2 Ingredient Rice Bread Recipe | Gluten-Free & Vegan | Chawal ki Roti

you know what that is? Must be coming out of “glue” … multiplied
by 10 times and it goes into your stomach and sticks everything
up 😉 whatever that is … but before I even knew
what gluten-free is I was already eating a lot of stuff that was
gluten-free in the Indian cuisine at least
we made something out of rice flour, and how do you knead the dough,
how do you actually make something out of rice flour, do you cook it like rice and then, like, keep wondering what to do with it?
do you make it like a pancake? No! To teach you that thing we got you a food
expert, my own mother, who’s been cooking for so many
years, that I can’t even remember May be as old as I was, plus, may be 15 years
before And she’s come here to make sure that
I’m feeding our baby the way she fed me and turned me into a monstrous hungry creature,
who eats all the time who’s become like: “I need to eat, I need
to cook, I need to make everyone else eat!” and when I became a monster she threw me out
of the house and said: “Go get your own child, and you’ll know what
it’s all about, bringing up a child and feeding good food to the baby!” So let me leave you with the food expert,
she is the food Polizei *whispering* I once tried to knead the dough myself
So I called my mom, and she said to me: boil the water and then just put rice flour
in it I tried it and I ended up with a very liquidy
dough that has more to do with making a pancake so, this is the real method that you will
see now to a pot add two cups of boiling water
and one cup of rice flour this is the ratio, more or less
it depends on how much water you loose if you evaporate too much of it
so make sure you don’t bring it to such a boil that you loose half of water
now, once you’ve started to add the flour, make sure you mix it nicely
so that you don’ end up with lumps in the dough
now, these lumps are hard to get rid of and you bread might look like something else
like a monstrous big bread you might throw it in the oven and just turn
it into something else so, make sure that you don’t end up with lumps
in your dough at the end now, once you think the water is kind of nicely
absorbed by the flour you have a nice big mass of dough
you need to take it out, as much as you can handle with both your hands or one hand
because you need to start kneading it now to make rice roti, or rice flatbread
you need to show a lot of love and respect to this dough
you need to put it in another pot, or a pan and start kneading it
because the dough is still warm, don’t burn your hands
just cool it with some water and start kneading it slowly
make sure that you check that there are no lumps there
now, after about couple of minutes of kneading you will have very nice, soft and stretchy
dough this entire kneading process actually makes
it easier for you to roll this flatbread into a perfect circle and before you start making flatbread out of it you need to cut this dough into equal portions you don’t want the people you feed complaining
that somebody has got a bigger portion than them
that would be a terrible fight! usually, how do you measure it?
you don’t need a scale for it or something, just a piece as big as your fingers are
you just need to pull it out of the main roll now take the portion of this dough, and do exactly
what you’d do with any other flatbread this is the same process, that’s universal
you take some dry flour, and your dab this dough into it, and make a nice ball out of
it and this will make sure that you will get
a nice round flatbread now take a rolling pin and get creative with
the shapes you will never get it right the first time,
trust me or even the second or the third
but with practice, and patience, and never-to-give-up attitude you will finally end up with the
perfect circle you need to look at the flatbread and it should
tell you “Eat Me!” So, now you need to cook it
Now, on a pan which is hot, but not too hot, you need to place this dough and cook on one
side for about 30 seconds now, the first bread will always take longer
than the second one why? because the pan is not hot enough
then turn it around, and then dub it on the sides with a spatula,
so that the sides and the edges are nicely cooked
now, when you see this rice flatbread start to balloon
that’s the indication that it’s coked nicely now, if you want to show your newly acquired
skills and you want to take your flatbread to your
office or to your friends the next day make sure that you dab it with very slight
amount of olive oil or ghee on the surface this will ensure that the bread remains soft
and edible I hope you enjoyed this video! Now, head over to happybellyfish.com
and check out some amazing online programmes and cooking classes
that we are offering together with food experts from all around the world eat healthy, keep your belly and taste buds happy!

39 thoughts on “2 Ingredient Rice Bread Recipe | Gluten-Free & Vegan | Chawal ki Roti

  1. Hi there, thanks for sharing the recipe.
    Kindly tell me whether it could work with brown rice flour as well or the consistency would not be the same?

  2. @happybellyfish can I make rolls with this.??!! Like can I bake this in the oven ??? Thank u 😊 bless u

  3. looks good – yet a lot of work – great video thanks – perhaps someday – maybe I need a KitchenAid mixer –

  4. What a super nice couple of people. I loved listening and watching you both from the first second. Thanks for sharing such a simple recipe with all the details. I do not know if my roti will come out as perfect as yours but your encouragement has given me hope enough as to try to make it soon.

  5. Thank you for sharing this recipe, I enjoyed your funny intro and the cheeky interaction with your Mother, it was a pleasure meeting her. She made the process look easy and doable. I will follow it to the T. Thank you again and o & x from France!

  6. 2:00. 2 cups of water for every 1 cup of rice flour. Use less water and have extra flower to work with the dung ball

  7. OMG You showed us celiacs how to crack the code without having to combine 16 flours and a prayer to get bread that is bendy and chewy–(so chewy)! I was doing my happy dance in the kitchen. I added some salt to the water and it was PERFECT. Off to Asian market to buy 1 dollar a bag rice flour–lots of rice flour!

  8. Thanks a lot for ur funny clips.. 😭😫 spent hours in the kitchen trying to do this… cuz my daughter got wheat allergy..
    1.. how long do I cook the flour in the water..?
    2.. my mix was toooo loose.. can I keep adding flour to make it thick as aunti did..?
    3.. while I'm working the dough it cooled down.. do I re-heat it??
    4.. to roll it (if ever get to that stage😬) do u use the same rice flour??
    Many thanks again💐🌷
    Mums work magic everywhere..

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