3 NEW Chocolate Fudge Recipes (No Bake) – Gemma’s Bigger Bolder Baking Ep. 56

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3 Amazing Fudge Recipes Hi Bold Bakers! I know how much you love my
no-bake recipes so this week I have 3 BIG & BOLD new Fudge flavors for you that are
really impressive and also really easy. So let’s get baking! My fudge is really easy to make and what I’m
going to show you today is how to make a white chocolate and a milk chocolate fudge that you
can add anything to and get really creative. A perfect example of this is our first fudge
and that’s Cookies & Cream. In a large heat proof bowl, we’re going to
add in our white chocolate and condensed milk. If you can’t buy condensed milk, then I’m
going to put a link in the description box below of how you can make it. Now we’re simply going to melt these two ingredients
together. You can do it over a pot of boiling water. You can also melt it in the microwave
but keep a close eye on it so it doesn’t burn. I’ve received a lot of requests for white
chocolate fudge and that’s exactly what this recipe is. To make this fudge cookies and
cream flavored, I’m going to smash up some OREOs so we can mix it in. Once your mix is nice and warm and all of
your chocolate is melted, it’s time to add in the rest of the ingredients. I’m going
to add in some vanilla extract because OREO cookies always remind me of that vanilla flavor. Add some
salt because I like to add it to all of my baking. Gently mix in these ingredients until they’re
combined. You don’t want to overmix. Now to our white chocolate fudge, we’re going to
add in all of our lovely crushed OREO. What a great sweet treat: a few ingredients, a
few simple steps, and then you have this beautiful homemade fudge. Look at that–beautiful! Our next step is to line a tray with
parchment paper. I put the measurements for this tray along with the recipe and the method
below the video on YouTube and I’m also going to post it on my Facebook page. Now pour your fudge into the lined tray.
As you can see, it’s kind of thick so you can spread it out with a spatula. This fudge smells
so good, and I’m really excited to try it. For an added extra, scatter more OREO on top.
Don’t be shy because the more the merrier. I’m going to put this fudge aside to set.
It will take around 6 hours but preferably you would leave it overnight to get a really
nice texture. You can leave this one on the counter or you can actually store it in the
fridge. But remember that when you eat it, it’s always best to have it at room temperature
because the flavor is much better. I made some cookies & cream fudge yesterday
so I could show you exactly what it’s going to look like when it’s done. Now cut thick
slices of your fudge and we’re going to cut those into bite-sized pieces. I really like
the contrast in the colors of the black and the white. This is a really pretty fudge. I love everything cookies & cream but we can’t
stop here so on to our next flavor. Now for the milk chocolate fudge but we’re
not just going to make a regular one, we’re going to make a S’more fudge. This one is for all you S’more lovers out
there because I know there are a lot of you. Like any good S’more, we’re going to start
out with the graham crackers. You want to get your graham crackers nice and fine. You
can do this in a food processor or you can use a rolling pin and just bash ’em. To our graham
cracker crumbs, we’re going to add in our melted butter and then mix them all together.
I’m going to use half of this mix and I’m going to push it into our prepared baking
tray to make a crust on the bottom. Perfect! I’m going to pop this in the fridge and let
it set up and then we’re going to get started on our fudge. Just like our first fudge, we’re
going to put our chocolate in a heat proof bowl. To this we’re going to add our condensed
milk. Because fudge is sweet, I do recommend using
a fat free condensed milk because it does make a big difference. And then add in some
butter. It just gives a nice soft texture to your fudge. Just like before, we’re going to melt all
of these ingredients together. When your chocolate mix is melted, we’re going
to give it a little more flavor with some vanilla extract and some salt. And then gently whisk
all these ingredients together. And remember what I said, take care not to overmix. When I worked as a pastry chef, one of my
jobs at nighttime would be to make candies like fudge. And I remember they were such
a big process into making them and the results were never half as good as this fudge. If only I knew then what I know now. Pour half of your fudge onto your graham cracker
base and spread it out with your spatula. Then scatter mini marshmallows all around
because you can’t have S’mores without marshmallows. Then spread the rest of your fudge on top
and finish this treat off with more graham cracker crust on top. It does not get much
better than this. I can’t wait to try this–it weighs a ton! Just like before, we’re going to put this
guy aside to set and I’m actually going to keep it in the fridge to make sure the graham
crackers and everything stay nice and fresh. I have a S’more fudge all ready for you to
see so I hope you’re excited. This treat tastes just like a S’more and you
don’t even need an oven or campfire. I’ve made a lot of different S’more desserts but I actually
think this one is my favorite but we can’t stop here we still have another fudge recipe
to come. Mmmm. This next flavor is for all of you Red Velvet
fans out there including Sherry Lynn who really liked my Red Velvet Mug Cake over on LittleThings.com. So this is my Red Velvet Fudge! For this recipe, we’re going to use my white
chocolate fudge as the base. Heat this mixture up until your chocolate has just melted. You
don’t want to get it too hot. To our fudge mix we’re going to add in the
ingredients that make Red Velvet: vanilla extract, ground cinnamon, cocoa powder and
red food dye. And then very gently mix all of these ingredients together. You’ll see
your fudge start to stiffen so be very careful that you don’t overmix it. Just gently fold
in these ingredients. And then immediately scoop it into your prepared
baking tray. And spread it evenly all the way to the corners. In a separate bowl, melt the rest of your
white chocolate. We’re going to drizzle this chocolate all over the fudge for added flavor
and texture. To let your Red Velvet fudge set, we’re going to pop it into the fridge
for a few hours. The red velvet fudge I made looks fantastic and I’m going cut a piece
so you can see all the beautiful marbling. Another great thing about fudge is that you
can use cutters to make different shapes. So this one is definitely for all the Red
Velvet lovers. Now you have 3 simple and impressive fudge
recipes that I think you will all love. I really hope you guys get to try these fudge
recipes and let me know in the comments below which one is your favorite. They are all my
favorite. If you like these fudge flavors, then please
share this video with a friend. Thank you so much for watching, and don’t forget to
SUBSCRIBE to my channel. I’ll see you back here again next Thursday for more Bigger Bolder

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