3 Ingredient Pineapple Angel Food Cake | Potluck Dessert on a Budget

hey guys it was a matter of freedom and
a budget and if you guys have not seen I’ve done that so many weight watchers
on a budget videos and meal prep videos and whatnot so I decided to share when
my favorite favorite favorite summer recipes now this is perfect for potlucks
i’m prismo bringing this for apollo from a real date it is so quick so easy
that’s three ingredients come on you can’t beat that
and I bought all the ingredients at Aldi and it only costs 367 and you can get 10
servings out of it so that’s about like 37 cents is serve and which is crazy so
first thing you need is angel some cake mix can of crushed pineapple do not use
tidbits or chunks it will not come out correctly and cool it so three
ingredients at 367 total come on guys you cannot be that for public so let’s
get cookin first we’re going to fold the instructions for preheating to 350
degrees it says for an angel food hit Q panic person for this because the cool I
put I like to do it in an 9 by 13 pan not the bundt pan but you can do in a
bundt pan and just kind of top with click for each life so we are going to
do three Christy okay alright so we’re going to preheat the oven alright so
first I’m going to do is spray the 9 by 13 at pan there’s some can sighs we need the angel food cake
that this is so you cannot get any easier than that
so the directions it calls for a cup and a quarter of water is that water we’re
substituting the pineapple so you’re not going to drain it you’re not going to
add any water it just compactly what’s in the pan and make sure your bowl is
big enough for this I’ve done this before where the bowl is too small and
it gets a little frothy and when it is dropping up you don’t want if it
overflow and just dump it all in there and then
mix it with a rubber spatula you don’t want to overmix it but you want
everything will cooperate this is my family’s favorite summer
dessert well you live in Florida sweet all around but in front of his face we want to make sure especially in the
bottom that there’s no dry powder stuff all right that was good we’re just going
to court and cue the pan she scraped down all the spy it’s and all the corners all right and it’s good to go in the
oven mmm mmm all right yeah it is the time
you have all the way but this has cool so it is time for it some cool whip and
we are just going to top this with some delicious clip maybe good to go
I like what so I’m pretty generous with it I mean come up he doesn’t like them
some good cool it if you wanted to you could do Lil Flip cream with some heavy
whipping cream and sugar but I like regular cool whip all right and there we are guys
so this is my three ingredient pineapple angel food cake and like I said guys it
is at 37 cents of serving if this is a good for 10 servings and delicious so
guys let me know if you try this if you have any alternatives that you want to
try for it let me know all right I will talk to you later
bye guys

46 thoughts on “3 Ingredient Pineapple Angel Food Cake | Potluck Dessert on a Budget

  1. I have tried it in the past, its so good that you don't need the cool whip ..I have seen someone add cherry's {a little jar } it makes it pretty…

  2. I have a potluck I am going to Friday, guess what my dish is that I am bringing?? Thank you so so much, yipppeeee!!!

  3. Yes girl!!! This looks so good!!! You are Doing so well!!! So inspiring on your weight loss journey ?❤️️

  4. what are the points for the cake per serving and how many will it make. It looks so yummy and I'm thinking of making for my vaction with the family. Love all your post. Also where did you get the wallet for you envelope system.

  5. This sounds great. I couldn't make out the can size for the pineapple. Also, points per serving? Please.

  6. Ohh I LOVE angel food cake! This looks soo yummy! I'm so going make it this weekend! We're grilling out so this will be good dessert❤

  7. This is SO EASY, that's my kind of recipe! I'd probably eat waaaaaay too much of it though lol!

  8. This is what I will be taking for our potluck at work next Wednesday ? thank you.
    Also, Would you refrigerate it overnight before taking to a potluck?

  9. This cake is highly addicting. I changed it a bit though. I added a box of vanilla instant pudding mix and used Vanilla Cake mix instead of Angel Food Cake.

  10. Wow!! Couldn't be any easier. So you don't need to make the cake according to the box? You just use the cake mix itself?

  11. Your recipe online is showing the cake mix twice. Do you use crushed pineapple and what size of can do you buy?

  12. Check out the full playlist of Recipe and Meal Preps: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLpgLsNKlKGi5fDcUyMeJGgHqCdIBRYpZN

  13. This is fabulous. I have made it for years but I have never not used a mixer to beat the Angel food cake! I have to try this without mixing!!!???

  14. I don,t believe your cost ,,,where I live you pay three something for
    Each of the items you mentioned you use,unless this was fifty years ago?

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