2 Ingredients ONLY! 😱 Healthy Chicken Recipe for Weight Loss | Slow Cooker Recipe | Gluten-Free

Today I’m going to show you a super
simple crock-pot recipe all it takes is two ingredients it is salsa and chicken
chicken literally that’s all it is but I did pair it up with broccoli I thought
it would be really good to have some greens and then also write on the side
now we’re going to jump right into the video but right before I do please hit
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upcoming videos that I’m posting every single week now let’s get cooking in the
kitchen for this recipe we’re going to be using two pounds of chicken breasts
and make sure that you do give it a good wash and clean before you add it to the
crock-pot as a suggestion I would definitely try to trim all the excess
fat of the chicken that way it comes out super clean and if you can I would
definitely recommend to use organic chicken just because they don’t inject
any preservatives in there it’s tastier and it’s less fatty – next we’ll be
adding two 16-ounce Stars of your favorite salsa I use Mount salsa with
the least amount of preservatives in there you can use any salsa that you
would like if you prefer a little more spicy or it’d be like a green salsa that
would pair up really well with this chicken too as you can see this is fork tender it is
absolutely delicious it looks super gourmet and all it took was two
ingredients I usually put this in the crock-pot before I head out to work and
I did cook this on low for about seven hours and it was ready just in time for
dinner so there you have a really simple
crock-pot recipe with just chicken and salsa can you believe it it’s only two
ingredients you have a crock pot of all I dare you give this a try because
you’re absolutely gonna love how simple clean and delicious this is so if you’re
literally on the go just like me and you have a busy lifestyle this is the
perfect recipe for you so if you found this recipe to be very useful give it a
thumbs up to my video and comment down below if there’s more recipes that you
would like for me to try for a crock-pot recipe if you haven’t done so already
that’s the start button right down below and I’ll see you guys next time
in Clarissa’s kitchen you

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