3 GIANT Single-Serving OREO Cookies (Red Velvet, Birthday Cake & Chocolate) Bigger Bolder Baking 109

Hi Bold Bakers! What is your favorite flavor
of Oreo? Well luckily, you don’t have to decide because today I’m going to show you
how to make a giant, single serving, chocolate, birthday cake, and red velvet oreo. So let’s
get baking. Previously on bigger bolder baking, we have
made giant versions of classic cookies like the best ever chocolate chip cookie, peanut
butter and jelly, and many more. So I thought why not make a giant version of a cookie that
I love so much, which is an oreo. We’re going to start out by making a traditional
chocolate oreo. Because this is a small cookie dough, you can mix it by hand in a medium
sized bowl. Into your bowl, we’re going to add in your flour, cocoa powder, sugar,
baking powder, baking soda, and salt. And then mix all these ingredients together. Into
our dry ingredients, we’re going to add in our cold, cubed butter. Now all we’re
going to do is rub this in until it resembles fine bread crumbs. You can use your hands
or you can use a fork. As you can see, after three or four minutes this is what you’ll
end up with. Little pieces of butter all the way throughout. To this mix, we’re going
to add in our egg and that’s what binds it all together to make a dough. Now just
take your spatula and mix it all together. Once you mix in your egg with your spatula,
go in with your hand and bring the dough together because it is a little bit dry. And there
you have it. Quick and easy homemade oreo cookie dough from scratch. Now I know that
it looks like a lot of dough but we’re going to take it, divide it in half, and put it
on a baking tray. When you place them on the tray, give each cookie a lot of space because
they do spread out quite a lot. And then we’re going to go ahead and pat them down to three
inches wide. So that will give you a lovely sized cookie and also a nice thickness. When
I was young in Ireland, you could not buy oreos anywhere. You had to go to the United
States to get them. So it’s fantastic now that we can make them from home. Look at these
guys! Look at our giant oreo cookies, these are insane. We’re going to bake these guys
off at 350 degrees Fahrenheit or 180 degrees Celsius for around 15-17 minutes. My timer
just pinged and my whole kitchen smells like chocolate so I’m pretty sure the cookie
is done. My homemade oreos came out perfectly. Look at all these lovely crinkles on top,
it looks like perfection. Once your giant oreo cookies have cooled, we can fill them
with buttercream frosting. I’m filling my cookies with my master recipe for vanilla
buttercream frosting, which can be found on my website. Pipe your buttercream frosting
to cover the base of your cookie. And if you’re like me and you like double stuffed, then
just go nuts and add as much as you like. And then sandwich on top your other oreo.
Check this out, this is ridiculous! Oh my gosh, now this has to be the true definition
of big and bold and it weighs a ton. I might just have to share this with somebody. I would
love to try this now but I can’t. I’m going to set it aside and we’re going to
get started on our next cookie. Our next oreo cookie is hands down my absolute
favorite. It is a giant birthday cake oreo. In a large bowl, add in your flour, sugar,
baking powder, baking soda, and salt. And then mix really well together. To our dry
ingredients, we’re going to add in our cold butter and just like before, we’re going
to mix it in until it resembles fine breadcrumbs. When your butter is all rubbed in, it will
look like this. Nice and fine with little small chunks of butter. To this mix, we’re
going to add in our egg and vanilla extract and mix it all together. The recipes for these
oreos along with tons more can be found on my website, biggerbolderbaking.com and I’ve
also put up substitutes for eggs in these recipes. Once you’ve mixed in the egg, go
in with your hand and pull all the cookie dough together. Ok there you go, when it all
comes together you end up with a perfect vanilla cookie dough. Now if you don’t want to bake
this off straight away you can always pop it into the fridge or into the freezer and
then bake it off whenever you like. But now, we’re going to divide this guy in two and
place them on a baking tray. Place them on opposite sides of the baking tray and flatten
them down to three inches. And there you have it, our birthday cake oreos. Well actually
they’re not birthday cake yet until we fill them. But for right now, we’re going to
pop them into the oven. Our timer just went off so let’s check on our cookies. These
cookies look and smell fantastic. They’ve got these beautiful crinkles on top, which
means they’re soft in the middle and crispy on the outside, which is the way I like my
cookies. Once your cookies have cooled, they’re ready to be frosted. I’m going to fill mine
with my buttercream frosting that is loaded with sprinkles. Generously pipe the frosting
all around the base of the cookie. And then when it’s all covered, place the other cookie
on top. My favorite part of this cookie is all the sprinkles in the frosting and the
color. I just love it. Check it out! All the sprinkles. Look at that cookie. Smells just
like a birthday cake. Amazing. Hands down my favorite, it just looks and smells fantastic.
Because birthday cake oreo is my favorite, I want to break this open and give it a try.
Just look at that, what a thing of beauty. I adore birthday cake anything. It smells
like a birthday cake, it looks like a birthday cake, tastes like birthday cake. Ok I’m
just going to finish this bit because we’ve got another cookie to try. A little bit more. This next oreo flavor was released last year
as a special edition for Valentine’s day but because it’s so great, it’s here to
stay. It’s a red velvet oreo. In your bowl, add in your flour, sugar, cocoa powder, cinnamon,
baking powder, baking soda, and salt. And then mix them all well together. Now into
my dry ingredients, I’m going to rub in my butter. The flavor of red velvet is actually
predominantly cocoa and then you add a little spice and vanilla and all those combinations
of flavors make up red velvet. Once our butter is rubbed in, we’re going to add in our
wet ingredients. So in a separate bowl, I’m going to mix together the egg, red food dye,
and vanilla extract. And then mix these together separately so they get nice and combined before
we add them into the dry ingredients. Once you can see that your food dye is fully blended
in, we’re going to add that into our dry ingredients. If you want your mix to be a
little bit redder, feel free to add in more dye. And then take your spatula and mix it
all around. I love red velvet, I actually don’t think there’s a red velvet dessert
that I don’t like. And there you go, there is your red velvet oreo dough. I can smell
it from here and it smells amazing. We’re going to divide this guy up into two cookies
and put them on a baking tray. Now these guys are ready for the oven. My timer just went
off so I think my cookie is done. These cookies are amazing just look at how big they are.
And they have all these lovely crinkles on top. For our red velvet cookies, I’m going
to fill them with my homemade cream cheese frosting because red velvet and cream cheese
go so well together. This is a behemoth of a cookie. The ultimate red velvet cookie,
just check it out. These cookies are fantastic when you don’t want to make a whole batch
but you definitely want something big and bold just for yourself. Everyone has their
own favorite flavor of oreo whether it’s chocolate, red velvet, or birthday cake, you’re
definitely going to find something you love here. Make sure you check out my other giant
single serving cookie videos and I’ll see you back here next Thursday for more Bigger
Bolder Baking. That probably is the side of my head, is it?

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