I was actually studying engineering in college not really a good student to be honest but one thing that I definitely needed pick up was the ability of how to approach a problem and how to look at it from certain angles especially when things don’t exist a lot of times we are asked to do hypothetical questions like if you wanted to accomplish this how would you go about achieving it and I learned that the easiest way is to break down the problem into its parts and kind of almost work backwards cookie dough Oreos and brownies are very common combination and I wanted to take that further I really wanted to turn the flavor profile of like a triple stacked brownie into something else I wanted to turn it into more of like this spectacle dessert that you could really wow everybody at a party with and I just absolutely love layers and clean layers so that was something that I set out to do was to turn a triple-decker brownie into a cheesecake the challenge with this recipe is that all of these elements all bake at different times different temperatures and have different thicknesses I kind of wanted to go after your vibe of when you go to Cheesecake Factory and they set down this slice of this beautifully cut and assembled cheesecake I really didn’t know how this was gonna go until I made it and I had to do a lot of pre-planning and thinking and being able to try to predict how the food would behave in a way that I had never done before I was hoping that the brownie batter would not get dry I guess that the cream cheese and the mixture would give the brownie moisture it was really gratifying to pull something like this off especially when you have never really done this before I guess I’ve been really happy relieved that it actually worked after the brownie and cheesecake were set that’s when I put the Oreos and the cookie dough on top I don’t try to do recipes a lot of times because I think I really enjoy the challenge of getting it right on the first to the second try kind of nerve-wracking to cut it open because you really don’t know how it’s gonna turn out until you actually slice it open into the layers and to my luck it really worked out well I was able to see all four elements in their entirety I love to spend time just thinking about the food and really just trying to guess and predict how food is going to behave and sometimes I really just sit down and write things down and try to map out our draw out how certain food to look before and after and so for this one I thought about it a lot and made some decisions and that’s the sort of approach that I like to take because there’s something really cool about trying something that’s completely new and then somehow landing it on the first try what combination of desserts do you want me to attempt next [Music] I think that’s it hopefully it’s good yo [Music]

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