100 thoughts on “3 ingredient Egg Pudding!

  1. If you want it creamy, use condensed milk instead of normal milk and use only the yolk of the egg… and dont use sugar anymore because condensed milk is already sweet…

  2. A drop or two of vanilla extract would be awsome, and a sprinkle of cinnamon powder would kick it up a notch. Great base to work with here!

  3. just bought some chicks waiting for them to grow up to get some eggs
    trying to find out where to get cows
    it happens they are expensive so ill settle for goats

  4. Would be low carb without the caramel and using a bit of sweetener instead of sugar in the egg custard. Sometimes I make it with half cream half milk, and a dash of vanilla, of course. I actually prefer a stiff egg custard to a flan. The flan is too sweet for my taste.

  5. I put two eggs in a bowl and then put sour milk in the bowl and then cover the bowl with Syringe wrap and poke holes in it and put it in a pot? I think that’s what it’s called

  6. I did it and for me it tasted disgusting and I wanted to vomit plus its really hard to make the sugar if you wanna make small portions. It tastes like burnt steamed eggs and don't ask me how that's possible but if you like it sure its your pref this is just my opinion

  7. Hello is it 3/4 cups or 1/4 ?

    May i use diff milk aside from fresh milk can u suggest what kind ? If change it will there be any diff ?

  8. Plz don't use warm milk… when i started mixing milk with egg,my mixer grinder got blast😪😪my hand got burned😥😥😥

  9. I’ve found you get better results when you don’t mix the water and the sugar and just let sit until it’s the consistency of a thin syrup.

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